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20/12/2010 ॐBlind Congressॐ

Congress's True Face.

Congress and some other political parties and Anti-Hindu persons in Bharat, introduced a new way of Secularism in India. The definition of new "Secular India" is, "Working against Hindus and Hinduism, Supporting the Islamic Terrorism". Rahul says, that "Hindu terrorism is the most dangerous one than the pak terrorist movements". This speech of Rahul, only shows his Childish way politics. The cases against hindu movements were the fake one and its only created by Congress using CBI. Everyone in India, knows that CBI is working as "CONGRESS BRANCH OF ITALIAN" instead of "CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION". The cases where still going on the Court and they doesn't proven it clearly. Then, how the Congress coined a word "Hindu Terrorism"?
Who is Rahul and Who is Sonia? What is the relation between them and our Bharat. Does they know about the History of Bharat? A Italian blood is running in their body. A true Hindustani will never accept them as an Indian citizen forever. I don't know, Why Rahul changed his own Christian name? Congress saying that Rahul is our next PM. This was and idiotic Joke. What ability does Rahul have to become as PM?
He is speechless on Spectrum scam, Adarsh scam, Maoist and Naxal terrorist, Islamic terrorism mainly in J&K. The above problems are the major issues in Today's India. He can't say even a word about the above problems and scams, then what he will do after becoming as a PM? He only have a stupid ability that he was a Member of Nehru family. According to me, he doesn't have an ability to become a "Postman" also. I don't understand that why Rahul have discuss his dreams(Hindu Terrorism) with America? Recently, Pakistan supporting Islamic terrorists attacked Varanasi. This shows the todays protection of Hindus in India. Already, the arrested terrorists were leading a happy life inside the Prison with Congress support. Why didn't they hang the terrorists still know? Its because that Congress only need the minority vote bank and they didn't want the welfare of Hindus or Hindustan. Another congress greatest comedian, Dig Vijay tried to link Mr.Hemant's murder with hindu movements. It was an expected statement from Blind congress. The statements of Dig Vijay was ignored by Mr.Hemant's wife Mrs.Kavitha. I proudly salute Mrs.Kavitha for saying the truth to the Blind congress. I think Dig Vijay should examine his physical and mental health. Due to his old age, he is Blabbering continuously. Not only Dig Vijay, Chidambaram also in his own dreamland.
A top police official conference was held at Newdelhi. While addressing the conference Chidambaram said that "Saffron terrorism a new phenomenon is recently arising in our nation".
I doubt that Chidambaram should suffering from "COLOUR BLINDNESS" or anyother eye disease. Why Chidambaram didn't give any colour to an Islamic terrorism which was still happening in J&K? Did he have any gutts to say that? Not only him, does anyone person from congress have that gutts? As a home minister he failed in everything. He can't control the Maoist or Naxal's strength. He cant give protection to India's life from Islamic terrorists. What he done as a home minister? Does he atleast know the meaning of "HOME MINISTER"? Congress know that in the next coming elections it will lose historically. So, to save that, they need minorities vote banks, and to hide the scans form people for that only Congress repeating the same word "Hindu Terrorism". But the dreams of congress will not become alive. Surely, Congress will lose historically and Sonia and Rahul will send to Italy. Hindu dharma will rule over Bharath.
Jai Hindu Rashtra.

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