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Did Paul McCartney Really Die?

Did Paul McCartney Really Die? Some crazy theories never seem to want to fade away. This is the case with the famous Paul McCartney’s death rumor that started at the time that the Beatles were recording the “Sgt. Pepper’s” album.

The rumor seems to have started when in 1969 a listener to a Detroit radio station called into the station, claiming to be somebody named Tom, and told the Disc Jockey, Russ Gibb, that a few of the Beatles records contained clues that were evidence to the fact that Paul had died in a car accident, supposedly mangling the singer/bassist so bad that dental records had to be used to identify the body. Other theories said that he was actually decapitated, so it depends on whom you believe.

Here’s where it gets really good. According to the myth, after McCartney’s death, the band held a contest to find a Paul McCartney look alike to replace the singer so that fans would not know that he had died and the band could carry on without missing a beat.

The winner of this contest was supposed to have been a guy named William Campbell, an actor who looked enough like McCartney that the band would be able to get away with the whole charade.

Luckily for the remaining members of the band, Campbell happened to be an orphan from Edinburgh so he would never be missed, and actually have the same voice and played bass amazingly just like Paul. Plastic surgery was used to smooth out the minor differences. They failed to fix a scar on Campbell's upper lip - this is how you can tell authentic McCartney photos from the Campbell ones.

According to many, there were numerous clues to Paul’s death found on various albums and album covers to prove this theory. A few worth mentioning were on the Abbey Road cover.

This is the famous cover (probably made much more famous from this radical theory actually) where the four members of the Beatles are walking across the street on a zebra crossing on Abbey Road itself.

One of the trigger giveaways was the fact that they were lined up in a row, which seemed to represent a funeral procession. Another clue was the clothing that the four members wore in the picture.

Lennon was leading in all white, which represented the church, and in the back was Harrison who wore what looked to be work clothes, representing the gravedigger of the bunch.

McCartney was barefoot indicating that like other cultures he would be buried barefoot, as well as the fact that he was holding a cigarette in his right hand when everyone knew that the real Paul McCartney was left handed.

Many other clues were found, of course, within song lyrics and in other places on album covers. The debate actually grew to be pretty huge, and finally the band, and McCartney himself had to do an interview himself to disband the rumors.

Some suspect that the band was probably subsequently feeding into the ridiculousness of it all adding tidbits of their own clues here and there, but no member has yet to ever admit to doing so.

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