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His name was Patrick…mine was of course Chayo. We were strangers when we first meet. It was the usual, a friend brings another friend over etc. When i saw him it was like… an amazing feeling inside with butterflies in my stomach. We chatted for a while leaving my friend out of the conversation. At the end of the night we exchanged numbers and text the very next day. We first off played 20 questions just to get to know each other. After a few months went by, he finally had the quevos to ask me for a bite to eat later on. Of course i accepted the offer. At 7:00 we meet at Burger King. (Cheesy yes i know, but it was a good time for burgers) Anyways as the night went on we chatted about random things we saw today and it was histarical!:) Through the laughing and hand gestures we stopped and looked at each other with such…love, like we understood each other. He leaned in over the table and grabbed my chin, smiled and kissed me. By that time i was
speechless with a shocked look on my face. It was getting pretty late so we called it a night and left Burger King. Later on that night while i was falling asleep i got a text from Patrick. I opened the message and read,” Seeing you today was so great i would love to do it again someday… but that wasn’t the question I was going to ask you…Will you go out with me?” While reading the text a smile appeared across my face. I immediately wrote back and said.” Yes(:” We started dating on October 20th, 2008. During that time we had some ups and downs and thought well…maybe we should take a break from each other. Even though i came up with the decision I was still heart broken by it. Then came Charlie. He was also pretty great but he always brought memories of Patrick. On Halloween night I was at a concert with my friend Olivia. We had some laughs and thoughts then from the corner of my eye I could see him. I turned my head and then sure enough
it was him. We walked over by to say a hello then my pocket has a vibration. It was a phone call from Charlie. We conversated for a while then told him I was with people. He asked who I was with and I told him. Unfortinally Charlie was mad and had the nerve to dump me because of Patrick:( Later on during the night there was definite sob and makeup running down my face. While this was happening Patrick came to the rescue and touched my face. As i tried to hold back tears he said,” Babes you still have me.” The holding back didn’t last. That night I cried on his shoulder. Getting back home was silent. I went straight to my room and sobbed more then I ever did in my whole life. I thought the best thing to do was text Patrick and ask for comfort, and comfort he gave me. The comfort he gave wasn’t enough. That night I got drunk off my ass. During that time I never text him back. The next morning I woke up with an explizet hangover. Did my daily
routine got up washed my face brushed my teeth and checked my cellular device. There was a text from Patrick. He wanted me back! I was happy again and sent the text saying,” I love you.” and we were together again:) Through the months we were together we were always on and off. The wierd type relationship were you think after the 5th fight everything will be fine.. but they get worse? Well anyways, on one particular day he asked to see me at his house. So I had my mom drive me over. I knocked on the door. Knock Knock Knock. His brother opened the door and let me in. I walked into Patricks room and layed on the bed with him. I stayed there for quit a while. I could tell from the look in his eye that something was wrong. So i asked. ” Whats wrong with my babe?” He looked at me and said,” I have to tell you something.” So i sat up and listened to what he had to say. ” Im leaving to Caliornia.” he said not looking at me. I was shocked. More
sad then shocked when I actually thought about it. ” When are you leaving?” I asked. ” This weekend…in the morning, thats why I wanted to see you today.” At that point it felt like someone had just stabbed a knofe through my heart and kept pushing to get in deeper. But all I could say was… ” You can’t leave me here.” He gave me one last kiss. This kiss wasn’t like all the other kisses that we had. This was a passionate kiss that said,” No matter what happens I’ll always love and cherrish you. When ever your sad or need to talk to someone, remember that im always here for you.” After the long and great kiss I left. Later on as I walked into my room I fell to my knees and cried thinking… why me? Did I push him away? All these thoughts streaming in my head. I stayed up that night thinkng about what had just happened. The weekend came. I never heard from him for about…5 months.(The relationship kinda swept away since he went
to Cali) Then he came back to visit friends. I didn’t know he was going to be there so it was a surprise. He walked up and gave me a big bear hug. Asked how I was and whats was happening with everyone. When we were talking, he had the same look he had that night at Burger King. I was talking about how great the party was and all this other random stuff when I felt him tub on my shirt. He pulled me to were he was going. We went through hte hallway and into a room. Sat on the bed like nothing just chillin. Wasn’t gonna do something that I might regret. I sat there silent. He got in front of me went down on his knees and said,”I love you” and gave me a kiss. The kiss lead to making out. Making out led to sex. We used a condom ofcourse. It was the best night for me. The same ol same ol happened. He went back to Cali and I stayed. It was some day in January I think er later on I dont exactly remember. But I was getting ready to go to Arizona so I
was packing my clothes when I got a phone call from Patrick. It was nice to hear from him, just like the goods old times. We talked fer a while then it went to awkward silence. He started to say what he had always said to me..” Chayo, I love you. I’ll love you forever. No matter what happens to me or you. Even if we grow to hate each other… I just want you to know that you make me smile all the time. Your kisses are my heartbeat. The look in your eyes always brings me happiness. The smell of yoh makes me weak to my knees to were I want more.” Chayo I love you… I hope you never forget that.”I started to cry. Not the sad tears but tears of joy. Joy to were everythinng was okayy. He had to go we both said I love you and I’ll call yoh later. The dial tone appeared on the phone. As I was still packing for a long time. I got a phone call from his mom. She was crying. I said calm down tell me whats wrong? She got it together. Gadped and said,”
Its Patrick.” I dropped the phone and saw my life just fall into pieces. I picked up the phone and she told me the whole story. 10 minutes after he had gotten off the phone with me. He was in a sever crash. The crash was so bad they couldn’t save him. I will always remember when we first met and what he said to me that day. I will love him forever.

==========THE END===========

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