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Our rhymes

This is a small collection of our rhymes

Most of these rhymes r very old,there is some slightly newer ones here at:

I thought it up,jot it down,and guess wot,now i got a song,so i deploy ma bars,and destroy a whack verse now,i been so hurt by all ur words,seen how u run ur mouths behind ma back,thinkin i wont find out,ur wrong,i might be static but i´ll be on,sooner rather than later on,i got ma aligators on,watch and jean paul gaultierre cologne,im gon make tha females stare,want some,u gon have 2 shake ur husband,stop fienin and sign this pre nuptual agreement,girlfriend,im tha one,so aint no need for u 2 go cheatin,believe it,i wrote lyrics hopin an A&R would hear it,but its so obvious,for a pop star its so convenient,just turn up and start singin,so wot if u not hittin key notes,call ur moms because ur still on,yo i been workin on ma album for so long,but these pussys gettin 2 number 1,droppin cover version cds for 5yr olds once a week

I sit and watch ur words,drop wisdom,cos u all wap thugs dont no half tha shit thats goin on,in ur world ur lyrics run tha show,no offence,but ur not equipped,talkin and rappin big words,tryina b tha big shot,insteada lines packed wit gats and teks,ask why ur man had 2 get shot,cmon man i thought u was tha illest,so if u is,go ahead stop it wit ur lyrics,but u wont,2 concerned wit kissin women,dont front u tha youth man,ur not sexually active,more like textually saddist,if u confuse this as a diss,all that do is prove ur intelligence,intellectually open for enquiry,i saw what u wrote in ur online diary,pourin ur heart out,cryin uncontrollably,from mjelly 2 bedford stuyvesant,u all think ur tha flyest,na ur tha reason hip hop is dyin.

Now lately alotta muh fuckas bin talkin shit bout me,behind ma back and to ma face,these pussys are nothin but fuckin phone G´s.All tha true thugz no whats up....C´mon,look we´re The Lost Boys muh fucka,who r u to toy wit us,u wanna know whos hot and who flop,all yall phone muh fuckas tha latter,talkin all that shit like u wont run from tha popo,but wen it cocks,i bet u all run from tha 44,wit 1 shot i´ll rip up ur gal bladder,no homo but if u want me to cock,best believe i´ll pop,rock shots and watch,relieved to see ya drop,now i wont start speakin bout ya,but wen mouths construct words,i gotta get to beatin on ya,tre pounds got tha heat,heat seekin ya,i was on pro peepin ya flows,and tha less said bout ya picture tha betta,ur a youngsta,a muh fuckin bed wetter fo sho,runnin ur mouth sayin u know bout magnums,fuck that,
u only know bout vacuums,im from Brooklyn,bedford stuyvesant,and u,ur tha definition of a ass hat,faggot why u wearin NY fiddit hats,didnt u grow up in tha uk,make loot,but dont lie bout ur life,and insult tha brook in tha process,u should take ma advice,fuck ur rhymes and make somethin outta ur life,take ur bronze lookin chain and use it as food bait,cos aint noone buyin that shit u say,´hey im from tha uk and im full of gangsta knowledge´,ha,more like wanksta knowledge,so stop imitatin kutcher,u fuckin pranksta ashton,fake,ur nothin but personified bullshit,no lie im done wit u,ur muh fuckin useless,no more talkin unless ur gonna pull shit,and im done,now im gonna shoot tha 5th,like i was a blood from compton or a crip from krenshaw boulevard bitch....fuck u...keep ma name outta ya fuckin mouth snitch..fuck off to tha uk.

Can i get personal for a minute,spit when im still an emotional wreck,wit this flow i wreck,so im gonna have to get lyrical,or else i wont ever get rich,if i follow ma parents,i wont ever have shit,its depressin the way im hated,but when im slated,its just another page of material for ma greatest hits,no shit,im lost in tha midst of the struggle,lost and stuck,no ones gonna burst ma bubble,when i curse,i rumble,never ever mumble,i the next one on,im just patiently waitin on ma off´s from record labels,set the table and slot tha contract in the middle,now,step back so i can sign ma 5 album deal.

