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Charmed Dictionary D-F


Deflection - The ability to deflect the powers of witches/warlocks away from yourself, and back onto the enemy.

Demonic Wasteland - Where demons go after they have been vanquished. A worm-type monster feeds on their essence and powers when they enter the wasteland.


Elasticity - The ability to stretch parts of the body out in an elastic fashion

Electricity Generation - The ability produce and channel electricity

Empathy - The ability to sense human emotions. The owner also has the ability to alter emotions or transmit their own onto others

Energy Balls - The ability to throw balls of energy, high or low-voltage.

Essence Bearer - An alchemist would use a bottle such as this to capture or store a Life Essence. A Life Essence is comparable to a human soul, but made in a mixing lab. A well made Life Essence can possess any living being but would prove toxic and eventually lethal to the being’s pre-existing soul.


Familiar - An animal that has a spiritual bond with a witch

Fear amplification - The ability to find another's greatest fear and amplify it - sometimes bringing it to life

Fire-balls - The ability to throw balls of fire

Fire breathing - The ability to breathe fire.

Fire-throwing - The ability to throw streams of fire. It is an upper-level demonic power

Flame-in/out - To teleport with flames accompanying you

Flight - The ability to fly (similar to levitation)

Forcefield Generation - The ability create forcefields that block outside forces

Freezing Breath (Cryokinesis) -Blow cold breath

Freezing Power - Turns the target into ice

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