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~ the*REAL*truth?!?...

* The majority of those who're reading this page are living in what we refere 2 as FREE COUNTRYS,- DEMOCRACYS, with FREE SPEECH,FAIR TRAILS, and NICE POLICEOFFICERS who're doing the best they can 2 keep the STREETS SAFE ,etc... -But I'm afraid that is a FACT with MODIFICATIONS!... A part of me wish I'd never started digging into this,-and kept on living in ignorance,feeling safe. Because what I found out is litterly scaring me!..
At the same time,I strongly BELIVE in the IMPORTANCE of SHEARING these revealings, in order 2 be able 2 DO SOMETHING about it,-Because there's nothing harder than fighting the agencys ran by the goverments!
- Everything on this site is based on my own, my familys and closest friends own experiences,or things we've seen with our own eyes,so I can guarantee u it's all true! Please CONTRIBUTE with u'r own thoughts,experiences and suggestions 4 what 2 do about this!!! *

Issues regarding goverments who're stepping on peoples rights is ALWAYS important. Unfortunatly am I ONLY capable of covering THE TOP of an ICE-BURG. So I think the absolutely most important info added 2 this page, is the COMMENTS after the blog, where visitors're SHARING their own experiences! For instence the 1 I recieved 1 today about what looks like reversed apharteid in South Africa, and a visitor's sharing his experience of being thrown 2 jail 4 no reason!... And remember that u are all more than welcome 2 share your own experiences regarding the subject!...

*Live in a so-called"bad neighbourhood"4 just a few weeks,I promise police will stop,and surch u 4 drugs+potentsional stolen everytime they catch u driving after midnight! What happened 2 'Innocent 2 proven guilt'?!? -Getting friends among people with a record seems 2 be considered a crime in it self. That will, in the polices eyes, make u just as guilty as them! The police'll never belive a word u're saying ever again,-witch will make it hard 2 get help if anything should...
sounds like your talking about the illuminati.
27.08.2013 08:09 EDT,
Stupid wap.. I got cut off.. Anyway like i was saying.. I love my president, he is an exillent politcian! & our government is 1 of the most democratic in the world.. I can assure ú that those ppl who complain of 'reversed aparthied' r, 4 the most part, uneducated, unappreciative, spoilt, lazy white ppl- who wil hopefully wake up very soon & realise they need 2 work now, the government is not gonna hand them everything on a silver platter!
13.12.2005 14:51 EST,
Interesting pg ú have here
I saw ú mentioned something bout a complaint of reversed aparthied
Wel let me give ú my opinion of this as a white teenaged south african girl
Its a common debate in sa, & i think its utter BULLSHIT! Yes there is a policy where a black person is favoured over a white equal in the workplace. That is 2 level the playing field a little. Do ú no exacty wat happened during aparthied? Neither do i! Thats how bad the old government was! I no more then most and it makes my blood run cold. We r extremly fortunate the new government is as wel meaning as it is. I love my presid...
13.12.2005 14:40 EST,
Hi...luv da site! Well my name's martin! Ima white guy frm south africa! I totaly agree wiv ur views abot free speech. My govrmnt is trying to corect all the things of apartheid! So they startd a 'black economic empowerment' programme! This means that some jobs r only 4 black ppl! This is wrong in my mind...coz now whit ppl is struggling 2 find work! Da problem is tht if u stand up 4 ur rights & 4 wat is wrong , u'r identified as a raccist! And u can be heard in court! So my question is wat is free speech?
27.11.2005 12:08 EST,
I was once arrested for refusing to giv my name to a cop. I hadnt done anything wrong they just stopped me and demanded i tell them.
31.10.2005 23:52 EST,

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