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tami actress sex story

actress asin sex story

Hi I am asin here.
I am one of famous actress of the time being.
I acted wit all the major heroes of both the
industry. Now let us go to begining of the story.
I was on cloud nine and at her high pride
and so started to ignore many movies but as
the time went by i didn't get any offers of any
new movie or even the movie i signed went
well as all flopped. And i wasn't an kind of
actress sleep wit many director earn
roles. So i was very depressed.
So one day i went to an pub wit my class friend.
And i said to my friend all
about the problems i was facing in life.
My friend after listening to all my problems
thought for some time and came up wit an idea.
My friend advised me to go to kochi and go
meet an ______ swamiji. Who could help me my
problemsby pooja's . First i didn't believe it as i
didn't like those concepts of ______swamiji and more
over i was an christian so it didn't seemed
right. But wit insistance from my friend and
hearing more success stories about the______ swami
After that i accepted to go der.
as per the advice of my friend made all
arrangements to go kochi and i went to home and spent there
night in wit an satisfying session wit my
and took an nap.
The next day i took her car and started to go_____
swamiji's ashram located place in an lonely
location wit out any presence of humans and
entered the ashram.
The ashram was filled with _______ swarms of men and
so i became little concious. I was
wearing an beautiful Blue designer saree and
matching sleeve less blouse as my friends asked
me to wear blue saree . But due to blouse being sleeve less and
My bra being an designer one most of her
cleavage was one feast for all those man and all
their eyes fixed on me. So i was becoming
Now i started to enter the swamiji's room.
The swamiji was a guy wit an average age of 55
to 60. The swamiji as soon as seeing me and
saree became awestruck as though i was the
most beautiful lady in the world but controlled
and called me near him and tell problems. So
I gone near him and touched his feet and
during tat time the _____ swami got to look my breast
and even nipples and even his old partner gained
a growth and the _____ swamiji was now with all
Now i started to tell my problems to him but
the swami gave little concentration to i but
more to in body and i looked it but ignored
it. Soon after hearing my story the swami
started to devise my prob. So he
said her tat my standing position is not and the
swami had to do some precaution to control and
more over i had to stay in ashram for an
Seven days for this purpose pooja. After i thinking too
accepted. K swami ji
Swami smiled and thought if gonna
enjoy her raw beauty .So now i returned
back to my feeling very horny due to those
looks of men in ashram and so i took them
and started to go to room changing the saree and I weared white saree
got ready
I gone to swamiji and during tat time only i
remembered about the speech of swamiji saying
I not to bring any dress along wit blue saree as he
would provide me wit everything i needs. So
evening and directly went to swamiji room
wit the same dress and he was seeing meagain the
swamiji lust increased breathing.
Started pooja
1st he told remove the dress u must b in naked.
I told no swamiji y .
He told remove it I need to do pooja.
I told any camera was there .
He kepted promise on god.
Then I was started removed my dress
Then he was started pooja
I was naked fully .
He laughed y madam y u won't shave hair pussy
Its was big hairs for one inches curly hairs..
After that he made to sit
Fire OMA was started he told pull one hair pussy
And give me
I was given hair
He was putted hair on fire
He told to insert two red rose flower in pussy
Three flower in ass hole inserted
Then OMA manthra say I also saying
Then rose leafs on boobies he asked
Y ur niple is black
I told all are pressed so only
Then stand up he told open the legs and stand
any cost but i controlled myself .don't shave hair
In was there only..
then swamji seeing my pussy . then he started OMA pooja
if want to be continue this asin story
message me
or any others actress u want say actress name

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