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2 Pac

Lesane Parish Crooks was born on June 16th 1971 in Brooklyn NY to Black Panther member Afeni Shakur and William ´Billy´ Garland.However Afeni quickly changed her sons name to Tupac Amaru Shakur.Derived from an Incan chief who was torn apart by spaniards,it roughly translates as ´Shining Serpent Thankful To God´.Before Pac even got a chance to get to know him,his father disappeared,leaving a young son and a drug addicted Afeni behind.The Family then moved from New York to Baltimore,where Pac attented the Baltimore School For The Performing Arts.Whilst there he studied acting and ballet.Tupac referred to this time as his most settled period of his life.He then moved to Marin City,California and this is where he was introduced to rap.Although he had always enjoyed writin poetry and love songs,he had never tried to incorporate his
His talents into hip hop.He began rapping in high school,as MC New York,with his school mates,one of which was the actor/singer Jada Pinkett.Pac would write the songs,she would sing the chorus and he would lay his raps.It was around about this time that Tupac came across Leila Steinberg,the woman many regard to be the one responsible for discovering Tupac.Leila knew instantly that she was in the presence of someone brilliant and quickly became his manager for a while.However Tupac managed to get himself employed as a backup dancer for the group Digital Underground.However it was not long until the group noticed his rapping ability and asked Pac to feature on their album This Is An EP.Tupac had a small but effective verse on a track called Same Song.It was of the sucess of Digital Underground,that Pac was signed up to release
His own debut album.This album entitled 2Pacalypse Now,contained the underground hit Trapped and the popular Brenda´s Got A Baby.The album sold well enough to give Pac the resources to record the follow up Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.The album was an instant hit,it also gave 2 Pac his first commercial sucesses with the singles I Get Around and Keep Ya Head Up.It was also at this time that his lifestyle began overshadowing his music.He was shot 5 times outside a NY recording studio and robbed of his jewellery.He was also accused of shooting 2 off duty police officers,beating up a fellow rapper with a baseball bat and convicted of sexual abuse.He served 4 months in prison.Whilst serving in Clinton Correctional he started writing scripts for Above The Rim,Juice and Poetic Justice.All of which he eventually starred in.Pac was also
The first artist ever to have a number 1 Album whilst in jail.Me Against The World,which many regard as his finest work,was a underground and commercial sucess.It also grabbed the attention of Deathrow Records Executive,Suge Knight,who signed Pac to his label and bailed him out of jail.On his return to LA,they had a party in Westwood and then Pac went straight to the studio,much to his new colleagues disbelief.When he came out he had a double cd appropriately titled All Eyez On Me.The album sold 5 million copies in its first week,but it was a b side for the single How Do U Want It,that caused the biggest stir.Hit Em Up featuring his new group Tha Outlawz,was a tirade of verbal assaults on New York rapper Notorious BIG,Puff Daddy,Mobb Deep,Lil Kim and just about anyone who had ever recorded with them.The record was the result
Of a feud that had been growin between Tupac and his former friend Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious BIG,whom Pac blamed for his 94 shooting.Biggie responded with the track Who Shot Ya,which made Pac even more relentless in his pursuit of those who did him wrong.But on the night of September 7th 1996,Tupac and Suge Knight attended a Mike Tyson fight,in which after Pac spotted a Crip gang member,who apparently had stolen a chain of one of the deathrow entourage.Pac ran up and punched him,whilst the others jumped in.They then drove back to the hotel where Pac changed,before heading to Club 662 on the Las Vegas strip.However they would never make it to the club.As they drove near a sunset boulevard intersection,a white cadillac pulled up to the side of the car and the occupants fired 16 rounds into Tupac´s door.Suge was grazed
By a flying piece of glass whilst Pac was hit 6 times.Suge then drove a dying Pac to the hospital,where his right lung was removed.He lay in a coma,with Vincent by Don Maclean playing over and over in the background, for 7 days.He was pronounced dead at exactly 4:03 on September 13th 1996.Shortly after his death a new album emerged called The 7 Day Theory,which Tupac recorded under the name Makaveli.Which is a play off italian philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli,who faked his own death in order to return and exact revenge on his enemies.Since Pac´s death 2 movies,6 albums and 5 documentary´s have been released.He remains the biggest selling rap star of all time with 60 million records sold so far,more than half of which were sold after he died.Tupac Amaru Shakur was at the very least humanity on display.

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