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a terrorist group


The Maquis are a 24th Century paramilitary organization or terrorist group first introduced in the 1994 episode "The Maquis" of the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, who subsequently also appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager.

The concept of the Maquis was intentionally introduced by the creators of Deep Space Nine so that it could play a plot device in the upcoming Voyager, As Jeri Taylor commented, "we knew that we wanted to include a renegade element in Voyager, and that the show would involve a ship housing both Starfleet people and those idealistic freedom fighters that the Federation felt were outlaws [i.e. the Maquis]." It was for this reason that the creators of Star Trek decided to create a backstory for the Maquis in several episodes of Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation, and they named them after the French guerrilla fighters of the Second World War. While the recurring character of Michael Eddington (played by Kenneth Marshall) in Deep Space Nine was a member of the Maquis, Voyager contained three regular Maquis characters, Chakotay (Robert Beltran), Seska (Martha Hackett) and B'Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson), as well as Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill), a regular character that had been captured and imprisoned for joining the Maquis.

According to the fictional storyline of the Star Trek universe, the Maquis were formed in the 24th Century after a peace treaty was enacted between the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union, redesignating the demilitarized zone between the two powers, which resulted in the Federation ceding several of their colony worlds to the Cardassians. Although the colonists were offered free relocation to elsewhere in Federation territory, some insisted on remaining on the ceded worlds, effectively becoming Cardassian Union citizens. Some of these colonists subsequently formed the Maquis to protect themselves from Cardassian aggression, although they received no official support from the Federation, who feared breaking the peace treaty with the Cardassians, which would lead to war.

Nonetheless, various Federation members supported the Maquis' cause, and illegally helped to supply them with weapons and other technology that they could use in their struggle. In several cases the Federation actually intervened in the war between the Maquis and the Cardassians, aiding the latter in recognition of the peace treaty. In one case the Federation ship USS Voyager tracked a Maquis vessel to the Badlands with the intention of apprehending it but an alien being sent both to the Delta Quadrant in the opposite side of the Milky Way Galaxy, where the two crews were forced to unite to survive against alien threats like the Kazon. In following years, when the Cardassian Union joined forces with The Dominion to fight in the Dominion War against the Federation, the Dominion aided the Cardassian military in obliterating the Maquis, a prelude to their war against the Federation and its allies.

Michael Eddington, former StarFleet Lieutenant Commander, slumped in his chair at the rear of the bridge on the Maquis cargo ship Rum Runner that was taking his newly acquired prized industrial replicators to a secret Maquis base. He and the rest of his team were exhausted. With the adrenaline rush wearing off he was content to sit back and ponder the last several years.

In 2367 the United Federation of Planets inked out a preliminary peace treaty with the Cardassian Union that betrayed over two dozen inhabited star systems and several million of Federation citizens. As part of the treaty the Federation agreed to hand over to the Cardassian a number of worlds which have since their colonization belonged to the Federation. The proposed treaty did not sit well with many in StarFleet or the Federation in general. The fact that the treaty was supposed to be kept secret until the finer points could ironed out only made matters worse.

In what would become known in the future as the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) between the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union a group of newly spawned freedom fighters gathered to begin preparations to defend their homes. Some citizens living in the star systems in question took a wait and see position believing that the Federation would never betray them. Others believed if they waited until the treaty was finalized it would be to late to put up any kind of defense. The latter group decided it would proceed as if the betrayal had already occurred. In their minds the circulated draft of the peace treaty had already confirmed the Federation would sell them out.

After years of negotiations the peace treaty was officially signed in 2370. Shortly there after the first of the Federation’s betrayals began when the USS Enterprise was dispatched to relocate Federation citizens from their homes on Dorvan V by force if necessary. The colonist on Dorvan V traced their ancestry back to the natives from the North American Continent on Earth and had colonized the planet over a century ago. Fortunately for all parties compromise was reached. It didn’t sit well with the Maquis but they decided that is was not the time to reveal themselves.

Still the Maquis silently and ruthlessly spent the years from proposed peace treaty to signed peace treaty preparing secret bases from which they could construct their own fleet that would attempt to defend the betrayed worlds.

