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♥•Story: "miles Away"•♥

Years ago in years of young, there was this guy named Dean and this girl named Lin. They knew not of each other. They lived separate lives apart and many miles away. In fact, neither knew of the others existence.

When they were very young they both married, not to each other, but to strangers. They didn't know they were marrying strangers. In fact, they thought they were in love with the person. Dean tried for several years to make the marriage work but to no avail. Dean wandered from the marriage in desperation of finding "true love". Lin only got married to have her child; she soon left the marriage, as it was not a good one. She soon married again, because she was with child, again. This made her feel badly inside. She tried for six years to make the marriage work. But the man she married was not true to their vows and wandered, looking for something... no one knows. He abused Lin to the point of breaking her spirit...almost.

Then God intervened and sent her to a recovery program. This was the beginning of her new life.

Dean on the other hand was lost and lonely and confused. In his desperation he committed a serious crime and had to face up to his personal problems. Then God intervened again and sent him to a recovery program, much like the one Lin was led to.

Mind you these two people, Dean and Lin, still did not know that each was in this world, walking the same path far apart from each other.

Twenty-five years passed since Lin started her new life. Though she never re-married, she was in and out of relationships that proved to her she needed more help.

Then one day she awoke and prayed and "told" God to get her out of the mess she was in... "If I never have another relationship again, I need to get out of these sick ones, please help me!" she cried.

She again started on a new path of recovery, finding out how she ticked inside, her fears and doubts about herself. Why she felt so worthless to have someone love her back in the way she deserved.

Dean, on the same hand, was now in serious big time trouble. He had to admit to his inner most self that he needed help and he had to take steps in finding out how he ticked inside, his fears and doubts about himself. Why he felt so worthless to have someone love him the way he deserved to be loved.

All along these two people still did not know that they were on the same planet. Then one day a guy, named Bill Gates, invented the World Wide Web (sic). This invention opened doors that no one ever thought possible. It brought people together from all over the world. It was like when Edison brought us the light bulb and Alexander Bell brought us the telephone.

After a few years Dean decided to give this new invention a try. One day, Dean gets himself some parts and builds a computer. Lin, still rejecting the idea of messing with computers, finally decided to "give it a try". Then low and behold God intervenes again. She went and found a "chat room" not knowing what to do or say.

Then flash... right before her eyes... someone is chatting with her. Asking her how she was doing and if she needed help. Her replay was... she was so confused and lost and didn't know how this chat thing worked and "yes" if this person by the name of "Peter Dragon" would be so kind to help her, she would be very grateful.

They took a chance and went into a "Private Room". He was very polite and kind. Dean never took advantage of Lin's naivety. They played around with all the whistles, bells and buttons. They were bonding. They soon became friends "on line". Then they decided to take another giant step and exchange e-mail addresses. Soon they were corresponding via the internet. They both found they were looking forward to each other's conversations and correspondence. Then one day Dean decided to call Lin, and so he did. Lin was truly surprised and enjoyed the conversation. Though the conversation was a bit awkward as they knew not what the other sounded like or what to say out of embarrassment... their bond for each other started growing deeper. Actually she liked his Texas accent and his voice the most.

Lin started thinking, "I think I'd like to meet this person in real life". There were a few glitches, though, Dean lived in Texas and Lin lived in Washington, about 1600 miles apart. Also, there was a situation both had and they didn't know how to tell the other... some deep dark ugly past secrets. They didn't know each other enough to confide yet.

Just when things were looking good, into Dean's life came big time trouble again. So Dean called Lin one night to finally tell her of his past. Dean was so frightened and was actually in tears. He told her of his crime of shame and though Lin was startled, at first, she regained herself and found herself listening to Dean. She realized he was being true with his fears and past. She also realized he was in deep emotional turmoil and thought he might do something stupid. She talked with him as best she knew how, to try and calm him and to let him know she was still his friend. She asked if he was in recovery and on a path of change. He replied in the affirmative. She accepted that and then went on to talk about the recovery awhile. Dean was so ashamed, that he thought it best that Lin not come to Texas to meet each other. This crushed Lin, but she understood his pain and shame. She too had pain and shame, of things that had gone on in her life. They ended the conversation but before they did, out of the blue, Lin asked Dean if he had any weapons in the house and if so, to get rid of them. Dean took this suggestion and did just that.

So Dean and Lin continued to be Internet friends. They would send e-mail, phone each other once in awhile and chat once in awhile. Both their lives were busy lives, sometimes days would go by and they would not hear from the other. Each felt lost not being in touch with each other, because, each time they talked they would put smiles on each other’s face. They would chat for hours, playing and laughing and joking with each other. This they missed.

God intervenes again... Lin's oldest daughter decides to move to Florida. Bobbie has a car she needs to get to Florida but she is flying herself and her daughter, and not driving. Lin decides she needs a vacation and this is a great opportunity to take one. Then Bobbie and Lin decide that Bobbie will pay her mom to drive her car to Florida for her. Lin wants to go through Texas on her way down to meet Dean. However, she feels this would not be the proper thing to do; she didn't want to just say, "Hey, I'm coming to Texas to meet you". Lin was not sure how Dean would accept that kind of boldness. While online one day Dean and Lin were chatting. Lin told Dean she was driving her daughters car to Florida. And yes, as you guessed, Dean asks if she is driving through Texas. Lin replies, "I would love to come meet you".

It took a few days for Lin to reach Texas, and when she did, she and Dean were both pleasantly surprised. Not only of the looks of each other, though they had exchanged photos via the net, they had great chemistry. They again talked, played and joked for hours. Then Lin asked to stay a day to rest and so they could get to know each other better. Dean accepted her request. They didn't have much time so they took advantage of every second they had. Then it was time for Lin to continue on to Florida.

On her continued trip to Florida, she got a crazy idea. Why not fly back through Texas, on her way home, and stay a few days with Dean. So she called him via her cell phone. The phone became another means of communication, since they could not be on line or send e-mail. She would call him and give him updates on her trip he would tell her to be careful. She would chuckle to herself, thinking, "I've been doing this on my own for how many years now?"... But she adored the attention and the concern Dean gave towards her. She had never experienced this kind of friendship in her life. She wanted more and wasn't about to let this friendship fade. She knew not how, but she wanted him in her life.

So the story continues and has no ending... these two people found each other not knowing that the other existed for many years. Lin was falling in love with Dean, but did not want to say anything, especially first. Then one day, they were sitting in the car at a Drive In... Dean looks at Lin for a while and she looks at him... then Ray (sic) said "I LOVE YOU". This both frightened Lin and elated her. She wasn't quite sure how to respond, but she quickly gained herself and responded with "I LOVE YOU", also. It may be late in their lives but they both believe they have been given a second chance. They feel very strongly towards "allowing" it to happen as to "making" it happen. There are many changes to take place before they can begin their new lives together but they are willing to do the footwork and leave the rest to God... as He has done a great job so far.

Dean sent Lin a card one day that sums this whole story.

"Sometimes it seems like there are too many roads... and you are not sure that you will ever find the right one. But that's only because we all make our own story... and

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