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Season 1 demons

This is the warlock who posed as Piper's boyfriend. As soon as Phoebe returned to live with her sisters he revealed his true identity. he has the power to move things that he can not see.

This is an ancient chinese spirit who ferries souls of dead people to hell. He does this by jabbing the spirit of a person with his lance.

He was never revealed as an actual demon, although, he possessed the ability to enter the dreams of women and kill them while they are still asleep.

She's the queen of the underworld and comes to earth every 200 years so she may concieve a child that looks human but is actually pure demon.

This demon lives in mirrors. She is able to give mortals the power of witchcraft.

Rex posed as the owner of Bucklands Auction House, and Hannah posed as his as assistant. They were sent to kill the Charmed Ones. Hannah had the power to turn herself into animals.

This is the protector of an ancient Egyptian Urn who kills anyone who dares to steal it. The only way to stay alive is to commit one sigle selfless act. She is immune to the Charmed Ones' powers.

A demon who tears harts from it's victims. If you are attacked by a Wendigo and are scrated or bitten, you too will become a Wendigo. Fears only fire, which could melt it's heart of ice. Only able to come out during a full moon.

BARBUS - The Fear Demon
His aim is to kill 13 witches before midnight on Friday the 13th so he may remain on earth to wreak havoc. He does this by makin ghte witches worst fears a reality

Phoebe's childhood fear becomes a reality after an earthquake unleashes this demon from the Halliwell's basement. This shadow-like demon took over PHoebe's mind and tried to kill Piper & Prue. Anyone who comes into contact with this demon will become insane with anger.

Gabriel is the demon of war who was disgraced by the Halliwell sisters' great aunt when his sword was taken away from him. To regain his honor he must kill a first born witch and capture their magic in his crystal sword. While he has this sword he is immune to death and the Charmed Ones' powers.

Nicholas forced the Halliwell's mother, Patty, to bless a ring that would make him immune to the sisters powers, which would leave him free to take their powers for himself. Unable to combat this demon, Prue, Piper & Phoebe travel back in time to stop their mother from forming a pact with this demon.

These demons roam the earth killing forces of good by using their individual aura's to strangle them. They are able to see these aura's by stealing the eye sight of children. Their new found sight will last 24 hours and only if the children are kept alive.

He was a serial killer in the 1940's and was exectued for his crimes in the Alcatraz prison. Fifty years later his ghost lives on and is looking for revenge. One by one he kills anyone who had a link to his trial. To vanquish him Prue had to die for her spirit to change a spell.

ALEC - The DarkLighter
He is the evil version of a WhiteLighter. He has fallen in love with a mortal woman. Once this woman found out Alec's true identity, she wanted nothing more to do with him. Frustrated, Alec threatens to kill the woman and anyone who stood in his way.

Posing as an internal affairs officer, Rodreguis used Andy to get close to the Halliwells so he could kill them. He has the power to generate balls of electricity through his hands. This is the demon who killed Andy.

Tempus is a time demon who was sent to help Rodreguis in his mission to kill the Charmed Ones. He resets the day each time Rodreguis fails in his task, levaing no memory of that day's events in anyones head.

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