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I fucked everyone's dream girl!

hey guyz how's every thing going I just got the this site and read coupla stories well they all sound kind of true but who knows anyways mine is true 100% .
I was only 16 and living my life in karachi pakistan when we had this new neighbour living in our appartments a hubby a hott sexyy /beautifull/ wife 36 28 36 and a daughter. after some times I noticed that she comes out to walk arround the building every night after dinner with her husbandd she was arround 28 but her husband was arround 40 or probabely above may b neways . days passes by and she had the same routeen every night one day I noticed the she always look at me in a different wayy I was confused the why she looks at me like she want some thing from me ( I don't wanna waste ur time so let me get 2 the point ) I just hadf this feeling in me that I can get her down so 1 day I gotout my house and was going out side the house when I heard some one coughing behind me cough cough when I looked back it was herr "seema" alone coming towards me I don't kno what happen 2 me I just started walking towards her and asked her " aap ki tabiet toe theek ha " £Ö£ I still laugh when ever I think of it how dum I was ne ways and she replied " yes I m fine " then she said "why you always look at me " I was like okayy isn't she the 1 £Ö£ but I played it smart and saidd because I think you are really beautifull and she smiledd then she said to walk to the corner so no 1 can see uss since we both were scared of other 2 see us talking , as soon we got to the corner she said what are you thinking and I said nothing she looked deep in 2 my eyez and said "I kn ow " and she put her arm on my hard dick and start rubbing it I started 2 make out kissed her beautifull lips and touched her ass thn reached her neck and kissed it licked and start sucking it after a while I went toward her boods abd start fingering her pussyy and start making noises ahhhha ahhhhh ummmmmmmm go deep go deepppp I pushed my finger as deep I could and then she stoped me and said come 2 her house 1st I got scared and asked about her husband she said he is out of the town after hearing that I was like ok lets goo we both went inside her house quitely and went in her bedroom her daughter was in her room sleeping since it was arroung 1 am she put on a porn on tv and turn on the ac and told me get in the bed and watch her getting nackedd she took her kameef off 1st but she was still wearing a black braa then she went down and took her shalwar off and this time there was no underwear i saw her pussy in light it was very pinkk shaved and cleann then she got me up and took off my clothes and start sucking my dick which I was feeling her hairs since she was benddown then she told me to lay down on bed and asked me if this is my 1st time I said yess and she smiled and said you won't forget it £Ö£ she held my dick and put the tip in the pussy and start bringing her pussy down slowly and slowlyy then she went all the ways down i t felt soooooo goood I can't tell you I have no words 2 express my selff then she speed her self up and I started to give her some herd knocks 2 after I got in the rythem you kno she was like ouchh its preety bigg sor a young kid like you and smiled then she told me 2 get on top she layed straight and I got on top I started 2 fuck in the same position for atleast 25 mins and then I came inside her she was relaxed and hugging me so tightly and saying you don't kno how happy I m 2day then she gave me bunch of money and told me not 2 tellany one and keep coming 2 her when ever she wants me I been to her house atleast 7 times before I moved 2 usa with my parents after moving here I have fuckedd manyy chicks in 4 years spanish italian white pakistani afghani but trust me friend they way she fucked me no 1 ever did and I don't think ever can I hope that I can find some 1 like her her in usa 2 lol anyways goodluck bye

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