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tiger brand gasoline gene


Things You'll Need:

Replacement plug
Replacement bearings
Replacement brushes
Clean cloth
Engine oil

1. If your generator is making a
loud, metal-on-metal noise,
replace the bearings. While
you are replacing the
bearings it's also a good idea
to replace the brushes, even
if they don't appear worn.
They are inexpensive to
replace and are part that
wears out the quickest.

2. To replace the bearings,
remove the screws on the
generator casing using a
screwdriver. Carefully lift off
the top half of the generator
casing. You can't completely
remove the casing as the
top and bottom are wired
together, but you can
position it suitably to get to
the armature.

3. Lift the armature from the
bottom casing of the
generator using your hands.
The armature runs centrally
from the front to the back
of the generator and can be
completely removed. As you
remove it the old brushes will
fall out of the brush holders.

4. Pry out the bearings using a
flathead screwdriver.
Carefully insert the
screwdriver between the
base of the bearing and the
generator case and twist
the screwdriver to release
the bearing. There are
bearings at the front and
rear where the armature
sits. Separate bearings are in
the top half and bottom half
of the casing so you need to
remove four in total.

5. Wipe the area where the
bearings were positioned
using a clean cloth. Place the
new bearings in the place you
just removed the old ones.
Press then into position
using your fingers. Don't use
anything metal to push them
in place as you may damage

6. Locate the clips that hold
the brushes in place. You find
one either side of the casing
diagonally opposite each
other either at the front or
back of the generator. Use a
pair of pliers to pull out the
clips. Remove the springs
from the brush holders',
using the pliers, then check
that the brush holders are

7. Replace the armature using
your hands by placing it onto
the bearings. Replace the top
casing onto the bottom
casing using your hands.
Replace the screws and
tighten them using a

8. Insert a replacement brush
into one of the brush
holders. Push the spring into
the holder. Use pliers to keep
the spring in place while you
insert the retaining clip into
the holder. You can usually do
this using your fingers.
Repeat the process for the
other brush.

Tips & Warnings

Ensure you purchase exactly
the same type of bearings
and brushes. Make a note of
the generator type and take
the old bearings and brushes
to the store for reference.

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