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in my heart - Newest pictures

:♥sTRaiGHt 4rm mY hEArt♥:

*[)@@]2 CL@SED*


it oNCe ..
I sAy iT tWIce...
i wILL sAy iT aGAin
uNTiL i rUn oUt oF wORds...
oR iT wILL bE tHe LAst wORd i mIGht sAy ...
*g i l a n k*
tilL mY LasT bREAth...
:::::::::::::¥¤u[2::::::::::::::!]\[ :::::::::::::
Hugs. . . .I hope you are happy always. I missed you dear..This days net so bad..Just now i've slept already but i wake up again just to come here, i'm afraid 2morrow no network again. I'm fine .Hon. .only feeling sad everytime i remmber you..Sayang u dont wait for me bi u go..hmmp. .dont want to have tears again.Ok hon. .c u again. Love you..hugs..mmwaah..
08.09.2009 12:55 EDT,
Sorry my dear . Few days i dont come coz net so bad. .I missed you Hon. .TwinH* got problem wd her profile.We dnt knw what happen..Ok . hon. . c u later . .i wl fix my blogs first coz i upload and dnt hv a word in there. . love u. . hugs. .
08.09.2009 03:15 EDT,
Good morning my dear. . .I did not come yesterday , net so bad ...I did not talk with friends yesterday im sure they are busy with their dates. . Our doters , i hope they're fine too..Hon ,.Sorry , i go to your ym and some of your friends looking for you.Also I of the candidate send you picture with Pres..His name is Arif.Im sure he knows already whare are you now..Ok Hon ,c u again.I MISSED YOU my dear. I love you..hugs..
06.09.2009 18:05 EDT,
Im here again my dear ,i'm fine as usual. .waiting , sitting, thinking . .dreaming awake...Hon. .haaaii. we got new sons here. i feel im really a mother to them. . Waaah. if these guys are our anak in reality .maybe were both botak already . . hahaha. . funny coz our 2 sons got I girl.wheeww. .how come ? hmmmp. . i dont know .Our son Lanankz is fine and hes going to put up a business ths coming month. .Our elder Greendolphin is fine too,hes busy too wd hs motor..Hard to be a mother wd out a husband. hugs u suamiku.Aku kangen sama kamu. .I love you.mmwaaahh. . .
05.09.2009 12:50 EDT,
I love you. . . hugs . . .Im fine dear . . network not gud. . always error. . makes me pening . . .love you. .
04.09.2009 12:45 EDT,
Good morning Probo. . .hugs you. . I love you. . .mmwaaahh. . .
03.09.2009 20:56 EDT,
Hugs my dear. . . Late again. . last day of OT. . tomorrow will be normal day..How are you my dear ? . .Today im fine and not so busy .,Hari Raya is coming and last year you were so busy this time buying foods and drinks. .Me and all the neighbors and friends will be missing you this season..I never contact Edy again. .im scared he is busy and i dont want to disturb him..Maybe on Hari Raya i wl contact your Secretary again to greet her. . This for now Hon. . c u tomorrow again. . .Thanks for everything. . .Aku Cinta Padamu. . .hugs. . .
03.09.2009 14:24 EDT,
Late again my dear. .We just back half hour ago . .Today is not busy , it's rainy day in here. .also so quiet everywhere. .I did puasa today and its fine. i thought i can't make it but i pass through..Im happy that i did this for friends said i'm crazy , but i dont care. .I believed my feelings that their talking. . .Deep in my heart im doing this to show how much important you are to me. . .This way i showed my love for you. .do fasting this period of Ramadhan...Ok. Hon. .time to rest . .hug you . . .i love you. . ging*
02.09.2009 13:42 EDT,
Hon. . its late i come here. .We work until I.3Oam. . also tomorrow and next night. . So tired but i need to come to visit you. . I'm fine and im talking to some of your countryman. I'm glad that these guys are good and behave me. also .respect me as their elder sister . .or like their mom. . Ok. .Hon. . time to rest. . byee . .i love you. . and missing u a lot. . hugs. . .
01.09.2009 14:24 EDT,
Hugs. . . for you. . Today i did puasa again. .I hope i can complete until end of puasa day ..Im doing this to show my love to you. . I think this not only for muslim during Ramadhan but for anyone who are willing to sacrifice..I did this with all my heart ..and love..Well not so much happenings for today our friends are all busy with their own businesses..TwinH* with me always and some of our Sons...Our doters are all fine too. . So long my dear and i pray for you to have a happy new life...I love you Hon. . hugs. .miz u much. *
31.08.2009 12:21 EDT,

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