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Rose McGowan

Name: Rose McGowan
Birthday: 5 September 1975
Birthplace: Florence, Italy
Astrological sign: Virgo
High: 5´4 (1,63 m)
She was engaged to Marilyn Manson aka Brian Warner but broke
Dated actor Kip Pardue. Dated actor Ryan Phillippe 1998
Dated actor Matthew Lillard
Dating Ahmet Zappa
Father : Irish, artist.
Mother: French, was a writer, now works for Microsoft.
parents divorced
Siblings: six, two half siblings

Favorite Movie: Sixteen Candles
Favorite Actresses: Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Barbara Stanwyck, Sophia Loren, and Eva Gardner.
Favorite Designer: John Galliano.
Favorite Authors: Philip K. Dick and Edgar A. Poe.
Hobbies: Traditional art, history, singing (Rose Likes karaoke singing to Country Western singer Patsy Cline) and going to the movies, walking, and phony people. She knits, gardens, and collects Marlene Dietrich memorabilia.

Pets: yes
Two dogs, Bug and Fester, they´re Boston Terriers. Fester is named after Uncle Fester from The Adams Family. Rose loves her dogs and takes them every where, they´ve been photographed with her, and Rose took Bug with her on Jay Leno.

Rose on her dogs: Little freaky Jim Carrey trapped in dog´s bodies. They Make me laugh a lot. It´s such a working-mother thing.I was obsessed with Furbys for a while, and I finally got one and it´s so annoying. I wanted to die. My dog was very jealous of them, so she ate one´s head. My dog looks like a Furby. That was her problem, I think.´ Just lately I think ever since I got dogs. I never really owned animals before, but since I´ve got these two weird dogs. Do you know what Boston Terriers are? They´re like bug eyed, black and white, they kind of look like me, black and white with bug eyes. My dog snorts so ever since I´ve had her I snort when I laugh. I´m becoming my dog.I usually do it when I laugh, [she pretends to laugh and snort] and I´m like in a four star restaurant. I´m like, ´Sorry. ´

Tattooes, piercing: yes
She has a tattoo of a pin-up girl on her right shoulder.
The tattoo is a copy of the Vargas Girl that Rose´s Grandfather had painted on the side of his WWII plane. Her taking this tattoo as her trademark also seems pretty apt as her love of the 40´s and the glamour girls of the era.


Rose doesn´t like fish

Rose spends $50 every month to get her dogs nails painted.

Dyed her hair blonde in order to contrast her black hair from Neve Campbell´s in Scream (1996)

It took 12 hours, two bottles of lightener and a box of red hair dye to transform her trademark long dark tresses into a strawberry-blond bob.

Rose never ever sunbathes

Rose is addicted to shoes

sings on ´Posthuman´ on Marilyn Manson´s album ´Mechanical animals´

Blood red lipstick is her trademark.

Most of her boyfriends have been Jewish.

Rose heard that Marilyn Manson had a crush on her since her saw her in The Doom Generation. They met at the premiere for Gummo [October 17, 1997]. Manson had just moved to Hollywood and said, ´The only person I want to meet is Rose McGowan.´
She had a boyfriend at the time but was unhappy in that relationship and ended it. The first date is hot, Manson said : ´We went to this bar and she started dancing really sexy dancing to Iron Maiden, which I thought, if a girl can dance to Iron Maiden, this is the girl that I´m going to be with forever. ´

Not long after Rose and Manson started dating she moved in with him, but she kept her apartment for awhile.
On February 12, 1999, in a bathtub surrounded by candles...Manson asked Rose to marry him. Rose announced her engagement on Howard Stern´s radio show [Feb 16, 1999]. They have not set a date but they have bought a house together.
On Thursday January 18 2001, Rose announced her engagement to Manson was over. ´There is great love, but our lifestyle difference is, unfortunately, even greater,´´

On Howard Stern´s Radio Show, Rose implied she broke up with Manson because of his drug use. ´The drugs-more than you could imagine. I realized it wasn´t a lifestyle I wanted to be married to. I have never been a rock chick.´ Plus, their design sensibilities conflicted. Manson has his Goth accessories, and McGowan restricted them to the third floor. ´I collect Depression Era Moderne,´ she says. ´It doesn´t work well with devil´s heads.´

Marilyn Manson has written 2 songs for her and paint her when she was in ´depression´.

She had agoraphobia and OCD

Rose used to carry a Polaroid camera around.

People tease Rose about putting money in strangers´ parking meters.

Rose has used her feminine wiles to lure male customers into seeing matinee screenings of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Rose hates:the anti-Goth folks in the Northwest, especially Oregon.

To support herself, Rose worked at a beauty salon.

As a child, Rose climbed fig trees in Italy and had a pet lamb.

Rose hopes she will be remembered for being tenacious, warm and quick.

She never leaves home without her bag. Her friends all call it ´the log.´ It´s a green Louis Vuitton bag. The first night the show aired, she used the log in one of her scenes and instead of getting congratulatory calls from friends about the performance, she got calls about the log.

Rose says that people would be shocked to discover that she is a big klutz.
´I am always tripping, falling up stairs, getting my hand stuck in car doors - it´s pretty constant. My body is always moving and oftentimes my brain is left behind.´

When Rose dies she wants to be buried under a tree.


She was nominated for a 1996 Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance for her role as Amy Blue in THE DOOM GENERATION.

She was nominated for a 1999 MTV Movie Award for Best Villain for her role as Courtney Shane in JAWBREAKER.

She got the role of Amy Blue, in THE DOOM GENERATION, after Jordan Ladd pulled out.

Was nominated MTV Movie Award for Best Villain in 1999 for JAWBREAKER.

She was raised by her hippie parents in a commune for The Children Of God cult. When she was 10 her father left her mother for the nanny. Her parents divorced and Rose went to live with her grandmother in Gig Harbor, Washington, she then bounced between her mother and father.

When she was 14 she was locked up in a drug-rehab clinic, at the time Rose said she had not done drugs. Graduated High School at 16, went to Art School in Seattle at 17and went to a few Beauty Schools in Seattle.

After making The Doom Generation, she went to work at her Aunt´s Beauty Salon. Dreams of being a Museum Curator.

Former jobs: movie usher, a waitress and worked at a deli.While still working at the Salon, she took time off to promote Doom at the 1995 Sundance Film Festival, shortly after that Rose decided to move to Los Angeles and acting.

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