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nathuram godse - Newest pictures

13/03/11 ॐGodse vs Ghandiॐ

Thanks for <Bajrang Dal>

My dear brothers &
sisters …..
Sixty-three years ago, on
Jan. 30, 1948, so called-
Mahatma (? ) Mohan
Gandhi was shot dead by
Shri Nathuramji Godse.
You all are always used to
listen that godse was
foolish Hindu
extremist ……….
But Why did he want
to kill Gandhi?……..was he
really foolish ?…..
No brothers……
Nathuramji Godse was
well educated and purely
patriotic person who had
always loved his Bharat
Ma more than his life.
Since Independence our
people are accustomed to
forget history. Today no
one is bothered about the
Partition. The fact were
kept away from our young
generation for the survival
of congress government.
The government knew
that Gandhi was an enemy
of Hindus, but they
wanted to show that he
was a staunch Hindu. So
the first act they did was
to put "Hey Ram" into
Gandhi's dead mouth.
Gandhi systematically
fooled the people by
saying, 'I'll accept the
Partition of the country
over my dead body. But
still he partitioned India.
Right from Pakistan
and Bangladesh every
Muslim is a converted
Hindu. Gandhi's
appeasement attitude
(towards the Muslims)
went far too much. That
was why Nathuramji killed
Gandhi. Two hundred and
fifty thousand Hindus
( 250000 ) were killed
only in Noakhali in
October 1946. Hindu
women were forced to
remove their sindhoor and
do Muslim rituals. And if
they denied they were
paraded naked, raped and
then killed mercilessly.
Once Gandhi said, "Hindus
must bow their heads if
Muslims want to kill them.
We should follow the
principle of ahimsa (non-
violence)." How can any
sensible person tolerate
this? Nathuram's action
was not for a handful of
people -- it was for all the
Hindus who came from
Pakistan .
For months Gandhi
was advising Hindus that
they must never be angry
with the Muslims. What
sort of ahimsa (non-
violence) is this? Gandhi's
principle of peace was
bogus. In any free country,
a person like him would
be shot dead officially
because he was
encouraging the Muslims
to kill Hindus.
In Hindustan still there are
140 millions Muslim. How
many of them are loyal to
our motherland? ….very
few… Today ISI - notorious
Pakistani Intelligence
agency operate their
network with the help of
these gaddar Muslims.
Individually a Muslim may
be good to the Hindus. But
when in a group, he will
be out of the national
mainstream. For them
Islamic bond is most
important than Patriotism.
Gandhi and nonsense
congress didn't forced
Indian Muslims to leave
this country, as they did
with hindus. we will have
to pay heavy price for this.
What's disgusting is
that it is written in their
religion. They have
already shown that by
creating Pakistan. No
secular Hindu can go for
Haj. Why is it so that only
bMuslims are allowed
there? Is it because only muslims were secular.

Thanks for

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