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our mission

The trust endeavours to establish a learning center where in it will be the prime objective to foster education based on modern scientific learning; to promote a healthy mind and a vibrant body enabling facilitation of spiritual development to rejuvenate latent noble virtues in children so that their lives epitomize the values of beauty, dedication, and rationalism there by engendering a world of harmony friendship, brotherhood, peace, and prosperity.

patanjali-a path towards great mission

By the grace of God, Swamiji has taken a divine resolution to erect a grand and world’s best residential centre for treatment and research in Yog, Ayurvaid and Naturopathy at Hardwar, the holy land of saints and sages.This service centre initially started on a very tiny scale, now has become a big centre of relief from various ailments and attaining moksha (salvation) for million of people.


Vedic Yajna - Performing Vedic Religious Sacrificial Ritual

From times of yore, our age old saints have not only performed, but also extensively researched the benefits or performing daily Vedic yajnas. The sound vibrations of the mantras themselves are healing, but besides that, right form inception of the Indian civilization , there has been an emphasis on organizing Yajna’s like Ashvamedha. The practice of Yajnas was adopted from the humblest of homes in the villages right to the grand, ostentatious events in the palaces. The spirit of these yajnas has been cherished and promoted by the ashram to impact peace, health, prosperity, and spiritual upliftment. The ashram is on an annual basis utilizing, a minimum of 5 quintals of ghee( purified butter) and 10 quintals of samagri. Yajnas purify and in the process ensure emancipation of the individual from evils of worldly existences that ensnare him.

The Rishis of ancient India have been deeply conversant with the ayurvedic means of healing and had a profound knowledge and understanding of the ayurvedic ways of remedy. They had the accomplishments that they could meditate the properties of ayurveda and exterminate diseases of all kinds with its efficacy. Numerous treatise and documents works corroborate the contention that ayurvedic qualities were largely responsible for eradication of myriads of diseases and ensuring a relatively healthy life.
The onset of Medieval Age proved to be a detriment and the committed pursuit of Ayurveda was abandoned in favour of other systems; less effective, but more ornate thereby losing an original way of life that was based on nature and logic. It was forgotten that Ayurveda had the all pervasive effect to treat and eliminate the most recalcitrant of ailments as it followed a time tested principle-- Nature in its magnificence and bounty had provided an alternative to all ills that could be the scourge of mankind.
This being axiomatic as nature is a true and precise embodiment of the divine who has blessed its creation with deliverance from all ills -- a concept that was truly well enshrined in Ayurveda which relied heavily on organic, natural products as epitomes of the divine to evolve cures and locate ailments which otherwise seemed insurmountable.
It is these qualities otherwise scarce to find that the modern world is awakening to and is beginning to find comfort in.


It is an ailment which affects millions. In the ordinary course, allopathy has devised numerous medicines to regulate the problem. These medicines have to be taken life-long and inspite of adherence of to their regimen, Blood Pressure seldom can be cured and it can lead to lethal conditions, such as Brain Hemorrhage, Heart Attack and other equally debilitating problems. The ashram has established an Ayurvedic Research Center where herbs have been combined to evolve a miracle medicine ‘MUKTAVATI’ which guarantees emancipation from this deadly disease if adopted on regular and methodical basis. All concomitant problems such as Uneasiness, Anxiety, and High Cholesterol which are the inequitable fall outs of high B.P. can also be controlled and eliminated by this wonder drug.

R.A Factor in the blood is positive in the blood in 80% of rheumatoid patients. This disease affects smaller joints of the b e.g. hands but can affect bigger joints too. This advance stage known as ‘Amavat’ in Ayurveda can have a crippling effect on the body whereby walking, standing, even the simplest of all other physical activities are impaired, leading to despondency in life. The ashram has evolved means through Ayurveda to cure Arthritis in totality. Right from the onset, until it is in its final stages as also, all side effects this ailment may bring in its wake and there by make a person totally fit.

In this the liver can enlarge. It is a devastating disease which can lead to a total failure of the liver leading to total depression and a despairing belief in regards with the incurability of the affliction. Partaking certain juices of specified herbs available in the ashram can lead to an expeditious deliverance from the problem and it has been observed that recovery from Jaundice can be ensured within a few days !

There is treatment available in the early stages of cancer. The ashram has devised remedies for millions of cancer patients namely; ‘Heera Bhasm’. Consumption of cows’ urine has also proven to be effective in controlling symptoms.

The ashram through its Ayurvedic medication and practice of Yog, has provided relief and succor to thousand of Heart Patients -- even in cases where the patient’s Heart Valves were damaged to the extent of 80% to 90%. There is evidence that if medicine has been taken within a specified period of six weeks, blockages in the blood circulation to the heart are dissolved and all verities of cholesterol in the blood (H.D.L., L.D.L., Lipids) are meticulously regulated. There have been cures provided even on enlargement and contraction of the heart muscles. This evidence in itself is commendable.

