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smackdat wince

!i!...wonder why they call u bald...!i!

"wonder why they call u b0ld (eazyz spelin)"
u w0nda y dey cal U bald
u w0nda y dey cal U bald
u w0nda y dey cal U bald
u w0nda y dey cal U bald
u w0nda y dey cal U bald
u w0nda y dey cal U bald
l00k ere miz thang
u newa had yaw game
but u a m0ney hungry kafir beggin
n u need sum change... (furk i waz buzt at diz part)
in yaw madaz room
al da bitch d0ez iz laf
spendin fivez cuz an0tha kafir
put in yaw asz
it waz sed u wer cheezy
king easy?
blakmailin ar0und 4 wat
u need
see itz yaw chunu
n u can shake it 0w u wunna
whyl yaw madaz givz free
n gart nyd 0n the corner.
but d0n b bad n l0ze da game
c0z i g0t n0 change
den u w0nda y i laf n
cal u namez
stil l00kin f0r a way 0t
n datz 0k
i can see u wunna b gay
n wank it 0t
keep yaw mynd 0n yaw dead mami
c0z u newa g0r sk00l
n az yaw yearz paszd by
u juz a 32 year 0l f00l
but i aint tryin t0 hear u
cuz i d0n gee a furk
u headin 4 da bathr00m
f0r kiara 2 t0ss u up (:x we n0r she lyk u)
stil wunna b a rich man
u blakmail a witch
gart yaw uneducatd wayz
tryin t0 get rich!!
i hate yaw lyka kafir
c0z datz wat yaw race iz calld
n datz y dey cald yaw bald
i bet yaw ;)
(verze 2: spliff singz)
Ya tried ta have kids with ya mama
cuz she workin in the strip club
with her black poes hanging out
lookin for some love
got her legs wide open
while you sittin at the bar
trying to steal some other
niggaz car
i guess he caught ur uneducated poes
by his Lexus, whats next?
you traded ya life for ya mamas sex
i pass by
cant hold back laughter inside
cos, all the mxit ppl know
u cant beat me but u tried
and all the ppl in in durban spit
and hate your guts
then you wonda why they stare at ur mama
and call her a slut
your mind will never understand
you dont have to blackmail to reach your
dreams plottin airtime
from another sane man
ur mama tried to keep her head up, legs closed, eyes open
but a kafir who had a rubber killed the bitch died smokin
im hearin rumors that ya name aint elandre that ya called
but mxit ppl would stil call ya bald, I bet ya ;)
(verze three: ..the one and only... liya;) )
i guess times was always hard
even harder for me
cos you blakmailed me with
my nude pics times 3
no money from your dead mother
and thanks to the blackmail
you about to
get your head shaved
got no dinner on ur plate
cuase ur black mother is late
trick or treat, ugly thang
got anotha bitch(funky) to meet
the way i did it
i was smooth
plottin to leave u for love
callin u baby, tryin to leave u while i could
i shoulda seen it in the first place
your black puss face
i shoulda never sent you my nude pics
in the first place.
i remember back in high school
i was the queen of sex in my own class
so fat through depression from u easy
i could barely move my ass
but now things change
cos you dont look the same
cos your 32 years of age got the best of you
its the end of your game
your mama got HIV and now she is deceased
and finally free from you to be in peace
so wheres your doa crew at now
cos everybody left
only 2 friends you have
with your mother dead you are on your own
see I never loved you bloody kafir
you need to die you too old..
and thats why we call you.. "bold" hahaha :D i bet ya

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