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Charmed Dictionary R-X


Reconstitution - The ability to reconstitute ones body after it has been destroyed

Ring Of Inspiration - Created to provide concentrated inspiration in times of need, the ring of inspiration allows the wearer to see, capture and release muses.


Scrying - A spell used to locate someone or something. Requires a crystal and a map

Sensing - The ability to hear and locate charges

Seven Deadly Sins - According to the BOS these are:

PRIDE - the excessive belief in oneself
ENVY - the desire for what others have
GLUTTONY - the desire to overly indulge
LUST - a craving for pleasures of the body
ANGER - uncontrolable fury
GREED - a craving for material wealth
SLOTH - the avoidance of work

Shimmering - Ability to travel from one place/plane to another. So far used exclusively by evil beings.

Smoking-in/out - Teleportation with smoke accompanying you

Strangulation - The ability to constrict throats through a ball of light blasted out of the hands

Supernatural speed - The ability to move at unnatural speeds

Synchronization - The ability to copy and duplicate supernatural powers.


Telekinisis - The ability to move objects using the power of your mind alone.

Telepathy - The ability to read thoughts

Temporal Stasis - The ability to freeze time

Thermodynamic generation - The ability to produce heat energy

Thought Projection - The ability to make your thoughts come to life through drawings. An extremely rare power.

Touch of Death - The ability to kill someone through touch - triggered by hate

Shapeshifting - The ability to change form (of self and others) into animate and/or inanimate objects.


Water-capsule - A column of water that surrounds a person and prevents them from moving


X-ray vision - The ability to see through material

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