As i sit,back,relax and reminisce bout ma clique,tha fast times we had,back at ridgemont high,new york and north hollywood high,on tha block,school wasnt on our minds,it was more like,ride,buck and die 4 tha clique,i spit these words 4 Aaliyah,beautiful baby girl was tha 1st 2 ask,whos down wit tha clique,so now we ask yall,whos down wit tha clique,in rememberence of Aaliyah Haughton,im talkin as im sippin on chrystal,sittin on chrome rims pimped like they were from west coast customs,i rest,but not often,im all bout gettin rich and restin,i wanna tell ya bout a chick from ma set,but im not gonna,its 2 personal,i would if i could,howeva i dont no a hell of alot about her,i jus found her,yeah shes out their,somewhere between new york and california,man i thought i saw,but yo,i mustve been dreamin,cos wen i woke up,she was gone

Yo let me tell ya bout this girl,when i met her she was all about deliverin perfect decibals,but as hours elapsed she began to show her true colours,underneath her bag,pants and gucci sunglass,was a woman wantin so much more than her man was givin,he was like,fuck u bitch,ur ass aint good for nothin but fuckin,even her best friends knew that he was buggin,cheatin on ma wit her blood cousin,but sweety listen,im not ur cousin,im tha missin piece of tha puzzle,wit these words,i deliver,i wrote this for ur own personal pleasure,no other,no undercover lover,why would i creep,when u give me mad pussy whateva tha weather,howeva i admire ur demeanor,like ur father admire ur diploma,and no ma,if its bin tried and tested,i wont hit it,im tired of sluts,if i wanted to fuck,i´d stop bein in luv and become a pornstar wit a humungous cock

I gotta spit some lyrics jus for tha women,u wanna get rich,then get wit tha kid,and u be swimmin in tha shit,get dollas is ma motto,so i kick ma slow flow and let tha world go,i dont want head unless its from a supermodel bitch,i got a bent,yeah tha new model,no taho,only tha best for ma whip,mayonaisse coloured,u´d be hard pressed to spot another,on tha block yall push yayo,but i get whatever i want,so i dont got to,i luv watchin u and i luv baller blockin u,talk and dont walk,then im sockin u,i got watches to,rocks stuck on by jacob tha jewel,im set,but dont call me juelz,i bin through hell,so now it can only get better,whateva happens girl,im gettin u outta that rocawear,thats povert wear,u deserve better,how about prada,mama,holla.

Why am i still livin wit nothin,why r little kids still thuggin,why we keep tellin em,but the government dont wanna listen,they wont hear it,so why tha fuck they still get elected,whys tha president gotta b George Bush or John Kerry,why am i not attracted 2 Halle Berry,why was i born wen Jami Gertz was 20,whys Stacey datin Kanye,Dizee got signed,so why i aint got ma break,why we stay in poverty,even though we got money,why does no one believe me,why r no deals comin my way,why did ma mama and papa desert me,why did Tara have 2 grow up in a whole other country,why i cant b a rapper,until somebody signs me,why i cant copy ma cd,if i aint got a writer,why u gotta b a fighter,why does no one wanna marry her,jus cos shes ginger,why r brauds wit tha best blowjobs,always strippers,why i cant come up wit answers,why,dont try 2 answer

Listen u might not no,but im sittin on top of tha world,ridin on chrome,flyin like tha president,air force 1,first class,im never in coach,i wont fly wit those losers in tha back,thats ur ass,incase u aint noticed,play ma tracks on tha block,at home and on broadway,yall better make way,cos ma raps takin over tha game,hand over tha flame,man im over u lames,u all tha same,so change ur game,or b remembered forever as jus a name,trust me man,i run tha game,stay tha same like black moon,i buck u fools 4 not signin ma name,ma time has came,so post ma contracts this way,raw raps tha way,u all pop rap is gay,stop rhymin,sit back,and let ma songs pave tha way,cmon man,stop sleepin on me.

