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**Th3 H0t5ixe5**

The TRuTh ab0uT The h0t5ixe5!! We aRe H0T and HAPPENING l0l kab00M!! Ps.If any 5ix5 want t0 add their ph0t0 here send it t0 :: with the TOPIC EXACTLY LIKE THIS toxicbunny HTFS ........ **PICS 0F TH3 H0T5IXE5 AT THE END 0F THE ST0RY**

Well, the first chatsite i was at was called AG0TCHI. We were a gr0up 0f VERY CL0SE buds there,but we all had different nicks f0r example, i [HotBabe26] was Devilgirl and HotNinja66 was drake 0r 206 ect. But H0TGUY46 had been HotGuy46 since we first met him at ag0tchi. Ag0tchi crashed and we had t0 find a new site t0 chat at, s0 "stitch" f0und 2wap and gave the b00kmark t0 all 0f us [it was 0n the 2nd day 0f chatz0ne's existance] we all came there and chatted in the sa r00m that nite [i had this HUGE crush 0n hotguy46 so i secretly went and changed my nic t0 HotBabe26]and when i enterd the r00m we decided that f0r us t0 stay a family we ALL had t0 have s0mething in c0mm0n s0 we decided t0 c0py h0tguy46 and all 0f us went and changed 0ur nicks. It was changed as f0ll0ws...

witgirl --> HotWitgirl16
devilgirl [me] --> HotBabe26
HotBoy36 [was his nic fr0m start]
HotGuy46 [first 5ix5 :o)]
Deamon --> HotDeamon56 Drake/206 --> HotNinja66 Smaties --> HotSmati76 Bunny --> HotGal86

We stayed like this f0r m0nths [m0nths that i liked hotguy46 L0L] and then sadly hotguy46 left chat! b0o0o l0l, all the 5ixe5 sl0wly disappeard till finally it was 0nly me hotwitgirl16, hotdeamon56 and hotninja66 left but he[46] returned after a L0NG time and i decided that the h0t5ixe5 will N0T die and i started fr0m scratch i askd all my cl0se buds @chatz0ne if they'd like t0 j0in. The 5ixe5 expanded fr0m 3 t0 20 in 2days! Then it was HotRoxy62 HotNixi06
HotNinja66 HotHonay76 HotChicka86 HotPienkie96 HotCliff106 HotDude116 HotVenus126 HotFox136 HotLove156 HotJen166 HotDj176 HotRed186 HotDevil286 and m0re that i d0nt even kn0w 0f, but anyway
The h0t5ixe5 will rule f0r as l0ng as we...

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