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corsica cliffs - Newest pictures

A Journey To & From The Cliff

First part

When i open my eyes i saw a waveing hand asking silently for a lift in the mist, i rub my eyes with my hands to have a clear look. It was a girl who seems to be between 20 - 25 years old. She was wearing a decent chudi not exagirating her body, then too she seems gorgeous, Clean makeup, a purse in her hand, hair tied up. I look into her eyes i feel like it's filled with tears, which speaks a thousand words but her lips were giving a smile to me.

Suddenly a hand fall on my shoulder, "gud evening sir" I came to conscious, i'm in my car with my manager, we'r going to c a site for our new project.

I look into my watch it's 4 10pm. My car went ahead. I lay my head back and feel to sleep again. Minutes passed like 1, 2, . . . 5, 6, . . . .10 and i fall in sleep again.

I wokeup when i hear the roaring noises of bikes, some boys passed my car with open bottles of beer. I lost my sleep.

I try to sleep again. Something flash through my mind in a second and i look back in my watch, it's 4 25pm. I told my manager.
"turn the drive"
"wat? ? "
"i said turn the drive" he trun the car with so much difficulty without telling back a word.

"drive fast to the place where that girl ask for lift"
"ok sir"
He reach me that place so fastly as he could, i saw those boys on the way.
She was not there. I fl so disturbed. I reach back here with the thought that "the girl is alone in a forest like this with tears in her eyes and boys passing by, i was actually worried about her.
I look at my manager. He said
"i understand ur tension sir, it's ok. She is safe somewhere. Can we go back"
"thanq" " sir pls don't say so"

We went ahead, i can't able to sleep again. I look out of the window, the atmosphere got a little fresh now, sun rays were tearing through the clouds. Forest got a golden covering ever the dark green.

Green and green every where. I like the greenery, just amazing nature.

Birds are flying in a "v" shape. I think
"y r they flying so?"
some funny thought comes to my mind
"may be the father bird and mother bird is showing the path to their baby bird."
I smiled for a while. Then again in nature i fall. There was a cliff a little far from the place we were going. I was feeling the nature. The coldness of air which refreshes me.

In the green and brown, dark nature, I saw a bluish thing
"is that a rock? Wat was that"
Our car was going in that way. I was looking on that bluish thing to identify what that thing is. When it came closer. It's a girl. I told Alfi to pull close. He drop me a little far. That bluish girl was moving towards the cliff, just to jump down. She look at the sky and raise her hands. My heart starts to beat so fastly. There was only one thing in the mind at that time, it's to stop her my any means. I ran as fast as i can. Just b4 she starts to jump, i pull her to me and she come over me. I lost balance and fall down. Everything happens in a second. Her eyes were full of tear it flows throw her cheeks and fall on my cheeks. She got up. I slap her. I was in anger and lost control over me. I shouted at her " wat the hell was u going to do?, . . . (i don't exactly remember wat all i said) I was in great anger and I shouted at her wat all comes to my mouth but there was no reaction from her. she didn't tl me a word and was smiling at me.

Her smile makes me feel wonder because how come a girl who was about to kill herself can smile?

I asked her
"hello madam i'm asking u all these things and u r standing here without telling a word." she smiles and ask me "y u stop me from doing that, who am i to u? " " oh that is gud question, u wanna know the reason then hear it. I know the value of life and I can't able to let a person to take her life in front of me, for that i need not need to have a relation with that person, understand u? "


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