Already the Maquis have acquired and upgraded fifty Peregrine Class Fighters which the federation had taken to calling “Maquis Raiders” along with nine Klingon Birds of Prey. The Klingon ships had been gutted and completely refitted with the latest technology StarFleet had available. Then there were the few older select Federation Star Ships that had been appropriated and refitted as well.

From the hidden bases established throughout the DMZ and the Bad Lands they had nearly completed construction on the first true Maquis Raiders that are more than a match for all but the most powerful Federation ships. With the addition of the twelve industrial replicators “acquired” this day their ability to increase production of the Raiders would be greatly enhanced.

While the Maquis could have relied solely on “borrowed” ships from the Federation and Klingons for their defense it was decided to create their own forces to augment their tiny but growing fleet. Eventually Maquis built ships would become the mainstay of their defenses.

Despite his exhaustion Eddington couldn’t help but to smile. It was good to have friends and the Maquis had lots of friends in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. It had agents throughout StarFleet and a direct pipeline to StarFleet Intelligence. In fact the shadowy Section 31 was perhaps their biggest fan.

It was Section 31 that had supplied the specifications for the Phase-Cloak and the only working prototype which was believed to have been destroyed by StarFleet after the arrest of Admiral Pressman for violating the Treaty of Algeron which forbade the Federation from developing cloaking technology. In fact the Maquis had complete access to all types of military hardware thanks to efforts of people like himself. Everything from the latest medical technologies and intelligence reports to computer and shield enhancements to quantum torpedoes.

The Klingons were equally thrilled with unofficially assisting the Maquis since it would allow for the further destruction of the Cardassians without offending their Federation allies. They had supplied hundreds of cloaking devices for the Peregrines but when StarFleet finally caught on the Empire acknowledged only thirty blaming it on a renegade house.

In fact the Maquis had taken to arms purchases and acquiring technologies that would allow them to sustain a war from many of the races outside of the big four powers. It was financed by non-lethal acts of piracy of dilithium and latinum. The theft was so successful that the Maquis were sitting on vast reserves of tangible wealth. In order to take possession of its military purchases and other spoils the Maquis had legitimately purchased dozens of cargo ships from various non-Federation sources, upgraded them and added cloaking devices.

What insulates the Maquis and confounds the Federation’s attempts at infiltrating the organization is that it consists of two tiers. The second or lower tier consist of volunteers that are manning the Federation and Klingon ships along with “friends” that offered anything from intelligence to actual war materials.

The first tier is made of volunteers from within the DMZ affected worlds that passed numerous loyalty tests from both Betazoid and Vulcan mental probes to a Romulan/Klingon hybrid mind shifter that when set on its lowest setting proved to be a flawless lie detector. These Maquis were the ones constructing and manning the Maquis built fleet. They were the ones sent out to gather extremely advanced technologies that the Federation had come across but lacked the will to take advantage of. There was an opportunity for tier two Maquis to move up to tier one. By the time that they were approached to join the upper echelons of the Maquis their loyalty was unquestionable. Michael Eddington had just entered the upper echelons.

To make this day more significant while Eddington was stealing the dozen industrial replicators from DS-9, agents of the Maquis were simultaneously liberating nearly every captured member of the Maquis in Federation and Cardassian custody. Additionally a select number of imprisoned former Federation officers such as Captain Benjamin Maxwell who believed that they could help defend the Federation by helping the Maquis fight against the Cardassians were freed. In fact Captain Maxwell would find he was now a highly respected Colonel in the Maquis and the Commander of the former Federation NX Class ship completely refitted with modern technologies, many of which are outlawed by the Federation, now renamed The Maquis WarShip Freedoms Wrath.

While the current fleet of warships was minuscule in comparison to the forces arrayed against the Maquis that would change in a few years. For now it was enough to keep the Cardassians at bay in the DMZ as long as the current situation prevailed. The Federation would honor its treaty with Cardassia and not enter the DMZ. The Cardassians are still reeling from their war with the Klingons and have larger concerns than what a handful of “terrorists” are doing in ...

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