Everytime i see this girl,ma mind seems 2 whirl like tha wind,she twirls her hair extensions,stares in ma direction and smiles,her complexion is 1 of a kind,aint no other like her in tha whole wide world,whatever she wants,i can provide,if she in trouble,i´ll die for her,ride in tha passenger if she wanna drive,she never gets high,forever on like a light,i want her in ma life,i no she aint satisfied wit him,she wants much more than diamonds and bandaids,i said i can provide,well baby what more do u want from me,tell me and i´ll make it happen,i hate havin nothin,but hell,i dont have no other option,im forever watchin,not involved in tha action,u got a problem,im gonna solve it,u jus call,whenever u wanna get up out of it.

Yeah,im ready 2 unleash,but r u all ready 4 me,uve bin patiently waitin 4 someone like me,lyricaly i exceed,i rely on ma brain 2 create,a path 2 green and a way 2 succeed,im overcome wit greed,but ive gotta right 2 be,im at tha bottom,when i should b on top of tha tree,rhymes,i got em like kobe got preteens 2 suck on his d,i will rock tha m-i-c til i fuckin d-i-e,yo im real but still i dont got no deal,spin tha wheel,im either broke or im sittin on 3 quarter mil,u no im still afloat,cos ma egos filled wit helium,u wanna offer me deal,i´ll make sure ur companys rakin in millions,a and r´s,u would be stupid not 2 consider it,im tha 1,not just a cheap imitation of tha greatest,feel this flow,put ur faith in this,and in 8 months,u´ll b number 1 on everyones lips,for real though.

U wanna talk shit,go ahead,cos i aint listenin,ima progress ma business,resurrect lyrics that we bucketed,and then proceed 2 send u pussy´s back in tha closet,next up is,whoever stupid enough 2 want it,we grew up rough livin wit blood,u gon get murked for thinkin u mob pyroe,u want war,here i´ll predict tha outcome,ur in a ward or ur in ur grave,either way,ur lost,for dolo,c we come wit tha slow flow,ur mistakin if ya think we run from tha po po,cmon u bitches no us,we dont run from noone.

Ma stocks risin,cos tha lyrics that i drop is mesmerizin,wit expert timin,i´ll rock tha spot jus wen u thought their was no rhymers left,Pac and Bigs dead,Jay left and Nas is on tha slide,thats jus tha way i like it,very little competition,everybody else gets 7/10 split like skittles,quick wheres tha next hospital,i wont lie,i describe ur shit as comical,bitch ur ass is a rotten motel,and im tha hilton hittin Paris Hilton,mad video tapin,so we can make mad cash on tha internet,im on ma way,remember wen i said it way back then,u said it wasnt realistic,get urself employed as a trades man,follow ma example,maintain tha cycle,hell no i aint turnin in2 ur dr evil clone,cos wen i get some,ma relatives aint gettin none,but until then jus hope i dont go psycho,why´d u lose touch wit ur kids,fuck it,i dont wanna get in2 it right now.

On the 1st day of the 7th month,i was in the club swayin and dancin like Travolta,wen outta the corner of ma eye,i saw a tight momma comin over,holdin a glass wit no coaster,the shit was spillin over,so now we got a slippy dancefloor 2 prance on,honey´s hips in jeans was wide enough for me 2 place ma hands on,she moved her body like NinaSky right there infronta me,from roc aways 2 Harlem shakes,she enchanted me,entrapped me like Catherine,cos ma dumb ass was wylin,why is her butt in ma crotch if we aint leavin as a couple,in the spot,we step in the name of love like the R do,we went right 2 left and through each others legs,it was sex ...

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