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What Is Islam

A comparative study of Islam will reveal that it is the most practical and latest religion in the world that suits all human requirements. It completes the final ´Divine Message of God´ for the good conduct of man on earth - a message which He delivered in parts, through His various other Prophets before Prophet Mohammed, as revealed and confirmed in the Holy Quran.

Islam´s most distinguishing features, as a world religion:

Its simplicity

Its explicitness

Its highly realistic attitude towards the day-to-day life of man.

It enjoins upon its followers to observe moderation in all things relating to man´s conduct and behaviour. Islam does not tolerate revelry and yet it does not shun all joy, best and adventure. It adopts a middle course between the extremities and discards Puritanism and moral anarchy but it allows freedom and satisfaction to all natural human desires and instincts, including even the instinct of war PROVIDED certain limitations are strictly observed.

Islam recognises that social conditions have a great influence in shaping human character and therefore it tries to set right the social, political and economic systems of mankind in accordance with its moral and spiritual values. Islam does not recognise that mere improvements in social, political and economic conditions as preached by Communism and other Western type of ´ism´ will make people virtuous and prosperous in their conduct of life. It advocates and insists upon individual reform and self-discipline through unswerving belief in God, His line of Prophets, their respective scriptures the angles His last Prophet Mohammed and the resurrection after death on the Day-of-Judgment.

Islam lays final responsibility on the individual for all his actions. In Islam you cannot plead that because you were born in an evil environment, therefore you could not shake off its evil influence to lead a pious virtuous and ordered life, and that society was responsible for your sins of omission and commission. There is no appeal against Islamic law which is the law of God, and one must necessarily discipline himself according to it if one desire well-being in life and salvation after death.

Islam does not want people to be tolerant to evil and injustice for fear of incurring the displeasure or wrath of those who happen to be in strength and power. Those who tolerate this are in the eyes of Islam no better those evildoers.

For the selfish and greedy there is no place of honour in Islam. The moral and religious attitude of Islam must follow its adherents in all walks of life. A Muslim cannot be a Muslim in the mosque and a socialist nationalist or communist on a political platform outside. At every step of his life he is a Muslim always guided by the Laws of Allah - embodied in the Holy Quran and expounded by the Holy Prophet Mohammed.

Among all the religions of the world, Islam stands alone, teaching humanity that political power must be subordinated to ethical values that religion should not be allowed to serve the ends of a state which is not informed and actuated by moral values, ideals and decencies.

Islam is the only religion that made international brotherhood a reality. It recognises no racial and political barriers. It stands alone for its complete freedom from the domination of priestly class and the burden of cumbersome ceremonials and rituals

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