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Those who follow the cursed Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani are known as the Qadiani sect. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani is the founder of this sect and he claimed to be a Prophet. He also uttered blasphemy against the True Prophets of Allah (alaihimus salaam). He has made such insolent statements against Hazrat Esa (alaihis salaam) and Bibi Maryam that it will cause the hearts of the Muslims to shudder, but due to the present frightening condition, it makes it necessary for me to quote his words of blasphemy. To claim Prophethood is kufr, but he did not stop at this. He continued to make derogatory statements against other Prophets of Allah. The Shariah declares that if a person tries to falsify the word of any Prophet, he has tried to falsify the words of all the Prophets (alaihimus salaam). This is evident through verses of the Quran. There is no doubt in such a person and his followers being kaafir. Any one who doubts their kufr will himself become a Kaafir. Some of the kufr statements made by him are as follows:

(a). 'In Baraheen‑e‑Ahmadi Almighty Allah has described this humble servant as Ummati and also as Nabi' (Ezaala‑e‑Awhaam pg 533)

(b). 'O Ahmed your name will be completed even before my name is completed' (Anjaam Aathaam pg 52).

(c). 'O Ahmed you are my desire and you are with me' (Anjaam Aathaam pg 55)

(d). He claimed that the verse of the Quran 'We have sent you not but as Mercy unto the worlds' referred to him, when this verse refers to the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). (Anjaam Aathaam pg 78)

(e). the cursed Ghulam Ahmed says, 'Allah says, O Ghulam Ahmed You are my offspring and I am from you and you are from me.'

(f). "The Prophet's (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) ilhaam and Wahi proved to be untrue." (Ezaala‑e‑Awhaam pg 688)

(g). 'Hazrat Moosa's (alaihis salaam) predictions did not occur as he had wished and expected them to occur and most of the predictions of Hazrat Esa (alaihis salaam) were false.' (Ezaala‑e‑Awhaam)

(h). 'He says that the verse in Surah Baqarah which refers to how dead person was brought back to life after being struck with a piece of beef, was only used by Moosa (alaihis salaam) to create unnecessary fear and this was mesmerism.' (Ezaala‑e‑Awhaam pg 775)

(i). the incident in the Quran relating to Hazrat Ibraheem (alaihis salaam) and the four birds, is also an incident of mesmerism. (Ezaala‑e‑Awhaam pg 553)

(j). "In the time of a certain King, four hundred Prophets predicted his victory, but they were all wrong as he lost the battle and thus died in this false hope.' (Ezaala‑e‑Awhaam pg 629)

(k). he says, 'The holy Quran is full of vulgar language and its tone is very harsh.' (Ezaala‑e‑Awhaam pg 26‑28)

(l). He says, 'Baraahin‑e‑Ahmadiyya' is the book of of Allah. ((Ezaala‑e‑Awhaam pg 533)

(m). Neither Esa (alaihis salaam) or Moosa (alaihis salaam) were perfect guides. (Arbaeen vol. 2 pg 13)

This cursed and evil man attacked the station of Hazrat Esa (alaihis salaam) with many blasphemous statements. Some of the things he said about Esa (alaihis salaam) are:? (Allah Forbid)

(1). 'O Christian missionaries. Do not say that Jesus is our Lord. There is one amongst you (referring to him) who is greater than Jesus. (Me'yaar pg 13)

(2). Almighty Allah has sent a messiah in this present time, which supercedes the past messiah and named him Ghulam‑e‑Ahmed.

(3). the example of Moosa is better than Moosa and the example of the son of Mary is better than the son of Mary (Kashti pg 13)

(4). Almighty Allah says that he will create an equal to the Messiah, who will not only be equal, but who will supercede him in every way. This will be Ghulam Ahmed.

