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Album reviews

Read The Lost Boys reviews of the newest joints in tha street.

´The Doc umentary´ by The Game (out 17/01/05).

The death of rap legend Tupac Shakur on september 13th 1996 marked the end of the west coasts reign of hip hop,artists such as Dr Dre,Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg still remind us of the classic g funk style of rap,but there isn´t a stand out star reppin the westside.That is until now.Just 2yrs ago Chuck Taylor was lyin in a hospital bed after bein shot several times wen he dreamt of rap stardom,now the Compton resident finds himself on the hottest label in rap and surrounded by some of raps biggest sellin artists.Signed to Dr Dre´s Aftermath label The Game is one of the most anticipated and excitin artists to emerge onto the scene since his label mate 50 Cent.After droppin joints on numerous mixtapes The Game is about to unleash an album that will single handedly put the west coast back on the hip hop map.With production by some
of the games hottest producers and good guest appearances this album is filled wit heat.The poundin club banger ´Higher´ is one of the best cuts,produced by Dr Dre The Game makes this record both gangsta and hilarious wit lines such as: ´´i´ll do anythin but i wont f**k mar-i-ah/even if she had Ashanti butt naked in bed/cos she got a forehead jus like Tyra/i can say woteva i want´´.The 1st single ´How We Do´ is already heatin up the radio and charts,50 Cent who has been lackluster as of late comes tight on this joint and if he continues to up his game,his album will be somethin to look forward to.´Envy Me´ is a hot record and is followed by several dope tracks featurin Faith Evans and G-Unit.The only really disappointin song on here is the Eminem produced and featured ´We Aint´,The Games lyrics however save this track,just.
Apart from that 1 weak track the album is fire.The production is excellent from Just Blaze,Kanye West,Hi Tek,Scott Storch and Dr Dre,but the real standout factor on this record is The Game himself.He has seriously raised the bar in terms of his lyrics and comes strong (pause no h**o lol) on every track.Dont expect to hear the same old ish that the G-Unit has put out recently cos this album is the best Aftermath/G-Unit record since 50 Cents debut,infact it maybe even surpasses it.If ur a fan of gangsta rap,westcoast g-funk or just good hip hop u will luv this album from start to finish.Although not quite classic status ´The Doc umentary´ is bangin.Oh and 1 last thing: ´´wake up the west coast is back!!´´.
As reviewed by aLDo.

Loyal To The Game by 2Pac (out 13/12/04).

Since his death 8yrs ago,where he was tragically murdered in a drive-by shootin,Tupac Shakur has become a worldwide icon.He has grown to be far more popular in death than he ever was in life,his life and death have become tha subject of thousands of conspiracies and debates,whilst his music has still managed to remain relevant.However tha 1 thing that seperates 2Pac from all otha deceased musicians is tha fact that after all these yrs he is still releasin NEW material,through his mother Afeni and Deathrow Records CEO Marion ´Suge´ Knight,6 full length albums of previously unreleased songs have been released.His album ´Until The End Of Time´ was tha biggest sellin hip hop album of 2001.Now to ´Loyal To The Game´.Due to tha success of Eminems production on tha ´Tupac: Resurrection´
soundtrack,Afeni has allowed him to produce an entire album of her sons work.Tha album opens wit ´Soldier Like Me´ and straight from tha jump u can tell that havin Eminem producin all 13 tracks is a mistake.2Pac´s lyrics are strong,as usual,but why Eminem decides to sing (terribly) on tha track is beyond me.Tha next coupla tracks are sadly in tha same vein as tha previous,weak beats,strong 2Pac vocals and Eminem guestin.´Uppercut´ is a decent track,although E.D.I.´s (of The Outlawz) verse is unusually weak.´Ghetto Gospel´ is a slightly better attempt production-wise by Eminem and Elton Johns vocals seem to work wit Pac´s heartfelt lyrics.Next up is ´Loyal To The Game´ featurin G-Unit.Once again tha beat is poor,tha guests verses are poor and tha alterin of Pac´s voice at tha end to say ´G-Unit in tha muh f**kin house´ is
jus wrong.´Henessey´ and ´Crooked N***a Too´ are only listenable if u wanna hear new Pac verses,othawise,skip em.Eminem finally produces his best work on tha album on ´Thugs Get Lonely Too´,tha beat is good and 2Pac´s lyrics about bein away from his girl are excellent.Nate Dogg comes up wit a decent hook,but he does sound a lil bored though.So thats it for tha Eminem portion of this album,which is really only listenable for Pac´s lyrics as most of tha production sounds very amateur.However tha best is saved for last,as Scott Storch,Red Spyda and DJ Quick save this album from bein wack.Storch gives tha unreleased classic ´Cuz I Had 2´ a good reworkin and new name ´Po N***a Blues´.´Henessey´ is also redone well,minus Obie Trice,wit Sleepy Brown and E.D.I.So ´Loyal To The Game´ is nearin release and i no that u all are
probably gonna go cop it,but i strongly urge u 2 think twice before spendin ur cash.If not alot of people buy this album maybe Afeni Shakur will finally get tha message,we want to hear 2Pac´s original versions of these songs wit tha original beats and original collaborations.Eminem,as much as i used to like him,does his best to desecrate 2Pac´s memory by ruinin some classic unreleased material and tha wack Shady/Aftermath guests dont help matters either (and by tha way,where tha heck is Johnny Jackson).When u listen to tha 4 bonus remix tracks by otha producers,u cant help but think that had this album been given to Red Spyda or Scott Storch it would be a far better joint.´Loyal To The Game´,a album full of more good Pac lyrics ruined by money.Buy if ur a fan,but u will be disappointed and angry wit Afeni and Eminem.
As reviewed by aLDo.

