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thoughts, opinions, etc

I've been da type go out My way 2 do a 'favor', unable 2 ask4 1. i have ask though seems like MuTHa-FUK'AZ get mad or sum shit like dat. i Aint gonna lie it do bother me, and it has made me a bit hesitant, but da lil i have i still share if homeboy find demselve in need.trained My mind 2 b there if able 2help. i believe if we do4others b4 ourselve,we'd All b well tak'N care of.+comfort of friends*


=$ is power 4 we'd kill 4 it yet Aint shit compared 2 love, 4 we'd die 4 dat love= i made dis phrase cuz i have this feel'N 4 My son.
Aint talk'N 'bout relations, miss me with dat shit!!!! only cuz i think romantic 'love' exist in movies only. (perhaps i Havn't found that special 1 creating these thoughts) i let fairy'z believe n fairy tale'z no offense, dont believe? check % of divorces 3yrs ago was about 87%
4 guys a word of advice b4 u b sacrifice'N ur life, make Sure if u want dat love pick da Right female, cuz we have a hella time pick'n up da pieces of broken heart. 4 sum reason girls heal alot faster. while men spiral down hill 'till under lay'd 2 rest.
4 girls dont FUCK around wit life, it can back fire & end up wit ur life gone. cuz men b flip'N hard. b honest, dont lead em 2 think u love dem when u dont. i say dis cuz it seems like da easiest girls r 1'z wit ring on dey finger.

we All have the Right 2 lead our lives as we wish. but when our action affect the lives of others we should use caution. handle All situations wit respect, alwayz.

we can brag 'bout play'N but in da end it Aint shit but another game.

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