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Lyrics- rap

Here u will find tha lyrics u have requested.

Like Toy Soldiers by Eminem (from Encore).

[Intro Children] Step by step,heart to heart,left right left,we all fall down [Chorus Children] Step by step,heart to heart,left right left,we all fall down like toy soldiers,bit by bit,torn apart,we never win,but tha battle wages on for toy soldiers [Verse 1 Eminem] In supposed to be tha soldier who never blows his composure,even though i hold tha weight of tha whole world on my shoulders,im never supposed to show it,my crew aint supposed to know it,even if it means goin toe to toe wit Benzino,it dont matter,i´d never drag em in battles that i can handle,unless i absolutely have to,im supposed to set an example,i need to be tha leader,my crew looks for me to guide em,if some s**t ever just pop off,im supposed to be beside em,now Ja said ´I tried to squash it,but it was too late
to stop it´,theirs a certain line u just dont cross and he crossed it,i heard him say Hailies name on a song and i just lost it,it was crazy,this s**t be way beyond some Jay Z and Nas s**t,and even though tha battle was won,i feel like we lost it,i spent too much energy on it,honestly im exhausted,and im so caught in it,i almost feel like im tha one who caused it,this aint wot im in hip hop for,its not why i got in it,that was never my object for someone to get killed,why would i wanna destroy somethin i helped build,it wasn´t my intentions,my intentions was good,i went through my whole career without ever mentionin n***a,now its just outta respect for not runnin my mouth,and talkin bout somethin i knew nothin about,Dre told me ´stay out´,this just wasn´t my beef,so i did,i just fell back,watched and gritted my teeth,
while he´s all over tv down talkin a man who literally saved my life,like f**k it,i understand this business,and this s**t just isn´t none of my business,but still knowin this s**t could pop off at any minute cos [Chorus][Verse 2 Eminem] There used to be a time when u could just say a rhyme,and wouldn´t have to worry bout 1 of ur people dyin,but now its elevated cos once u put someone´s kids in it,tha s**t gets escalated,it aint just words no more is it,its a different ball game,callin names and u aint just rappin,we actually tried to stop tha 50 and Ja beef from happenin,me and Dre sat wit him,kicked it and had a chat wit him,and asked him not start it,he wasn´t gonna go after him until Ja started yappin in magazines how we stabbed him,f**k it 50 smash him,mash em and let em have it,meanwhile my attention is pullin in
other directions,some receptionist at The Source who answers phones at his desk,has an erection for me and thinks that´ll be his resurrection,tries to blow tha dust of his mic and make a new record,but now hes f**ked tha game up,cos 1 of tha ways i came up,was through that publication,tha same 1 that made me famous,now tha owner has got a grudge against me for nothin,well f**k it,that muh f**ka can get it to,f**k him then,but im so busy bein p***ed off,i dont stop to think,that we inherited 50´s beef wit Murder Inc,and hes inherited mine,which is fine,aint like either of us mind,we still have soldiers thats on tha front line,thats willin to die for us as soon as we give tha orders,never extort us,strictly to show they support us,we´ll maybe shout em out in a rap or up in a chorus,to show em we love em back and let em know,
how important it is,to have Runyan Ave soldiers up in our corners,their loyalty to us is worth more than any award is,but i aint tryina have none of my people hurt and murdered,there aint words that i can think of,a perfecter way to word it,than to say i love yall to much to see tha verdict,i´ll walk away from it all before i let it go any further,but dont get it twisted,its not a plea that im coppin,im just willin to be tha bigger man,if yall can quit poppin off at tha jaws wit tha knockin,cos frankly im sick of talkin,im not gonna let someone elses coffin rest on my conscious cos [Chorus].

Encore by Eminem feat. Dr Dre + 50 Cent (from Encore).

