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<journey to the dark side>

Anakin skywalker never knew a father;rumours said that maybe the force itself had brought him into being.Whatever the truth,he was destined to become one of the most famous and the most feared figures in the history of the galaxy.Even as a boy,Anakin was strongly in tune with the force and could sense events before they happend.Anakin had been a slave from the day he was born.He and his mother lived on Tatooine and were owned by a merchant named watto.Resourceful,intuitive,and competitve,he was an excellant podracer and very compassionate.When Qui-gon jinn landed on tatooine needing help,anakin was keen to volunteer,and he met padmé admidala for the first time.
Qui-gon sensed the boy's strong connection to the force.He believed that anakin was the chosen one of an ancient prophecy,and that he would one day bring balance to the force.Qui-gon freed anakin and took him away from tatooine,although the boy found it difficult to leave his mother behind.This was the first sign of the weakness that would one day lead him to the dark side-he was too afraid of loss.When qui-gon was killed by a sith lord, anakin became obi wans apprentice. During anakins training palaptine always awarded anakin with wispered words of praise and that made anakin feel he could do anything.His reunion with padme distracted him and put him off his loyalty to the jedi order his crush on her made him want her. When his mother died he unleahsed his anger on the whole tusken camp where she died he even killed the
Children.He then got closer to the dark side. His 1st encounter with darth tyrannus ended up with the loss of one of anakins lower part of his arm.Anakin wanted revenge and on his 2nd encounter with dooku he kills him. Anakin then keeps having dreams of padme dying in childbirth simular to the dreams he had of his mum dying so anakin wishes he was stronger and palpatine tells him of a sith lord so powerful he could stop death...Anakin then shortly after finds out palpatine is a sith lord...

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