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Tiger Woods Comes To Central Park To Launch New Vi

Tiger Woods Comes To Central Park To Launch New Video Game

September 26, 2005

What was the world's most famous athlete doing in Central Park last week, and what does his appearance have to do with technology? NY1’s Adam Balkin has more on the Tiger spotting in Midtown.

The hands, calm as always. Concentration also unflappable. Tiger going for the green in two. Ooooh - way short. Very un-Tiger-like.

Central Park is an unlikely place to find the world's most famous athlete playing video games just before stepping out onto the green to work on his short game. The explanation is he stopped by to launch the latest version of his video game, Tiger Woods 2006.

“We try to make it more realistic each and every year,” says Woods. “We try and make the trees move with the wind, the grass move, the shadowing, try and get as the sun goes up during the day the greens dry out and get a little faster. It does the same thing in the game. I was a gamer all my life, going back to the Atari 2600 days and the 52, Nintendo, Pong, and I thought that was the coolest game ever then. We thought the graphics were incredible when Donkey Kong came out, so to see it now with the facial features, you didn't ever think that would happen.”

And just like previous versions of the game, you can of course play exclusive courses like Pebble Beach and St. Andrews. But this time around you'll play a course you're guaranteed to have never played. Chances are you will never play it - even Tiger's never played it - Central Park?

“Central Park is a new kind of fantasy course for us,” says D.J. Powers of EA Sports. “In the past we've done locations such as Japan or the Caribbean where we bring in aspects of that country and do whatever we want, just making sure it kind of feels like that country. With Central Park, we've actually laid out the park, so the park is real. The bodies of water are all where they really are, the statues and monuments and all that stuff is where it belongs, and we just built a course around it.”

“This would be one of the ultimate sites if you could design a golf course,” says Woods. “To have an opportunity to design a piece of property right here like this right here downtown doesn't get much better than that.”

So how is Tiger's game? As good in the video game as it is in the real game?

“No. God no,” he says.”I'm not anywhere near as good in the video game.”

And as for the obvious question, the one having nothing to do with the game, nothing to do with golf, and everything to do with his new bleached-blonde hairdo, he says, “Hey, got to do it while I still have it.”

Representatives for virtual Tiger say he could not be convinced to do the same.

- Adam Balkin

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