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Charmed Dictionary A-C


Acid Generation - The ability to create acid through the palms of hands

Amulet of Protection - The Amulets are two halves of an ancient charm. On their own they are extremely powerful, offering a shield against all but the most Evil Demons. Only great strength can overcome them. Amulets are useless to anyone Evil. They are for the use of good and Good alone. Whoever joins the two Amulets together more than doubles the protection, becoming invincible.
When the Amulets are brought together they need to be activated by the adjoining spell to release their Power.

Apportation - The ability to call for an object and have it orb to the caller.

Astral Echo - Allows one to use people's essence to form telepathic links with them.

Astral Projection - The ability to create a duplicate of your body/physical form through the astral plane.

Athame - According to the show: A double edged steel knife. A ceremonial tool used by witches to direct energy.

Auger Shell - Used to trap the immortality of a mermaid. Can kill if not used by an immortal being.


Blinking - The ability to move from one place to another in the 'blink of an eye' by concentrating on a person or place. This is exclusively a warlock power. (However it is said that Matthew Tate copied it from a witch)

Book Of Shadows - A combination of spellbook, demonology and history. In this case of the Halliwell Family. It is a family heirloom dating back to the first witch of the Halliwell line, Melinda Warren. Each decendent has added their own spells and information to the Book. In the case of the sisters, it's where their powers were stored.


Chevrons - The marks that form on the arm of a human who joins in the demon academy. The more tasks they perform, the more chevrons they get. When they get their sixth mark, which is usually by killing an innocent, they would graduate from the academy and become a full-fledged demon.

Clairvoyance/ Premonitions - The ability to see glimpses of the future/past. The visions are only of possible futures and may shift constantly

Cloaking - The ability to hide someone supernaturally from others.

Cloning - The ability to create a duplicate of yourself in the physical plane.

Crimson Scalpel - This ceremonial instrument is used by an Alchemist to make an incision in a body.
The Demon uses spells and an incantation on the blood and lets it drip into a magic Essence Bearer, where it thickens to form an essence. Other ingredients make it a fully-formed Life Essence.

Crystal cage - Five cydarite crystals that when oriented in an east-to-west circle have the ability to create a cage of light with the power to contain a demon/warlock and reflect their powers back to them.

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