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** The 3.rd ROCK FROM THE SUN is DEFINATLY a WEIRD place!... * Here is some FACTS that might seem UNBELIEVABLE, but they are all completly TRUE!! * Most of them is just silly,- but there´s also some that might make U stop and think.... **

* 23% of all PHOTOCOPIER-FAULTS World-Wide are caused by people trying 2 photocopy their Butts or Genitals!.. * ***
* A COCKROACH can actually LIVE 4 9 DAYS WITHOUT its HEAD before it STARVES 2 death!...* ***
* World wide it's being produced MORE MONOPOLY-money than REAL money!.. * ***
* For every sand-korn on earth, there is about 1billion stars in the universe!*** *
* A GIRAFF is capable of cleansing its ears with its tong... * ***
* WHALE-EYES are the size of a GRAPEFRUIT!* ***
* A MONKEY from South- Africa was rewarded a MEDAL,and promoted 2 CORPORAL during the world-war 1.. * ***
* There isn't ONE single CLOCK in any of the CASINOS in LAS-VEGAS!...* ***
* LIGHTNING is 5 times WARMER than the SUN!.. * ***
* Do U have something U´ve just GOT 2 TELL someone somewhere in the UNIVERSE?... -NOW U´ve got the CHANCE!! are sending U´r message out there,-for only 3 euro a.minute!... * ***
* Almost 50 % of all americans don´t know that the sun is a star!!.. * ***
* The first people claiming the fact that men and woman are EQUAL wore the MUSLIMS,-and the leader that gave EVERY ONE (including both WOMAN and SLAVES!..) the right 2 DECIDE what 2 do with their own BELONGINGS, was MUHAMMED?!?...* ***
* If counting 2. stars a second, it will take 3000 years to count all the stars in an average galaxy!***
* The ELEPHANT is one of a very low number of spiesies that CAN'T JUMP... * ***
* If U´re going 2 Hamburg in Germany 4 the holiday, U might wanna stay away from the parks! - According 2 several eye-whitnes, the FROGS are EXPLODING!! -Their eyes are getting bigger and bigger, until it comes a POP!; and everything inside the frog is now at the outside....-GROCE!!!!... * *** *
* ANTS stretch and yawn in a very...
female pigs can have 30min long orgasm, dats not so horrible to be a pig eh???Lol *Lil~Geisha*
28.03.2006 19:42 EST,
Funny fact. More people are killed each year by donkeys then plane crashes
31.10.2005 23:47 EST,
heres something weird...visit for good website and wapsite links!
05.10.2005 20:50 EDT,

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