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Sovereignty Belongs To God

But how can we know God´s cause and discover His will with our ´limited´ intelligence except through His own ´Self-revelation´? Not all the wisdom of the world can give us any knowledge of the Almighty God´s attributes and of how He wills us to shape our lives? According to Islam. God has revealed His will through his many chosen prophets from time to time ever since He created the world, and has given the people express commands to do some things and abstain from others. Through his revelations in the holy Quran, He has shown us how our individual and collective lives should be shaped to win His pleasure and acquire our own peace and salvation. He has not left our guidance to the whims of any worldly leaders or the so-called ´sovereign people´ to be determined by the counting of heads because in Islam, sovereignty belongs to the Almighty God and God alone. No people can usurp his sovereignty and if they do, they are rebels against God. Therefore the life of man in Islam is an act of devoted worship of God and complete surrender to His will. The simple rituals of offering prayers, etc. are merely outward worship and if they are not supplemented by a concentrated effort at living in accordance with the Divine will and commands the life of man becomes a meaningless and fruitless affair. Hence Islam´s social and political aspects are not excluded from the sovereign authority of God, as the Western civilisation would like our modern society and its conduct to be.

To those who would worship ´anything´ possessing the attributes of power and force, Islam says ´ Do not bow down before the rivers, the mountains, the sun and the moon, for none of these and other forces of nature has the least power to do you injury or benefit you without the will of God. All obedience is subject to the final and absolute loyalty to God and His commands as revealed in the Holy Quran through the holy prophet of Islam. Obedience to other authorities can be rendered only in so far as their commands do not go against or contradict the Divine commands. The doctrine of the oneness of God has therefore the greatest significance in Islam. A Muslim cannot by mere vote of the majority change even an iota of the legal and moral precepts of the Holy Quran or the ´Law of God ´ which says-obey God, obey the prophet and obey those who are in authority from amongst yourselves, but if there is difference of opinion either amongst yourselves or with those who are in authority over you, turn to God and the prophet for decision. Thus God and the prophet are the final arbiters in all matters of dispute whether social, political or economic. This, in a nutshell, was the ´Message of Islam´ and peace which Hazrat Khawaja Muinuddin Chishti was deputed, by a Divine decree to preach to the people of Hindustan 750 year ago. His life and work are an outstanding inspiration and an amazing miracle for those who have a keen eye to see through them objectively and dispassionately.

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