Apart from the lethal diseases mentioned above, there are other ailments for which cures based on Ayurveda and Yog are being conducted by the ashram. Prime among the diseases being rectified are Asthma, Diabetes, Migraine, Epilepsy, Bronchitis, Jaundice, Slipped-Disc, Paralysis, Ulcer etc. The treatment is organized through 'BRAHMKALP' and by the grace of the Almighty, more than 50,000 persons have availed the benefit from these various treatments.


Within the compounds of the ashram there is a cow pen housing several high pedigreed Indian cows. In our Vedic culture and tradition, cows milk is considered pure nectar. The cow is the form of a mother for she not only provides us with milk but has the nature and qualities of a loving and benign bother. The mere presence of a cow around shall ward off many ailments; the touch and contact of one increases our vision and betters the eyesight. Every part of the cow from its pure milk to its urine has healing and beneficial qualities. In the very near future, the gaushala will be provided with an even more extensive and expensive space and housing.

Path Of Yog

It is by the concentrated and coordinated, tireless and unending efforts of one’s body and mind, senses and reason, that an individual attains the prize of inner peace and tranquility and thus fulfils the ultimate quest of the soul to meet and be in union with the Creator. This is the supreme adventure in one's life and journey, to achieve this goal, we must have a guru. Param Pujya Swami Ram Dev Ji Maharaj and Param Pujya Acharya Shri Karamveer Ji Maharaj, along with other inmates of the ashram and with the aid of the trust, have hosted yog and meditation camps throughout India without any consideration for enumeration or any other material benefits. The incumbents are taught YOG ASANS (postures), PRANAYAM (rhythmic control of breath), DHYANA (Meditation), SHATKARMA (six methods of bodily purification), MUDRA (seating postures), as well as discipline and restrain in daily life along with vegetarianism-- having a healthy, fresh, nutritious, and balanced diet.
As a result, every year, thousands of individuals gain inner harmony, peace and joy; healthy, strong and self healing bodies, and are shown a path that transcends the mundane aspects of life and elevates the soul on the course of spiritual progress.
Countless have stopped their unhealthy habits of smoking and drinking; their direction of thinking has been altered from bhog (pain and pleasure ) to yog (balance and harmony). These camps have aided all to experience and understand a higher realization of the self.


A special meditation and yog hall has been constructed on the premises where, throughout the year, camps are held for all to have the opportunity to learn. Special sessions are held also for the children.


A) YOG ASANS FOR: Heart disease , Diabetes, Weight loss, stomach problems, Cervical, spondylitis, slipped-disc, sciatica, spinal problems, sinus, asthma, and arthritis etc. are treated by means of various asanas (postures) like manduk asan, shaskh asan, uttan-pad asan, pavanmukt asan bharkya asan and bhujang asan etc. these asans are taught with precise traditional scientific knowledge and rational systems.

B) PRANAYAM (Rhythmic Control of Breath), BANDHA (a posture where certain organs of the body are contracted and controlled) and KUNDALINI JAGRAN (awakening of one's divine cosmic energy) -Via the teachings and instructions of Bhastrika Pranayam (long and short breath control ), Ujjayi Pranayam (expansion of lungs), and through different techniques like Mool Bandha, Uddhiana Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha etc,and by way of Kundalini Jagran, a disciple is able to study, experience and achieve union with the Supreme Universal Soul- Brahma.

C) Dhyana (Meditation)

First by the means of pranayam techniques, instructions are further given for meditation. Regular rhythmic breathing, Om-jaap and the Gayatri mantra are mediums given to focus and channelize the mind. Practicing very regularly and faithfully, in conjunction with scholarly knowledge, prudence, wisdom, asceticism, and respect; combined with earnest devotion, an aspirant is sure to succeed in gathering an insight into the sublime world of samadhi-- one with the object of meditation-- the supreme spirit prevading the universe, where there has a feeling of inscrutable joy and peace.

D) Hattha Yog and Shatha Karma
Through the medium of different asans and actions and via the knowledge of body purification, one can learn to cure diseases.

E) Atma Darshan (SELF REALIZATION) : Through the quest and diligent practice of yog, satsang (gathering and association of like minded good men), and Svadhyaya (Education of the self by study of the divine literature ), an individual's true inner nature, mind and spirit are awakened; whereby the incumbent experiences oneness with God at all times and is able to translate and share this subtle and sublime inner joy, tranquility, and harmony with others.

Vedic Gurukul

In Kishangarh-Ghaseda ( 8 k.m from Rewari city of Haryana, India) Trust is operating a free Vidhyateertha Gurukul equipped with modern high education and Vedic Sanskrit which help in providing good education to high class as well as middle class and poor students.Gurukul nesting in nature is away from ...
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