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3/12/10 ॐHindutvaistॐ

ॐFollowing an idea is correct, only when u understand it clearlyॐ

Many people taught that a "Hindutvaist" in India is against Christian and Muslim. But, it was a false statement used by some false political leaders.
A Hindutvaist is only against the muslims and christians who are against to Hindus and Hindu Culture, and they are also against to the person whoever it may be, who is against Hindustan.
Today Bjp follows Hindutva principle, also the same Bjp make Mr.Abdul Kalam as the President of India. Why Bjp made him as President? Because, "Mr.Abdul Kalam" is not against hindus and he loves India more. He spend and sacrificed his life for India's welfare. So, it clears that a Hindutvaist like a muslim who loves hindustan and respects hinduism.
Days passed away Lifetime period of President post was finished. The time came, to select a new president. Bjp liked "Mr.Abdul Kalam" to continue as a President of India. Abdul Kalam said "if all parties accepted it, i will continue my President work". But, Congress refused it, and make "Mrs.Pradeepa" as the President. The reason said by Congress, that why they made Mrs.Pradeepa as President of India is a part of Childish and Criminal one. The reason said by Congress is "Mrs.Pradeepa is so truthful to Nehru family", which means, Mrs.Pradeepa is so truthful worker to Sonia's family. Congress doesn't need a President who is to be truthful to India, instead they want a president who is truthful to Sonia family!
Congress himself expressed them as a "Protector of Minorities" and Bjp is against Minorities. But, Bjp supports a Muslim to become a President but the "Minorities protector" Congress opposed it! Its enough to know about the "Hindutvaist" and Congressmen's policies and character. After the death of Mrs.Indra Congress party's followers killed Sikh everywhere, mainly in Delhi. At the same time, Hindutvaist saves the Sikh people and make Congress to stop. Murderers of Mrs.Indra should punished. But, how can a society of people can be kill for it? Now, I arise a question, Is Congress is "Minority Protectors" or "Minority Killers"?
A flight was crashed down and many huge amount of people where died and injured. The people mainly in the flight was Muslims who were went for "Hajj". Rss workers went there and make a big help by disposing death bodies, they fed food to the relations of death persons. Rss done this as a help to an Indian and as a social service. But now, Nothing doing Congress compares Rss to Simi! Not only this, in Gujarat, Congress tried and become so tired to dissolve Bjp government and Modiji's power. Congress created an image that Modiji was against Muslims, Rahul and Sonia done a fraudulant canvases at Gujarat elections. But, what happened at Gujarat? Modiji's Government wins again and again with Hindus and Muslims support! Many Muslim candidates, wins in the election by using Lotus(BJP) symbol. Now, a huge part of Muslims supporting and joining Bjp in Gujarat. Its the symbol of True Hindutva policy and victory of Hindutvaists.
The above stated incidence and statements clears that a Hindutvaist is a True Nationalist & a True Hindu.

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