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++ tHe sHAdoWs ++

tHErE wAs a TimE wHeN tHe ViSion oF tWo dArK, wHitE fAceD fIGurEs iN tHe WoOds wAs a rEgulAr oCcurEncE. tHey wErE wE, tHe sHadOws. wE sTorMed tHe WoOds aNd cOnQuEreD tHeM, tOoK THem aS Our oWN. ThE CReAtUReS rEspEctEd aNd eVEn fEarEd uS. tHEn tHe lEgEnd bEgAn.
PeoPlE feAr thE wOodS wHeN tHe sHadOws aRe pReSEnt. tHEiR aBsEncE hAs bRouGht a pEacE tO thE wOodS, aNd aLsO a cHaOs. aLtHOugH tHe sHaDoWS aRe dEAdLY bEinGS, TheY pOliCE tHE woOdS aNd kEep tHe cReaTurEs thAt dWeLL thErE iN lInE. iF thEiR rEtURn tO tHe wOodS doEs noT hAppEn sOon, tHe cReATurES wIll bEGiN tO sTEadIly SPill oUt iNto THE cIvILIsEd wOrlD.
ThE sHadOws LiVE iN hUmAn fORm aNd lIve iN thE wOrlD lIke HumAn bEingS oUtsIdE tHe wOodS. TheY cArrY tHeIR tRUe sELvEs bEneAth thEIr hUmAn sHeLLs, thEir tRuE sElvEs bOiL tO thE sUrfAcE oNce TheY stEp iNtO tHeIR hOmE thAt iS thE wOodS, aNd thEn tHeIr tRuE pOWeR cAn bE sEen. Now ThEiR pOwER hAs IncReAsEd drAmATiCaLLy, AnD thEIr reTURn iS iMMinEnt..

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