[Intro Eminem] Cos we came in to set this party off right,lets bounce tonight,and if they dont let us into tha front,we´ll come through tha side,cos i dont ever wanna leave tha game,without at least sayin goodbye,so all my people on tha left,all my people on tha right,swing one last time [Verse 1 Eminem] Get ur ass up,for tha doctor,one more time,get ur ass up,for tha doctor,cmon now,here we go,cliff hangin,its another club bangin,got ya hangin on tha edge of ur seat,get on down [Dr Dre] Times up,games over,u lose,i win,bout to show these knuckle heads how to do this here,ooh yeah,new year,next phase begins,look whos got u goin crazy again,im a trend,i set one every time im in,i just go out and come back in tha circle again,u a fad,that means its sumthin that we already
had,but once ur gone,ya dont come back [Eminem] Too bad ur off tha map,now radar cant even find u,we stay on tha grind,u slip,we out grind u,u walk around mad,u let ur ankle guide u,we walk around just playin tha violin behind u,enough of all tha p***in,moanin,winin and b***hin,sit and observe,listen u´ll learn if u pay attention,while 10 multi platinum albums later,3 climbin,worldwide,u on tha charts wit a bullet and still climbin [Chorus Eminem] We came here to set this party off right,lets bounce tonight,and if they dont let us in through tha front,we´ll come through tha sides,cos i dont ever wanna leave tha game without at least sayin goodbye,so all my people on tha left,all my people on tha right,swing one last time [Verse 2 Eminem] When Dr Dre says crunk,u all gon get it crunked [Dr Dre] Get it crunk [Males Voices]
Crunk,crunk,crunk [Eminem] And when 50 Cent says jump,u all get on one foot and [50 Cent] Jump [Males Voices] Jump,jump,jump [Dr Dre] Tha buzz is tremendous,we drop u all just sense it,i dont gotta promote it,for u to know that Doc is off tha benches [Eminem] We keep tha partys rockin off tha hinges,we aint doin all,we´re just poppin off popular consensus [Dr Dre] When critics say tha Doc is soft,tha Doc is talk,Doc is all washed up,knock it off n***az,who is Doc impressin,Doc is this,Doc is that,u got tha wrong impression,u must be on tha top,and tha Doc is cocked if yall guessin,so DJ take tha needle and just drop it on tha record,(wot),we gon have this muh f**ka poppin in a second,(uh huh),its wot we always say,save tha best til last,to make u scratch and itch for it,like fresh cut grass [Eminem] Cos we done swam wit tha
sharks,wrestled wit alligators,spoke to a generation of angry teenagers,whom if it wasn´t for rap to bridge tha gap,maybe races would be racist,or may have never got to see our faces,graced tha cover of rollin stone pages,broke down barriers of language and races,just call on tha caped crusaders,and leave it to me and Dre to pass tha mic,back and forth all day,like tha hot potata game [Chorus][Verse 3 Eminem] 50 Cent cmon [50 Cent] Ass slap,hands up,u know how we do,we make tha club jump,everywhere we go,its no secret,everybody know,when Dre´s involved,theres plenty money involved [Dr Dre] And plenty honeys involved,sunny sundays and palm trees,Cali,everyday its just another party from tha valley,all tha way to tha 8 mile alleys [Eminem] Lets rally,hands up,for tha grand finale,now ray is about to see,Dre is about to speak,
blaze a pound of weed,6 days up out tha week [Dr Dre] U can catch me in tha studio,bangin out tha beats,to provide ya wit tha heat,that keep blazin out tha street [Eminem] So never say never,cos Shady Aftermaths together,along wit G-Unit records,its tha return of tha Doc and [50 Cent] Shady [Eminem] No one can do it better,we tear tha club up and leave without a shred of evidence,and um [Chorus][Outro Eminem] Yeah,ha ha,still Aftermath,2006,and dont worry bout that Detox album,its comin,we gon make Dre do it [50 Cent] Ha ha [Eminem] 50 Cent,G-Unit,Obie Trice,D twizzy,Stat Quo,Dr Dre,we aint leavin,lets go.

Mosh by Eminem (from Encore).

[Intro Children Speakin] I pledge allegiance to tha flag,of tha united states of america [Eminem] People,it feels so good to be back [Verse 1 Eminem] Recognise every word,memorize every rhyme,i spit once,refuel,re-energize and rewind,i give sight to tha blind,i insight through tha mind,i exercise my right when i feel its time,its just all in ur mind,what u interperet it as,i say to fight,u take it as im gonna whip somebodys ass,if u dont understand,dont even bother to ask,a father who has grown up wit a fatherless past,who has blown up now to rap phenomenon that has,or at least shows no difficulty in multi taskin and jugglin both,perhaps master this craft slash entrepeneur,whos helped launch a few more rap acts,whos had a few obstacles thrown his way through tha last half,of his career,typical
maneur,movin past that,mr kiss his a** crack,hes a class act,rubberband man,yeah he just snaps back [Chorus] come along,follow me,as i lead,through tha darkness,as i provide just enough spark,that we need,to proceed,carry on,give me hope,give me strength,come with me,and i wont steer u wrong,put ur faith and ur trust as i guide us through tha fog,to tha light at tha end,of tha tun,we gon fight,we gon charge,we gon stomp,we gon mosh,through tha swamp,we gon mosh through tha mosh,take us right through tha doors [v2] cmon people up top,on tha side and tha middle,cmon lets all form and stomp just a lil,just let it gradually build,from tha front to tha back,all u can see is sea of people,some white and some black,no matter what colour,all that matters is we gather together,to celebrate for tha same cause,no matter tha weather,if it
rains,let it rain,yeah tha wetter tha better,they aint gon stop us,they cant,we´re stronger now more than ever,they tell us no,we say yeah,they tell us stop,we say go,rebell wit a rebel yell,raise hell we gon let em know,stomp,push,shove,mush,f**k Bush,until they bring our troops home,cmon just [Chorus][v3] Imagin its war,and its rainin down on us,mosh pits outside tha oval office,somebodys tryina tell us somethin,maybe this is God just sayin we´re responsible,for this monster,this coward,that we have impowered,this is Bin Laden,look at his head noddin,how could we allow somethin like this,without pumpin our fists,now this is our final hour,let me be ur voice,ur strength,and ur choice,let me simplify tha rhyme just to implify tha noise,try to amplify it and times it by 6,10 million people are equal to this hot b***h,maybe we
can reach Al Qaida through my sp.eech,let tha president answer a higher-anarchy,strap him wit an AK 47,let him go,fight his own war,let him impress daddy that way,no more blood for oil,we got our own battles to fight on our own soil,no more psychological warfare,to trick us to thinkin we aint loyal,if we dont serve our own country we´re patronizin our heros,look in his eyes,its all lies,this war is in strife,tha stars and stripes,have been swiped,washed out and wiped,and replaced wit his own face,mosh now or die,if i could snipe tonight,u know why,cos i told u to fight [Chorus][Outro] And as we proceed to mosh through this desert storm,in these closin statements,if they should argue,let us beg to differ,as we set aside our differences,and assemble our own army,to disarm this weapon of mass destruction,that we call our
president,for tha present,and mosh for tha future of our next generation,to speak and be heard,mr president,mr senator [Children] Can u guys hear us,ha ha ha ha.

Bridgin´ The Gap by Nas feat. Olu Dara (from Streets Disciple).


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