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Mobile Game Cheats

Hi, I am posting some game cheat for u guys

Bounce(take note only works on s40 ver.)

godmode - Press 787898 at gamin screen

tony hawk (ngage)

maximum balance(wont fall when doin grinds)
pause n hold c ( cancel) then press 5,4,2,up

asphalt 1 ngage

cheats menu:durin gameplay hold # n pause

Star Wars Episode III Passwords

Unlimited Force Power
From the main menu, go to settings(options), then go to codes.

Effect Infinite Force Power

Townsmen 2 Cheat Codes

Unlock all missions
Type the code at the help menu of the castle.

Cheat 08156
Effect unlock all missions

Doom RPG Cheat Codes
Cheat code
At the title screen or while the game is paused slowly press 3666.
Then select ?Cheats? option

Cheat 3666
Effect activate the cheat menu

Doom RPG Passwords
Super Secret Password
If you go through the game and collect all the super secret password clues, you will be able to enter the super secret room which is in level 6.
Password 2279
Effect Enter the super secret room

Bonus Area (In Destroyed Junction)
The Bonus Area is located behind a secret wall. Search the upper-left walls of the large cave area in the Destroyed Junction. It has a 7-digit password which happen to be the first seven numbers in the famous Fibonacci Sequence.

Inside can be found three enemies (Baron, Revanant, Apollyon). The floor is covered with Berserker and Soul Sphere power-ups, a dog collar, a Flak Jacket, and large amounts of ammo for every gun.
Password 0112358
Effect Opens Bonus Room

XIII Passwords

Unlock Carnage Mode
In the "Secret code" section, type 1984. This will unlock Carnage Mode. In this mode, you'll start with every weapon with full ammo (99 rounds), and the main character's outfit will be different.

The sims 2 mobile
durin gameplay press #(try * and 0 cox i only remember is 1 of the following buttons)to get alot of $ n all ur skills r the highest

ngage splinter cell

Get 100% completion for a profile
Go to the profile screen, hold Right + 0, then select a profile by pressing 5. Everything for that profile will be unlocked, and you will get 100% completion for it.

Bonus Level 2
Beat Level 2 with 100%

Bonus Level 3
Beat Level 3 with 100%

Bonus Level 4
Beat Level 4 with 100%

Bonus Level 5
Beat Level 5 with 100%

Bonus Level 6
Beat Level 6 with 100%

Bonus Level 7
Beat Level 7 with 100%

Bonus Level 8
Beat Level 8 with 100%

Bonus Level 9
Beat Level 9 with 100%

Bonus Level 10
Open all safes in the game

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