(5). Leave the remembrance of the son of Maryam, for even better than him is Ghulam Ahmed. That which I say is not merely a poetic stanza, but it is my experience that the support of Allah is more with me than with the son of Maryam. If this does not be so, then I am a liar. (Daafa‑e‑Balaa pg 20)

(6). Allah has power over everything, but he can not bring back to earth a person who has already caused havoc on the earth (Daafa‑e‑Balaa pg 15)

(7). Maryam's son is not better in any way than kaushalya's son (the hindus Ram). (Anjaam Aathaam pg 41)

(8). I swear by him in whose control is my life, that if Esa (alaihis salaam) were in my time, then he would not be able to do that which I do and he will not able to show the signs which I show. (Kashti‑e‑Nooh pg 56)

(9). The Jew have very strong objection against the Nabuiwat of Esa (alaihis salaam) and there is not much that I can say about that. The only thing that I can say is that he is a Prophet, because the Quran says that he is a prophet. With the exception of this, there is no other Proof of his Nabuiwat. Rather, there are numerous proofs which nullify him being a Prophet. (Ejaaz‑e‑Ahmadi pg 13) It must be noted that in this statement of Mirza, has supported the corrupt theory of the Jews and at the same time claimed that the Quran teaches that which can be destroyed through evidence (Allah Forbid).

(10). The Christian claim that he is god and here, even his Nabuiwat can not be proven. (Ejaz‑e‑Ahmadi pg 14)

(11). Sometimes Hazrat Esa (alaihis salaam) used to have shaitaani inspirations. (Ejaaz‑e‑Ahmadi pg 14) (Note: Shaitaani inspirations only appear to evil persons and open sinners. Ghulam Ahmed the cursed has unsuccessfully attempted to prove his for Esa (alaihis salaam) whereas the Quran says, 'Shaitaan descends on those who falsely accuse and on the sinners."

(12). I must regretfully mention that the accusations of the Jews are so convincing, that I can not defend him (Esa alaihis salaam).

(13). I fully accept that the Messiah (Hazrat Esa) was a very pious personality, compared to others in his era. I can not however accept him as a truly liberated person for he was not born in Arabia. (Dafaa‑e‑Balaa pg 3)

(14). what I said earlier about Esa (alaihis salaam) was only out of love and kindness. There is a possibility that there were those pious persons in his era that were much more superior to him. (Dafaa‑e‑Balaa pg 3)

The above mentioned are only some of the derogatory statements of Mirza. He has used various other derogatory and vulgar words when addressing the Prophets of Allah (alaihimus salaam). He also openly slandered the family of Hazrat Esa (alaihis salaam) by saying that three of his paternal grandmothers were not chaste and were ladies of evil character. He even accused them of committing adultery. It must be noted that here mirza says paternal grandmothers, whereas Esa (alaihis salaam) was born without a father. In this statement, he is rejecting the command of the holy Quran that Esa (alaihis salaam) was born without a father. He furthers states that Esa (alaihis salaam) had four brothers and two sisters and all of them were his own brothers and sisters. He said (Allah Forbid) that they were children of Hazrat Yusuf (alaihis salaam) and Bibi Maryam. (This is a completely corrupt belief like all his other beliefs). He also claimed in his book Anjaam Athaam that Esa (alaihis salaam) did not have the ability to perform any miracles. He says in the same book that in those days there was a pond which had miraculous powers and all miracles that occurred then were related to this (so‑called) pond. He says that the only power Esa (alaihis salaam) has been that of deceiving the people Allah Forbid). He further states in Ezaala‑e‑Awhaam that the miracles performed by Hazrat Esa (alaihis salaam) are only misconceptions and if one leaves out the tales that are usually mentioned as miracles, then one will find that all his miracles were not true and that no miracle performed by any other Prophet is doubted as much as those performed by him. He also again tries to prove that all the miracles of Esa (alaihis salaam) were due to the magical pond.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his evil followers have said and written numerous other things against the Prophets and the pious servants of Allah. Those who are true Muslims can never doubt that the Qadianis are Kaafirs once they are aware of all the above mentioned beliefs (of this corrupt and evil sect). The Ruling of the Shariah on these corrupt and mislead sects is:




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