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Brat ;) you can leave your hat on(G)

The following chat is between Brat and Destroyer on 29/01/2008 where she tries to seduce him.

Destroyer: so wn lst did u chat 2 raj?
Brat(23:00): about a week ago i think why?
Destroyer: Jst askn
Brat(23:01): i see suren was online today
Destroyer: i dnt knw. i only cme onlyn at nyt
Brat(23:02): he left me 1 of those again message things
Brat(23:02): chain
Destroyer: Again msgs?
Destroyer: lol k
Brat(23:03): chain message. predictive text lol
Destroyer: oi so u stil hve shyt wid dat?
Destroyer: remembr hw many mistakes u usd 2 mke cos of dat?
Brat(23:04): sowi i'm not thinking straight
Brat(23:04): lol yeah
Destroyer: k wts on ur mind except 4 ur car?
Brat(23:07): ag i'm just stressed out
Destroyer: cum sit on my lap nd we ll discuss da 1st ting dat rises ;)(G)
Brat(23:09): :-~(G):x
Destroyer: lol nd dat?
Brat(23:10): um ja lol do i get a sweet if i'm gud? ;)
Destroyer: Mayb. dat depends on hw gud u r(G)
Brat(23:11): :? i can be very very gud(G)
Destroyer: yeah? show me(G)
Brat(23:12): i'm shy :-$
Destroyer: Jajaja .{42} (chicken)
Brat(23:14): .{42} me? :-{neva! is that a challenge? hmm?
Destroyer: Mmm :? y da fuck nt? lets c if uve stil got it(G)
Brat(23:15): o i've still got it do you?(G)
Destroyer: lol need u ask? im waitn(G)
Brat(23:17): :? 'walks ova and finds some music to play'
Destroyer: Dis shud b interestn
Brat(23:19): hmm you think? o b4 i do anything you have to promise this won't be saved
Destroyer: lmfao wu saves chats lyk dis?
Destroyer: r u sure u wna do dis swty mmm?
Brat(2320): i dunno but promise me you won't
Destroyer: i promise. nd u?
Brat(23:20): why? are you having reservations?
Brat(23:21): promise
Destroyer: npe. y wud i? im single nd free 2 mingle swty. ur married
Brat(23:22): um you're married too. i'm only mxit married. noone will know about this besides us
Destroyer: i meant on mxit
Brat(23:23): will anyone eva know besides us?
Destroyer: npe but ill knw. i dnt wna hve an affair wid u ffs. i wnt all of u. i dnt blieve in hvn affairs in spite of wt odas may tink. cn u undastand dat?
Brat(23:26): yeah i know what you mean. fuk i've missed you
Destroyer: i missd u 2 swty. its bn a fuckn lng nd painful road getn 2 dis point
Brat(23:27): shit tell me about it
Destroyer: y da fuck did u hve 2 go nd get married?
Brat(23:30): don't do that pse. 'walks ova and kisses you gently on da lips' let me go b4 i upset you. mwah baby i'll always luv you don't eva forget that. sweet dreams my luv. chat l8r.

Wow! Brat have you lost your touch? You didn't get that sweet afterall(G)

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