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Why do people create fake online profiles?

- Scam
- To have guys come and talk to them (to get validation even if they actually are ugly)
- To have fun on a drunknight with friends
- (a bit sneakier) To check on someone whenyou don't want them to know you are the one checking
- This one is super sneaky, but meh. You*can* make fake profiles of lame people (lame stuff in the profile, non-attractive pictures) and then send lame messages to a girl you are interested in ("sup", "hey, your hot, wanna come 2 my place???"), before sending her a nice Opener with your actual profile. This way, you look better because you are compared to lamer than usual people (don't remember the name of the "I look great becausethe place is full of lame people" technique). As I said, super sneaky, and never tried it myself, butthe thought occurred.
Rakesh khudia

as we know, the internet is a playground for hackers/scammers/phonies.
They might be out for money, personal info., hijacking accounts, etc.
I was actually surprised I hadn't come across it yet, when I realized I probably already did. These two females I was talking to both sentme their yahoo emails (shady in the first place anymore lol) with words like 'lonely', and 'love' in them, so I already thought that was weird.
Then I noticed one of the girls looked differentin her pics, and I was likewhat the?!
Plus they both, not at the same time, sent me pretty deep messages about their life, and finding true love blah blah hey I'm no sucker geez, that's sort of a turn-off anyways lol.
Then I noticed, they both had the exact same paragragh in one of their legnthy emails. That's when I went with my gut and never replied haha, seems phony.
I'll send u the duplicate msg if u wanna be aware of it.
I'm guessing they suckerpoor chumps into handing over money, with their heart-wrenching tales of finding love and happiness ha, crazier things have happened.
I actually just saw a dateline show about an ex-rapper doing this to girls on there, and their case against him turned up pretty grey...
You should no about fake sites you make most of them y dont u b like 25% of ppl on pep and just chat 2 the real ppl insted of makeing crap sites like this one u no who i am without even me leaveing u ma special site 4 idiots like you
24.01.2013 12:43 EST,
Wlcm, I mean dont copy my words bcoz I've kept that words in our website
12.10.2012 06:40 EDT,
And If they are real then what will you gonna do ?
11.10.2012 14:27 EDT,
I think these problem should writen as your diary :) and when Im a CEO then will write: we respect your privacy and take protecting, The RULES of this site: Be nice and respect each other, posting abuse religions, attacks on members and nude picture are not allowed, please be careful when giving out personal information over the internet for online safety, we have the right to remove anyone that does not follow the rules. All rights reserved (plz dnt copy my words )
11.10.2012 14:20 EDT,
Male or female . Fake or real is a serious matter . I want to say only one line .only prostitutes and there kids doing dirty things. Normal people have relations and they know how to respect others. But bastards dont know what is a relation and how to respect a relation

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