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Season 2 demons

He's a demon who lives in the astral plane, which allowed him to steal The Book of Shadows. Once the book was in his possession he read it backwards, unleashing all of The Charmed Ones' old enemies.

This demon was banished into a painting for eternity by a witch in the 1920's. Thinking he was an innocent and in need of help the sisters released him, only to find he is a powerful blinking demon.

Entomed for 200 years, this witch was set free by a group of film students who were looking for a mythological witch. The only way she can be vanquised is for The Chosen ONe to use her wand against her.

A Succubus is a woman who appears to be human, but actually feeds on the testosterone of men. No real powers to speak of, but she has one hell of a long tongue.

THis demon feeds on the souls of young women who are brought to him by his slave.

Theses Collectors are viscious warlocks after the knowledge of some sacred scriptures.

This is the demon that killed the Halliwell's mother, Patty. It lives in a lake popular with summar campbers and lures people into the water by making them think that someone is in trouble in the water.

This demon stole Cupid's ring that allows him to make love matches. Drazi uses the ring to undo all of the recent good work that Cupid has preformed. While he wears the ring he appears to be un-vanquishable.

This ghost haunted the woman that he loved while he was alive and tortured her by killing all of the males in her family. The ghost can zap people with a lightening bolt that is released from his fingers.

When Prue and Phoebe cast a sepll to cure PIper's blood disease they unleashed the disease into this popet, which came alive and started to spread the illness around the hosptial in which Piper was a patient.

They started out as a bunny, pig and a snake. But a spell performed by a group of school girls made them into humans. Pleased with their new form, the animals decided to stay human and kill anyone who stood in their way.

This shape-shifting demon formed an alliance with Phoebe in a past life, the duo were feared by all, including Piper and Prue. Anton tricked Phoebe into switching places with her past life self so he may once again team up with his love in the present day.

This demon set out to kill Bane Jessup for his knowledge of demons. He has the power of telepathy and likes playing with balls of fire.

A group of women make a shell of a man out of skill then perform a spell to bring him alive. The demon has the power to make a person younger or older in appearance. He also manages to steal the Charmed Ones' powers.

This was the doctor that treated Piper when she got sick. Obsessed on finding out why Piper made such a quick recovery, Williams begins experiments of the sisters blood. He accidentally injects himself with some of The Charmed Ones' blood which drives him insane.

This demon murders any human that knows or can prove that demons actually exist in our society. He decapitates his victims.

They cast a sepll and it goes very wrong and sucks one of their members into another astral plane.

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