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> An Alien Encounter <


When the biblical prophet Ezekiel wrote of seeing 'four-faced, four winged creatures that stepped from a whirlwind', was he actually describing a close encounter? Certainly, the number of similar incidents reported worldwide over the last 100 years suggest that meetings with extraterrestrial visitors are more than just a flight of fancy.

Most alien encounters follow a familiar patern, with witnesses spotting a UFO and sometimes its inhibitants as well. In the more intriguing cases, people are abducted or invited aboard. Few claim to have been left hundreds of miles from where they first saw the craft. Science can offer no proof in support of these stories. Do their experiences add up to no more than wishfull thinking? Or are there really unknown life-forms beyond the stars?

Judging by the descriptions given, most extra-terrestrial visitors are short, but humanoid in shape. They have grey, translusent or putty-coloured faces, frog or cat-like eyes, pointed ears, small mouths and high foreheads, with claws at the end of their long arms. Their clothes range from green suits with shiny buttons to black gowns and metallic body suits with helmets or hoods. A few seems to understand all languages, others communicate by grunts, pictures, or by telepathy. Some carry luminous wands or swords, and can appear or dissapear spontaneously. Witness's reactions to close encounters also bear striking similarities. Many people reported being inexplicably exhausted for weeks afterwards, while others suffer recurrent nightmares and severe insomnia.
The Hills tell their remarcable story to the press.
September 1951

Many close encounters feature inexplicable time lapses which leave witnesses with only the haziest recollections of what may have taken place.

One of the most extraordinary cases concerns American couple Betty and Barney Hill, who watched a V-shaped craft with red lights at its tips hover in the night sky near Lincoln, New Hampshire in 1951. The craft rose and descended in swoops, making odd buzzing noises. Terrified, they drove away and were later unable to account for a two-hour period.

After dreadful nightmares, the Hills visited a psychiatrist and were placed separately under hypnosis. During these sessions they both revealed that humanoid figures had taken them aboard their spacecraft and kept them there for a considerable time.

Mrs Hill described the aliens as about 1.5 meters(five feet) tall, with long noses, grey complexions, bluish lips and dark hair. Her husband remembered metallic looking grey skin, nostrils, and eyes which continued a little way around their heads. While Mrs Hill thought the creatures spoke English, her husband said they talked in another tongue which he somehow understood.
Mrs Hill also recalled having a needle inserted into her navel, and went on to explain that the pain apparently disappeared after a gesture from the alien leader. Both claimed to have seen an interstellar map charting the craft's course through the galaxy.

Science can offer no proof in support of these stories, yet many of the witnesses are down to earth farmers or professional people not known for a tendancy to fantasize. Do their experiences add up to no more than wishful thinking? Or are there really unknown life-forms beyond the stars?

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