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52) did you hear about the parents who call there son caffeine because he kept them awake all night.
53) why did the kid put a calender in his money box? He wanted to save time.
54) what did the candle say to the other? Are you going out tonight.
55) what did the candld say to the other? You are getting on my wick.
56) how could you help a starving cannibal? Give him a hand.
57) which capital city cheats in exams? Peking.
58) what do you call snakes on your windscreen? Windscreen vipers.
59) whats the best thing to do if you get run down? Get the number of the car that done it.
60) What do elves have for tea? Fairy cakes.
61) why is it dangerous to play cards in the jungle? Because of all the cheetahs.
62) what did the broken horn say? I dont give a hoot.
63) why do people become carpenters? Because they think it is all plane sailing.
64) what do you get when you cross an alley cat with a budgie? A peeping tom.
65) what happened to the cat that swallowed a ball of wool? It had mittens.
66) what do you get when you cross a cement mixer with a hen? You get a bricklayer.
67) what makes a cemetery such a noisy place? All the coffin
68) when is a chest player happiest? When he takes a knight of.
69) why does a chicken lay a egg? Because if they dropped it, it would break.
70) where do good chickens go when they die? To oven.
71) where does barrymore trow his fags. In the pool.

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