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catch fake girls


a small lesson on fakes. sum facts and opinions. i dont think you guys are stupid or anything just giving you basic facts and opinions on how and why fakes do what theydo. please be safe online. in case you get tired of watching all the piks of girls usually faked and reading here is your short cut: FAKES ONLINE how do you catch a fake online?? Talking myspacelike sites/girl wise Being a site model agency and all i run into ALOT of fakes. Probably half of my friends are not even real How do you catch a fake??? Well usually when you add or are added by a hot girl who seems Too good to be true, it most likely IS toogood to be true Typically people fake people because they want to spy on someone Or get answers pretending to like their enemies, or they want to know how It would feel to look like the person they are faking; sometimes they are online predators, Or they talk to their real selves to seem popular, or they are just plain losers with no life and want more friends. Whatever the case they tend to use the same girls other fakes use, a typical fake is a pretty girl who has lots of friends and is popular. The most common fake fits into the following description, Amazing body, colored eyes, nice hair, cute face, dress sexy, and just overall arehot girls The ones I usually see used are blonde white girls, I am thinking because of the stereotype that thats what guys want mostly and they are the sexiest.You will see a bunch of different pictures of girlswith the same style, or body and hair which makes them all look alike. So how do you know if they are real or not??? Usually fakes onlyuse the best images. The real person will havestupid, pointless, or evenugly images of themselves. Or with people who are not pretty like them. Real people will have tagged images most likely from friends. Real people will have comments from friends. When looking at the comments find comments like it was fun hanging out with you?. Anything that confirms this person knows the girl in real life. Real pretty girls also tend to know they are being faked and will haveproof with an image or video confirming their account. Also it helps to see how long they have had the profile. Dont underestimate fakes! They will also fake regular looking or ugly people and talk to themselves, switching back and forth. They will make fake friends and family for their fakes. Tocatch the fake now you have to look at their friends things too. What usually catches a fake is the images they choose to use. Look at the images and decide if indeed it is the same person. Look for certain wrinkles, moles, marks, scars, figure, color of thehair. Real people dont like to be called fake, if you are interested for reals ask them for proof. A real pretty girl should have no problem picking up a camera and taking aconfirmation picture or video of herself if she likes you and wants to prove she is real. Ask herto take a certain picture like do a peace sign and the middle finger with your hands and smile. If the real person doesnt care about you they wont bother showing you proof though they usually have private profiles just for friends and family, so if their no interest from the real person for you forget about it. You can try yourhardest to catch a fake but some are very slik. But remember the best proof is video and image confirmation suggestion their current account is indeed them. REAL peoplehave no trouble doing this. To catch fakes on youtube with video you simply see who had the video first and who has the best confirmation. Fakes will be around forever as long as the web exists. More and more people are becoming internet dependant so Be smart WEB SMART.

Best regards
Rakesh khudia

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