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here are sum of the poems from funcaster that have touched and moved me! There is a link in wap lin

I Am Here
Amy R. Carr

Lay down with me
Whisper not mere words
Tell me your fears
Let them go like a bird

Let them fly off in the darkness
You can confide in me
They will lose their power
Let them fly free

Together we can conquer
Those fears and your past
You are no longer alone
I am here at last

You Left Me, but You Cannot Leave My Heart
Nicholas Gordon

You left me, but you cannot leave my heart.
I hold you there, with or without your will.
No matter where you go, you will be part
Of me, my dearest friend and lover still.
I´ll tell you of the pain I feel, and all
The things you´ve done that hurt and make me bleed.
And then your icy words you will recall,
And comfort me, and give me what I need.
This I can do alone, and yet the real
You lives and lies far beyond my touch.
But since my true intention is to steal
The you I loved, the real you isn´t much.
Don´t worry--I´ll treat you tenderly:
The lovely you, you left behind with me.
Broken Trust
Amy R. Carr

Names, words, and faces
all swirling around
Building up hope
Just to knock me back down

Time after time
I give them my trust
Just to get kicked in the face
And it all turns to dust

I´m taking a stand
I will not compromise
No more blind trust
Just to get hit between the eyes

Words, words and more words
These pretty words mean naught
Lies, deceptions and half truths
For honesty and truth I´ve fought

You may say I´m bitter
You may very well be right
But I´m sick and tired
It´s not worth the fight

The Pains of Unrequited Love
Amy R. Carr

Where did this bond come from?
I didn´t ask for this
It didn´t come from ´I love you´
Or even a passionate kiss

Why can´t I break it?
I´ve tried so many times
When is enough, enough?
Where do I draw the line?

Can I really do it?
Do what needs to be done?
We´ve both tried and failed
Why can´t I turn and run?

There is something between us
Something I can´t explain
Something we´ve both fought
Why is there so much pain?

It´s not supposed to hurt
At least that´s what I´ve been told
But the thought of life without him
Makes the pain increase tenfold

Alone I Am
Amy R. Carr

Disconnected again
On the outside looking in

Alone am I

Apart from it all
I feel so small

Alone am I

Tears of pain
Streak my face in shame

Alone am I

No one to hold
I feel so cold

Alone am I

Shut away
From the light of day

Alone I cry

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