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The manor

Although set in San Francisco, the show is filmed approximately 500 miles south in Los Angeles. Some of the shooting takes place on location at the actual residence, which is located on Carroll Avenue near Echo Park - a mile or so northeast of downtown LA. The area features a cluster of historical Victorian homes which have been preserved for posterity.
Most of the rooms featured on Charmed have been constructed in a Warner Brother´s studio block.

Find out how you can achieve a similar look in your home.

The Sunroom
Bright colours dominate this fresh and breezy dwelling. Essential to the room´s success is the alluring use of natural light. Pale lemon for the walls, and the inclusion of white woven-cane furniture also adds to the inviting nature of this casual room. Minature Cocus palms and pot-plants have softened the overall look, and a subtle mix of semi-opaque lilacs and greys are featured in the large floor tiles. These will further help to compliment the room´s breezy aura. Stained glass windows are a stunning feature of this Victorian home, and are ideal for any sunroom. The glass enables the outside gardens to form an ever-changing wallpaper for the room - creating inviting patterns which will change according to weather and season.

The Foyer
This scheme achieves an ideal visual balance through the mixing of pale creams and warm wood tones. Choice of paint colour is important in bringing the Victorian era to life. Avoid using too many colour variations, and try to limit yourself to a single palate. Hunter green, ruby, and deep mauve are an effective combination if you´re chasing a ´darker´ room. Antique, Tiffany, and Art Nouveau-inspired lamps and original, elegantly handcrafted Victorian lampshades are also a must. This famous foyer´s vintage style is welcoming, and helps to create that special sense of magic.

Paige´s bedroom
To mimic Paige´s bedroom, why not try starting with simple lace curtains? These will work to add a feminine touch to a room. In the case of a bedroom, privacy can be maintained by using a plain white or cream coloured roller shade behind the curtains. For rooms which don´t require privacy, simply collect the lace through the rods beneath and pull the lace so it is together. Throw pillows are also a nice touch for bedrooms.

The attic
The Halliwell´s attic is a perfect example of how such an ecclectic mix of passed-down family pieces and flea market finds can make for an inviting decor. Although this is no ordinary attic --it is home to the renowned ´Book of Shadows´ after all!, you can achieve the same kind of rich visual effect in your home.

The Dining Room
Lavish furniture is what makes this room such a triumph. Ensure that you purchase larger pieces of furniture first when it comes to decorating a dining room. Smaller ´accessories´ will follow. Wicker is fine to use, as it is typically rather affordable. However, for the genuine Victorian feel, oak is the best option. Remember: Don´t mix wicker and oak.. it will clash. Lastly, white lace doilies have been used to soften or ´break-up´ the dark colour of the dining table. Doilies aren´t expensive, and there are many kinds from which to choose. A must-have for any Victorian home.

Piper´s Bedroom
Vintage throw pillows on the sofa pick up the same dusty pink as is seen in the rhododendron blooms in the front yard. Don´t forget that there are many different types of hardware which can work well in a Victorian home. Everything from hammered iron to antique pewter. This look can be a lovely addition to any home -- it is something that is both timeless and elegant.

The Bathroom
Make your bathroom more inviting by bringing in scented candles, antique-style prints, and framed photos. Old photos are perhaps the best way to create an antique effect. Why not try to find some black and white shots of your grandparents or other family members? Alternatively, recent colour photos can be digitally retouched to give them more of an aged feel. When displaying your photos, use the same finished frame for consistency. We recommend either silver, copper, or brass.

The Kitchen
Kitchen decor is not strictly limited to appliances and fixtures. It´s the little personal touches that will give this important room its unique feel. This cozy space is typically the centre of activity for many families. The Victorian style of the Halliwell´s kitchen effectively mixes the romance of the 19th century with contemporary convenience. Pale lemon has been used to further illuminate the room. Light colours are inviting, and are a must. Also, don´t forget that the relationship between rooms is important to consider when interior decorating.

During the Victorian era, every chair, ornament, and light fixture was carefully chosen and exquisitely arranged to create a look of maximum opulence. Nowdays, to ´go Victorian´ is much simpler - all you need to do is achieve the balance between ´decorative´ and ´daily´.

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