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Hot Fun With Co-actor

during film shoot

I am 23yr old guy working in Chennai MNC and hometown in trichy.I was popular in my college for my acting skills. So I got a lot of offers for short films. After college got over I got placed in MNC and most of my friends placed in the same company.
One day I got offer my friends friend star in telefilm he is going to make. I was given the lead role. I accepted after going through script. The film was dark humor on the lines of guy Ritchie films. The shoot day arrived and got introduced to supporting cast and was waiting for the female lead.
After a while director introduced to the female lead and to my surprise she was my senior Renuka Pandey from my college. She used to be judge of dramatics event. She was fair, plump, educated , famous and worth the masturbation material. She has big boobs (34-30-36) which was famous all over the college. She greeted me and I reciprocated. Then the day shoot went fine. Nothing much happened.
The second day she was wearing red-orange crepe saree with backless blouse.
She was gorgeous and I am thorough professional when it comes to acting. So there was a shot where I had sit back of her scooty while riding. The scenes where conversational while riding scooty. Scooty was attached to the trolley and was pulled by car .
I sat on the back memorizing the dialog. Then the trolley started moving slightly upward pushing Renuka back to me. She filled the gap between her and me. The perfume on her was fantastic and my small brother started rising up. I was feeling heat since her butt was locked between my legs and my hard dick was poking her. I was embarrassed but she seemed composed. Then the vehicle started moving pulling the bike. As ride started renuka’s soft butt started going ramming on my cock. Her butt was soft like bread. It was literally a Lap dance for me in the streets.
Then camera started rolling and dialog conversation started. I was fumbling with dialogues. Everybody got frustrated as it was hot and consuming time. Renuka turned to me and asked
Renuka: Hey, whats your problem?
I needed to come up with something
Me: well it’s difficult for me to balance sitting in the scooty
That was one reason too, since the scooty was slanting I need to keep my hands at back rod to hold me balance
Renuka: oh! Well then hold me for balance.
Me: fine
Renuka: good lets finish this thing quickly
Renuka was sweating a lot and make up was making things difficult. Again everything started. Renuka rested her butt in the same position and my brother was giving her his credit. Now I needed to keep my hands in the midriff to balance. The cameras focus was only on our face so there was no worry. With trembling hands I kept both hands either side of the hip. The right hand was kept on exposed flesh part and other on saree material part. Her hip was wet with sweat. Now I was comfortable with grinding and talkie portion was going well. Suddenly there was jolt in car movement and I grabbed her waist tightly. Renuka slightly bent her body with a jerk.
She slowly turned her head right with her eyes half close with sweat dropping from side hair. Her breathing was heavy and slow. Every symptom of hers was seductive. I was closely observing her free long hair, thin centipede eyebrows, maroon sticker dot on forehead, dreamy marble white eyes, maroon bee sting lips, her baby like chubby cheeks, gold ring on her nose with part of her hair line falling down her face side. I was swept of my feet and time froze. Both were looking into each other eyes until there was a call from crew. I knew we both are hit. There was telepathic communication of sorts. We returned to our senses and shoot again started rolling. There was so much heat between us. Again slowly kept my hands on her waist, this time she wriggled with my touch and everything proceeded normally.
Anyway shoot continued and testosterone in me was rushing its new peak. With courage I started grinding dick into her bubbly butt slowly. She was breathing heavily again with the scene going.
It was amazing achievement on my part to complete the shoot at end of the day with all the rush. After the shoot was over we both left without speaking a word.
We reached allotted room and I was controlling myself from masturbation since crew also stayed with me. The day’s incidence engulfed me. The door’s bell woke me as assistant director came to inform that that today’s shoot has to be reshoot. Everyone was shocked and he continued that that renuka had forgotten to remove her Thali (manglasutra) for today’s scene. I was dumbstruck. Never knew she was married. So all proportion changed and things got wild for me.
Next day decided do something crazy, I planned not wear underwear and try my luck. So she came wearing the same saree and fragrance. she continued
Renuka: Gokul, I am extremely sorry.
Me: ah, no issues. It’s the crew you have to apologize.
Renuka: Ya it was such silly mistake. I have to make amends for it.
Me: chill it. It’s not don’t worry.
Renuka: ah thanks. Thanks a lot
She was happy that I was fine and proceeded to apologize next person. As she walked I gazed at her swinging butt. Wow what a creation. There was perfect curve in hip region with big ass with long free hair with flesh at right places. My dick became attentive and shoot resumed soon. She got in the bike and I took my position. Her fragrance made my dick 90 degree in jean. Scooty was hooked to trolley and renuka’s ass rested near my prick. She sensed something fishy as I could see her expression in the mirror. Today climate was pleasant with early morning rain and pleasure was double. The shoot was happening rapidly and I decided to spice it up little. While my hands was rested on side of hips, I took my right hand inside the saree while the dialog was happening. She was hot inside and her breathing pace picking up. She started biting her lower lips ass I moved my hand inside close to her belly button. I was tensed with the surroundings but felt urge to go further. Her butt was giving warmth to my saluting dick.
Her bellybutton was inches away from fore finger.
The shoot stalled due to some technical issue with camera. We were asked to be in same position. I took it as a chance and touched her belly button with fore finger. She gave jerk in a way she literally jumped on to my lap. My dick under her butt, I was in cloud nine with pleasure. My whole body was trembling. Her perfume was making me wild. She kept looking at crew in front and looked as though nothing was happening. Forefinger came in contact with belly button and I started rotating clockwise with finger. Her navel was reciprocating my touches. Now I rested my chin on her right shoulder and started rotating furiously. She closed her eyes in excitement and I put both hands on her navel pulling her very closely to me in hugging position. Her navel was like pillow.
My animal in me was awaken and didn’t care about surroundings. Renuka was holding accelerator very tightly and did unthinkable. Her butt started grinding my prick. She was moving her butt rapidly up and down. My dick got into hot dog position (dick sandwiched between her butt soft bun butt cheeks) and was getting nice butt massage. The more ferociously I rotated in her belly button, the faster she was moving on the dick.
With all the action happening and was holding cum since yesterday, I thought of letting go my semen. As I reaching my maximum peak with renuka’s butt, she stopped all of sudden got back to her position. My dick was dancing like a snake to spit right now. With that I was furious and looked up to find the crew got ready. My senses started working and somehow managed hold cum back, I let loose of hand in her navel to close the day for my betterment. Then we finished the shot for the day.
My dick desperately needed to shag but couldn’t find space or time. The next two days shoot was without renuka. The things were going as normal. Then the director called me to inform that he got big investor for project. So with that the production scale increased. He informed me that we are travelling to kodaikannal (hill station) to shoot some montage shots. So the stakes started rising. To be continued…

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