R&G: The Masterpiece by Snoop Dogg (out soon).

In tha early 90s Snoop Doggy Dogg (as he was known then) was one of tha brightest talents to emerge on tha west coast hip hop scene.However since his Deathrow days he has seen many of his fans desert him stating his recent pop-esque songs as tha reason,but on ´R&G´ Snoop attempts to revisit his past glories.He has made a large 20 track opus and he decides to open wit a fittingly grandious track ´I Love To Give U Light´.The Alchemist puts in his work here with a beautiful gospel sample over which Snoop spits ´As an adolescent,one black child/i had a message to reach/teachin tha masses´.´Bang Out´ is a disappointly lowly gangsta track,were Snoop sounds bored.He makes up for this wit tha amazin 1st single ´Drop It Like It´s Hot´,it is a song only described by 1 word: Fresh.
´Can I Get A Flicc Witchu´ is a formualic blast of G-Funk,but Bootsy Collins presence and tha poundin bass make this a head nodder as well.On ´Ups And Downs´,a Bee Gee sample is made into an outstandin anthem that is explained in 1 word: Wake-up music.´The Bidness´ is almost ´Doggystyle´-like wit its freestyle structured and sinisterness shinin,this is a blarin alert that tha old Snoop is back!.´Snoop D-O Double G´ is tha definition of filler,but its overcome wit ´Lets Get Blown´,its mellow,yet funky,music for fans of tha Neptunes ventures.Snoop makes another sure to be single wit ´Step Yo Game Up´,a Lil Jon and Trina collaboration made strictly for tha clubs.Tha album reaches its peak wit ´Perfect´.´Fresh Pair Of Panties On´ is a corny/pathetic song.However ´Oh No´ is a were all of tha former vigor of tha classic Snoop
culminates as he and 50 Cent sound decisively dangerous in a track that even samples ´Pulp Fiction´.´Can U Control Yo Hoe´ is pure funk,nuff said.´Signs´ is another perfect Neptunes/Snoop collab wit Justin Timberlake addin good vocals too.´Im Threw Witchu´ is borin,as is tha Nelly featured ´Girl Like U´.Tha album ends wit tha beautiful ´No Thang On Me´,were Bootsy Collins again joins him to make a sweet R&B cover.Maybe its a strange finish,but all that breezes by wit tha fun involved wit this album.Although this album is heavily R&B influenced and Neptunes produced,it is,probably,his best album since his classic debut ´Doggystyle´.His lyrics are on point and tha beats are pretty good too,makin this album one of tha hottest joints of tha year,forget tha hype of tha weak ´Encore´ and get this instead.
Reviewed by aLDo.

Diplomatic Immunity by The Diplomats (out now).

The Diplomats we´re tha 1st group to totally dominate tha New York underground mixtape circut,there ability to make bangers out of average beats is wot made tha anticipation for their debut album even greater.Wit tha success of Cam´rons ´Come Home With Me´ tha album had to deliver and it most definately does.Although tha album begins wit a average Un Kasa freestyle track,Juelz Santana quickly gets tha 1st disc on tha right path wit tha touchin ´Who Am I´.Next up is tha thumpin 9/11 influenced ´Ground Zero´.Then after a small skit tha groups best mc Cam´ron delivers some excellent verses on ´Real N***as´.Followin a couple of average Dipset joints and tha bad ´Whats Really Good´ feat. DMX,we are hit wit tha classic ´Dipset Anthem´.This record is probably tha best on tha whole
album.The Diplomats then revisit tha smash hit ´Hey Ma´ wit an equally good remix.Tha rest of Disc 1 is pretty average.Disc 2 unlike tha 1st starts off wit tha 2nd best track on tha album ´I Really Mean It´.Cam´ron does his thing on tha track and Jim Jones also chips in wit a couple of diss references to Nas.Freeway guests alongside Juelz on another hot record ´My Love´ and its followed by tha patriotic ´I Love U´.Tha next couple of tracks are all good,but tha terrible ´Bout It,Bout It Pt.3´ feat. Master P seriously destroys tha mood of tha disc.However once again tha album is rescued by tha excellently inspirational ´I´m Ready´.This song is definately one tha highlights of tha whole album and sets us up for 1 of tha most discussed songs they have ever done.´We Built This City´ heavily samples Starships awful track of tha same
name,but i think tha Diplomats make a bad song sound decent wit excellent lyrics and a bangin Heatmakerz beat.Tha album closes wit ´Lets Get It On´,which is a brilliant cover of Marvin Gayes classic and it serves as a preview to Juelz Santanas debut record as tha full version of this track is only available on his album.So after many disappointin group albums (Iron Flag,The W by Wu Tang Clan) The Diplomats deliver a great double album that is well worth a listen if its not a essential purchase.Tha Heatmakerz and Just Blaze´s thumpin beats are matched brilliantly by tha lyrics of tha 4some,tha lyrics in truth are not anythin special,but together wit tha beats and content they work very well.I no alotta people will disagree wit this review,but as a fan of everythin tha group does,i love this album.

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