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The Lost Boys (Mixtape)

This is lyrics 4 sum mixtape freestyles i did awhile back.

[aLDo Interlude Freestyle] [girl talkin] I was lookin 4 a place 2 go 2 do wot i want and b good at it,i mean i luv wot i do and i cant wait [aLDo] Yes,i cant wait no more,so i cant stay no more/said my rap game opens tha door,flowin my raps hopin 1 day i´ll blow up/im growin in confidence,holdin my pact n flowin a coupla great lines 4 bucks/dymes showin butts-n-legs tryina draw sum attention/black hos n caucasions like 2 slurp cock ,call it cashin-in/i no am not-famous like 2pac was,but am still hollerin am-tha-shit/and am far from racist but am still not darkinen-my-skin/im not stayin on line wit yall,im gone-n-yall will miss cos//[girl talkin] theres no place really like this...
[aLDo] i kick tha illest lines since tha biggest was alive/split whigs-witt rhymes n tha chicks-all smile/dick lickin tha 9 inch,ya bytches butts fly/tha scriptins hot like burgers n fries witt ketchup/ya grippin tha 9 on ya lap,cos this shit´ll test-ya/ya spittin up crimes but all i envision is u on tha stretcher/word is born,im live in this/u can likin this metaphor witt tha brightest spits/cos i set-up tha tightest lyrics n get up in tha tightest clits/im tha tightest bytch/if i like his bytch,i´ll speak witt her n then its me n her/me n my bytch like Biggie Smalls shit from tha 9-4/Karma Records,we in this muh fucka,1//...[aLDo outro] uh huh yeah,its like that yall,this tha future right here,Karma Records,aLDo,tha next generation,shout out 2 my man DJ Cut 4 tha beat,am out....
[aLDo] cut that shit off son,gimme sumin else [DJ Bleezy] wot u want [aLDo] i dunno,but i wanna slow it down 4 tha ladies right quick [DJ Bleezy] aight then lets do it 2 this [aLDo] oh thats that Aaliyah shit [Verse aLDo] Growin up a youngsta,in tha worst streets/holdin tha gun up,cos punks is finna murk me/knowin a murder comes once inna work week/so i gotta come home in write til tha inks dry/flowin bars,lots of small notes bringin tha heat/most guys wanna cop chrome in dymes,fulfillin life/those guys gotta block home wit mice,stoop chillin mice/pos might drop ya cos yo it isnt like dudes is killin crime/im promotin my own shit,time goes in life goes witt/blowin 9s propa,chumps no this is tha illest lines/why show em my domes spits,i no this rhymes dope kid [aLDo] fuck that,tha shits 2 slow 4 me Bleezy [DJ Bleezy] ha ha ok.

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