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hoshi xindirep


some of starfleet and alien characters who have also appeared on Enterprise

SPECIES Human "more or less"
AFFILIATION United Federation of Planets

Daniels is an operative in the cross-history conflict called the Temporal Cold War. Daniels is from the 31st century, c. 3064 AD. He is first seen in "Cold Front" as a member of Archer's crew. Soon after, he was apparently killed during a Suliban incursion aboard Enterprise. His quarters, which contained several time travel-related devices, was locked down and banned to all crew members, except in cases of emergency involving the Temporal Cold War.

Daniels explained little of the nature of his organization, preferring to keep the group's nature, organization and abilities mostly unknown, in order to keep Captain Archer from learning too much about the future. His method of transporting others through time was unusually subtle, lacking any obvious visual effects or disorientation. Typically, Archer would walk through a door on the Enterprise and suddenly find himself in an unfamiliar location and time period; Daniels would then appear to talk to him. Daniels pulled off a similar feat on a much larger scale in the episode "Storm Front": When the Enterprise returned to Earth after the battle with the Xindi, the crew discovered that they had arrived during World War II.

How Daniels survived being vaporized in "Cold Front" was never explained. However, Daniels continued to make occasional appearances in the series. In the first season finale, "Shockwave", Daniels transported Archer to an altered version of the 31st century in which the United Federation of Planets had never existed. Daniels, apparently the only other person besides Archer left on Earth who knew about the main timeline, helped the captain restore the original timeline. In the third season episode "Carpenter Street", he sent Archer and T'Pol back to the year 2004 to investigate why some Xindi Reptilians were on Earth in that time period. He was also seen in the episode "Azati Prime", in which he transported Archer into the future - placing him aboard a future starship called the Enterprise-J, to inform him about the Sphere Builders and their relationship to the Xindi. He later transported Archer to the year 2161, giving him a glimpse of the inauguration ceremony for the United Federation of Planets (which occurred in a later episode, in "These Are the Voyages..."), warning Archer that allowing the Xindi to change history would result in the destruction of the UFP before it even existed. In his final appearance in the fourth season premiere, "Storm Front", he was apparently extremely ill: parts of him were more than a hundred years old while other parts were almost at a fetal stage. He used his last remaining strength to transport Archer and the Enterprise to Earth in the year 1944 to stop an alien race from changing history and allowing the Nazis to win World War II. After warning Archer that the Temporal Cold War had exploded into a full-fledged conflict, Daniels apparently died, but with the collapse of the Temporal War, Daniels reappeared and returned Archer to his original timeline.

At this point, Archer told Daniels in no uncertain terms he never wanted to see him again.

Crewman Daniels is not to be confused with another Starfleet officer, Lieutenant Daniels (played by Michael Horton), who was the tactical officer on the USS Enterprise-E during the events of Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Insurrection.


SPECIES Xindi Primate
PORTRAYED BY Randy Oglesby

Degra (2103 – 2154) was a primate of the species Xindi, and a representative in the Xindi Council. He was first seen in "The Xindi" and referred to by name in "Rajiin". He was played by Randy Oglesby.

Degra was also a scientist and engineer. He studied the mysterious spheres in the Delphic Expanse. Degra helped to design the power systems on the Xindi-Reptilian warships, and developed several theories for planet-destroying weapons. Circa 2152, the Xindi Council learned from the Sphere Builders that humans were going to destroy them in the 26th century. Degra agreed to design a planet-destroying weapon, completing the prototype in 2153.

He was married with two children. When the first weapon arrived in the Sol System, Degra and the other council members watched as the Reptilian pilot fired the weapon, killing seven million people. As he watched the telemetry, Degra asked himself, "How many of those seven million were children?"

Several months afterwards, Degra and his colleagues constructed the second weapon and planned to test it in the Calindra system. The test appeared to be successful, but the weapon failed to destroy one of the system's moons. Degra's hope to see what went wrong was dashed when the weapon was taken by an unknown ship.

Shortly afterwards, Degra and his crew were captured by the starship Enterprise (NX-01). While on board, Captain Archer launched an elaborate ruse to trick Degra to reveal the location of the weapon. Degra gave them the coordinates of the star system Azati Prime, but he was tipped off. Archer then launched another ruse, making it seem that the Enterprise reached Azati Prime. Degra protested, claiming that the Xindi defense perimeter would destroy the Enterprise - and accidentally exposing the location of the weapon. Right afterwards, Degra and his crew's memories were erased.

