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Nitika ke saath sex

Hi all friends, i am raj from dwarka and now in delhi. I am completely new to this website so please kindly take my mistakes...aaj main aap logon ko ek aisi kahani batane jaa raha hoon jo shayad aaj se pehele na aapne suni hogi na kabhi sochi hogi...main kuch mahinon pehle delhi ke ek call center - @soft main kaam karta tha...wahan main kafi samay se kaam kar raha tha...kuch samay baad jab wahan hiring hui tokuch naye assosiates aaye jinmein ek thi nittika bharel jo ki college student thi…wo kafi cute lagti thi…pehle maine uspe dhyan nahin diya…humare ghar ek hi route ke the aur mera pickup usse pehle hota tha…pehle mera pickup hota that phir hum use lene jate the…ek din uska number usne mujhe diya aur kaha ki cab aane ke 5 min pehle call kar dena please…maine number note kar liya aur roj use cab aane se pehle call karta tha…pehle mere man main usk eliye kuch bhi nahin tha…uske sath uski ek dost bhi thi jiska naam priyanka tha…nitti jyadatar usi ke saath rehti thi…to meri baat nahin hoti thi…par nitti jagbhag har waqt mujhe chupke-chupke dekhti thi…mujhe bada ajeeb lagta tha…kuch samay baad hamare beech thodi baat hoti thi lekin sirf hi, hello tak…hamare call center main ek sartaj naam ka ladka tha wo mera dost tha…usne mujhe ek baar kaha tha ki wo nittika ko chodna chahta hai…mujhe laga ki usne mera kaam bigad diya…phir maine socha ki kyon naa planning ki jaye…maine sartaj ka saath dene ka naatak kiya aur nittika ka number use diya…kuch timr baad meri planning kaam aayi aur nitti aur sartaj ke beech dooriyan badne lagi…isi beech mujhe pata chala ki nitti ka ek boyfriend hai jiska naam sameer hai…main eek din nitti ko phone kiya aur sartaj ka bahana bana kar baat shuru ki…wo mujhse baat karnre lagi…uske baad wo mujhe khud call karti…hum raat bhar baat karte rehte the…wo mujse kaafi khus rehti thi…main samajh gaya ki uska boyfriend sameer namard hain, wo use chod nahin pata…kai baar uski baaton se bhi mujhe aisa laga…wo sameer ke baare main baat karna hi nahin chahti thi…ab wo mujhe roj call karti thi raat ko aur hum roj aadhe 1 ghante tak baat karte the…

Maine baaton baaton main usse kai baatein ki jaise – maintumhein chodunga ya kiss karunga aur wo haske taal deti thi…main samajh gaya ki use wo pyaar chahiye jo sameer nahin de paya…usse baatein kartein huye mera lund khada ho jata tha…wo mujhse kai baar apne private parta ke baare main baat karti thi…humne sex ke baare main bhi baat kari…mainne usse kaha ki mujhe se ke bare main kuch nahin wo boli ki main sikha dungi…main samajh gaya ki wokya chahti hai…wo mujhe kehti thi ki wo sameer ke saath phas gai…wo uska peecha chodta hi nahin… maine poocha kyon nahin chodta to wo boli ki sameer dikhne main bekar hai use aise ladki kahan milegi…nitti boli yaar chalo shakal theek na ho to sex to kar sake hamesha wo pehele hi thak jata tha…main aur wo ab pyaar karne lage the…wo rooj mujhe call karti thi kai din to 4-5 baar karti thi…usne mujhe bataya ki usne sameer ko is baare main nahin bataya …maine poocha kyon to wo boli…saala emotional hai mar gaya to gale pad jayega dheere dheere use khud ehesaas ho jayega…maine kuch nahin kaha…wokehti thi ki rajat ek baar tumhara lund mil jaye to mainye duniya chod dungi…mere saath baat karte hue wo sameer ko bhool chuki thi…ek dinmaine usko bola ki market chalet hain…usne sameer ko cakl karke bahana mara ki aaj papa ghar pe hain call mat karna…aur wo aur main market gaye…maine usko bra aur panty khareed ke di to wo sharma gai…auto main maine uske boobs ka maja liya usne mujhe mana nahin kiya..bas hasti rahi…maine use market se dress dilwaye…wapas aate hue usne mera haath pakad liya aur chipak ke chalne lagi…raat kafi ho chuki thi usne ghar phone kiya aur bola ki seedhe office ja chuki hoon aur

Mujhse boli – ab main tumhai hoon jaan…main use mall main leke gaya aur hum logo ne dinner kiya…main use apne ghar le gaya…maine apne saare friends ko phone kar ke unhein pehle hi ghar se nikal diya…ab keval nitti aur main the…maine use cold-drink main mila ke sharab pila di…phir wo cigarette pine lagi mine poocha nitti tum cigarette peeti ho, to wo boli tumhara wo(lund) bhi piyungi waise wo cigarette nahin peeti thi, boli jaan tumhare liye pee rahi hoon aur wo 4 cigarette pee gayi… she was really stunning. Her shoulder length brown hair fell perfectly around a slightly snobby looking, but cute face. She was wearing a blue jeans and a black top. And i could see she had grown in the breast department as well. We started to watch tv. I offered to make her a drink and she accepted so soon i handed her a very strong rum and coke. I knew it couldn't hurt to get her a little tipsy. After three more drinks the conversation changed from small talk to sex. I asked her if she thought about me."yes," she said with a little giggle. In a few minutes we were in my room sitting on my bed. I leaned forward and kissed her gently on the neck. She turned her head to the side and moaned as her eyes closed. My lips worked their way from her neck up to her lips and she returned the kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth. "i've been waiting for this for a long time," she said. I ran my hands through her hair as our tongues continued to dance in each other's mouths. She kissed my lips then broke away to kiss my ear. That's when she whispered something to me that almost made me cum in my pants."i want you to use me in every way you ever dreamed of. I want to be your little whore."