Three weeks later, Captain Archer reached Azati Prime on a suicide mission to destroy the weapon, but was captured. He tried to convince Degra that the weapon's purpose was false. Three days later, Degra and Janar boarded the Enterprise to find evidence that they were misled by the Sphere Builders. During this time, a Reptilian warship arrived and demanded that Degra undock. Degra and the Enterprise succeeded in disabling the ship. However, to prevent the exposure of his new alliance with Archer, Degra destroyed the Reptilian ship, killing all 22 crew members.

This incident led to the end of Degra's life in February 2154. When Archer confronted the Council, the Primates, Arboreals, and Reptilians voted and agreed to postpone the weapon launch. Shortly afterwards, Commander Dolim met Degra in his quarters and stabbed him. As Degra died, Dolim vowed that "when the humans have been eliminated, when the council is replaced by Reptilian rule," he would find Degra's family and kill them. Dolim was killed by Jonathan Archer before this threat could be carried out.


SPECIES Xindi Reptilian
PORTRAYED BY Scott MacDonald

Commander Guruk Dolim was a reptilian representative of the multi-species race Xindi on the Xindi Council, played by Scott MacDonald.

He was a military commander of a Reptilian regiment. Dolim hand-picked from his regiment the reptilian pilot for the Xindi weapon kamikaze attack on Earth in 2153. Dolim was absolutely ruthless in his duties; when his daughter gave birth to a slightly deformed male child (who would be unable to join the military because of these deformities), Dolim promptly ordered the boy's execution.

When the Enterprise reached Azati Prime, the site of the weapon construction site, Captain Archer embarked on a suicide mission to destroy the weapon, but was captured by Insectoids and interrogated by Dolim. When Archer refused to say how many Earth ships entered the Expanse, Dolim ordered an attack squadron to destroy Enterprise, but the ships were recalled by Degra, Mallora, and Jannar.

Dolim's relationship with Degra plummeted shortly afterwards. While at a secret meeting with Enterprise, Degra destroyed a Reptilian scout ship, killing all 22 crewmen. The Reptilians were later able to find a sensor encoder. A few days later, Archer confronted the Xindi Council. Dolim voted to postpone the weapon launch, but meant no such thing. Shortly afterwards, Dolim met Degra in his quarters. Dolim stabbed Degra and vowed to kill his family when the Council was replaced by Reptilian rule. Dolim later admitted killing Degra to the Council, only regretting not doing it sooner.

Shortly afterwards, the Reptilians and Insectoids took control of the Xindi planet-killer. Enterprise, as well as Primate and Arboreal ships, engaged the Reptilian/Insectoid armada. The fleet and weapon then escaped into a vortex. Just before they did, Dolim captured Ensign Hoshi Sato.

Sato was captured in order to arm the weapon. The weapon was designed to be armed with three activation codes (the Reptilians and Insectoids only had two).

Sato was able to add her own layer of encryption. However, in order to preserve their future, the Sphere Builders helped decipher the codes. Just then, Enterprise, the Primate/Arboreal fleet, and six Aquatic ships arrived to confront the Reptilians. When this occurred, the Sphere Builders activated one of their spheres and created another anomaly field that disabled three powerful Aquatic ships and several smaller Arboreal vessels. The Reptilians used this to their advantage and escaped into a vortex, having armed the weapon.

Dolim was motivated solely by Reptilian dominance. While heading for Earth, Dolim fired on insectoid Shrest's ship. His ship was damaged and the hulk that remained was smashed when it crashed into the weapon. Dolim only used them to get the second activation code.

The weapon emerged two million kilometers from Earth. If they had all five codes, they could have fired instantly, but as it was they needed extra time. As the weapon armed, Dolim's ship engaged and destroyed an unarmed civilian space station.

Degra's ship arrived and transported Archer and his MACO team to the weapon. The MACOs killed the Reptilian soldiers and Archer began to deactivate the reactor, planting explosives to destroy the weapon. Dolim transported to the weapon to reverse the damage. Meanwhile, the Andorian ship Kumari destroyed Dolim's ship.

As the reactor began to overload, Archer completed the destruction sequence. Dolim then engaged him in hand-to-hand combat. During the struggle, Archer placed an explosive charge on his back. Archer detonated the charge, blowing up Dolim.



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