With no further encouragement i helped her off with her top and bra and took her tits my hands. I rubbed her nipples between my finger and thumb as we continued kissing. I was surprised a little when her hand dropped to my crotch and she started rubbing the straining bulge in my pants. She then helped me pull my shirt over my head and dropped her face to my stomach kissing her way up my torso. When our lips met again it was with even more passion and her moans became louder and more frequent. My hand lightly brushed her leg and she squirmed pushing her hips forward. I reached under her skirt and touched her silky white panties, feeling the outline of her smooth little pussy lips. I could feel the fabric was getting quite moist. She started to remove her skirt, but i stopped her. "leave it on." she nodded and continued caressing my cock through my pants. I reached under her and pulled her damp panties down her legs. She lay back on the bed and i lay beside her, with my hand stroking her sweet little unshaved pussy. I pressed my finger into her slit and felt her wetness. My finger worked its way into her tight little cunt moving in and out getting nice and wet. "so you want to be my little whore?""oh yes," she replied between moans."will you do anything i ask?" "anything! I just want you so bad." "do you want to suck my cock?"she needed no further prompting and immediately began undoing my belt. I helped a little as i could not wait to have her sweet little mouth wrapped around my dick. She pulled off my pants and underwear together and gripped my rock hard cock in her small hand. I put my hand behind her head and slowly guided her face down to my waiting member. "suck it baby!" i almost fainted when her little red lips parted and swallowed my throbbing cock. She brought her head up slowly letting her mouth drag up my shaft leaving a trail of saliva behind her. As she continued her work i reached back and resumed stroking her slit. When my finger was nice and wet i lightly ran it over her asshole. This made her moan louder and suck harder. "lick my balls, my little whore."her tongue

Instantly dropped to my hairless sac and she licked it up and down as my finger continued its exploration of her backside. I pushed the tip of my finger into her tight little butthole and she pushed her hips back onto my hand. "you like my finger in your ass?""uh huh," she managed to say between moans and licks. "i always finger my asshole and pretend it's your cock." she was turning out to be quite adventurous. Not the shy teenager i had expected. I pulled out my finger and lay on the bed. "climb aboard baby, i want to taste your pussy too." she needed no further encouragement and swung a leg over my face placing her pussy inches away from my eager tongue. I stuck my tongue out and touched her clit teasing it with quick flicks. She lowered herself down and grasped my cock in her hand and began to suck with renewed vigour. My hands grasped her ass as i shoved my tongue deep into her sweet seventeen year old pussy. As we continued our sixty nine i found myself staring up at her crinkled little anus. Remembering her admiration of my finger play back there i pushed her body forward and spread her cheeks. Her mouth was pushed from my dick and she returned her tongue to my balls. I planted soft kisses up her pussy lips and around her little hole.i circled her ass with my tongue getting closer and closer."yes," she moaned. "do it." "what does my little whore want?" i asked,even though i knew the answer. "she wants you to lick her asshole!""oh you're a naughty little slut aren't you?""please do it! I want it so...!" her pleading was cut short as my tongue tip touched her tight virgin butthole. My tongue was soon replaced with my lips as i planted a deep kiss on her ass, pushing my tongue up inside her. "oh fuck, that feels so fucking good!" her tongue lapped at my balls and even touched my taint a few times. This drove me crazy and i shoved my tongue harder into her ass penetrating her tight muscular ring. I wanted nothing more than to have my tongue completely up this teen's asshole! As i kept feeding her butt i reached down and pushed on her head forcing it further down my body. She got the hint when i lifted my hips, and she pressed the top of her head into the bed in effort to reach my ass.

Her nimble little tongue traced its way down my taint and ran over my asshole. I moaned and sucked her ass as hard as i could as i felt the tip of her tongue wiggle its way into my butt. The feeling was amazing! After a few more minutes of ass licking sixty-nining i asked her to get off. She did and i sat up kissing her deeply. I pushed her back onto the bed and lay on top of her in the missionary position. "yes! Fuck me!" i placed the head of my spit covered cock at the entrance to her hairless cunt and pushed gently. "fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she moaned under her breath as i penetrated her moist hole with my throbbing dick. I pushed all the way in until i could feel my balls pressing against her lips. She was so warm and tight it almost made me cum instantly. But i held on and began a slow rhythm of grinding my hips downwards into her young body. All the while she moaned and fingered her clit. Then i asked her. "have you done this before?" "yes. Yes i did it with my boyfriend a few times." so there it was. She wasn't ...

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