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Playlist: JULY '06

JULY 2006- Electro-Robo-Sex Music Month?:
[THOM YORKE "The Eraser" album:- Nerdy reclusive Radiohead front-man goes all robotic on the 'Head fan-base with 9 tracks of laptop fed electro-indie. Of course the best moments are like on 'Black Swan' and 'It Rained All Night' when there's more traditional instruments in the mix. Definately the unofficial follow-up to 'Kid A', and a pretty decent album in the face of the obvious pretentiousness.]
[TWELVE "I'm Holding On" download of the month:- One of the best albums of this year is Twelve's (aka Six By Seven's Chris Olley) "Be Careful What You Don't Wish For", with its cool textured electronica, and this free download is another brilliant example of what Chris can do. Basically it's a Six By Seven song fed into a Commodore 64, and then given a sun-kissing chorus with some awesome guitar work in it. So point your browser at and get yourself this lovely track for free!]
[THE LONGCUT "A Call And Response" album:- Big heavy beats, guitar licks soaked in acid and distant vocal yelps give this debut the sound of fellow Mancs The Doves if you strapped them to a Transformer. Warped and beautiful]
[THE EARLY YEARS "So Far Gone" single of the month:- More storming psychedelic brilliance from my top tips for the year. I'm loving the scratchy stop-start guitar work, it's gotta be this summer's 'in' thing.]
[HOPE OF THE STATES "Left" album of the month:- Shorter sweeter and poppier than 2004's fine debut, this is an instantly likeable LP filled to the brim with songs that'll make you laugh, cry, and more importantly, scream along with like a banshee playing the air guitar.]
[F**K ME USA "F**k Me USA" ep:- Chris Olley has another side-project other than the electronica obsessed Twelve, and this is it. Chunky drum machines cackle like a death rattle under Chris' fat guitar riffs and spaced out distant vocals. Buy it! (out July 31st, only available from independent record shops and Cargo distribution online. It's a pain to get hold of but well worth it).]

>>Playlist: June '06>>
[RADIO 4 "Enemies Like This" album of the month]
I really hate rating this band 'cos I guess I feel like I've become predictable. Yes, they've not strayed from their well worn pattern of scratchy punk guitars and a rhythm section you can really cut a groove to, and yes, the politico-angst lyrics are still there... But this album still sounds fresh, exciting and awesome. Really, discover them for yourself. Do it today!.
[KING BISCUIT TIME "Black Gold" album]
The Beta Band's Steven Mason In Album That Sounds Like The Beta Band Shocker. Or so the tabloids tell me. It's all beautifully done electro-folk, nice for listening to when you're sunning yourself.
[DIRTY PRETTY THINGS "Waterloo To Anywhere" album]
If it wasn't for Radio 4's latest effort, this'd be album of the month. Carl Barat returns with his new band, it's tougher than anything the Libertines ever did, but it's still got that old Arcadian charm. And yes, most of the songs do sound like they're about that druggy fella Carl used to hang out with.
[FORWARD RUSSIA "Give Me A Wall" album]
Art punker's from t'North give firery debut of new-wave-punk where all the tracks just have numbers. Can't understand what the dude's singing, but it all sounds cracking to me.
[HOWLING BELLS "Howling Bells" album]
These gothic Ozzies sound like BRMC having a fist-up with the Raveonettes in some dark evil woods. Just the sort of place I like to holiday.

>>PLAYLIST: MAY 2006<<
[HOPE OF THE STATES "Blood Meridian EP" single of the month]
Gloomy sods HOTS return with four tracks that remind us all why they're so special. The instruments are layed with dramtic strings and brass as ususal, but through it all comes Sam's hoarse vocals and sqealing guitars, with lyrics that could kick start a revolution. Their new album is out mid-June.
[TWELVE "Be Careful What You Don't Wish For" album of the month]
Chris Olley, of Melons favourite anonymous rock band Six By Seven, goes all experi-mental on us. Cold electronica instrumentals mix with 6x7-ish rock and disco beats. Stand-out track The Rest Of My Life sounds like Radiohead's Idioteque bumming Primal Scream's Swstika Eyes... This is a good thing!
[KING BISCUIT TIME "Kwangchow" single]
Ex-Beta Band Steve Mason brings his usual aresenal of hip'n'strange indie that sounds remarkably like his old band. Check out the beefed up Doctors Of Love remix, it's a smasher.
[CHARLATANS "Simpatico" album]
Holy Sh*t! Is that the sound of Tim Burgess warbling like ragga-muffin reggae king Bob Marley on City Of The Dead? Yes. Yes it is. And this is a baaaaad thing. But luckily, I stood through the rest of their ninth album and realised that actually Simpatico is really rather good, in a dub/ska/reggae way, just like The Clash's Sandinista! but without, like, the 20 really sh*t songs. Just skip City Of The Dead though, yeah? Trust me.
[SECRET MACHINES "Ten Silver Drops" album]
Yet more awesome-sounding space/prog rock. Bit sparing on the tracks though, only eight? You tight monkeys.

[CHARLATANS "Cry Cry Cry" b-side]
Flip-side to the Charlatans awesomes comeback single 'Blackened Blue Eyes', all dub-reggae like The Clash's 'Sandinista!' album.
[THE AUTOMATIC "Raoul" single of the month]
Emo punk/funk with an emphatic chorus and lyrics like "feels like running with your eyes closed". Awesome awesome awesome!
[THE ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT "Derdang Derdang" album of the month]
Howling vocals, Stones guitar licks, and pagan imagery... that'll be the second album from these underrated Brits.
[YEAH YEAH YEAHS "Show Your Bones" album]
The YYY's usual mix of screatching sleazy punk-pop with added mature accoustic moments. A well crafted LP.

[YEAH YEAH YEAHS "Gold Lion" single of the month]
Karen O and co return after three years in the wilderness with this smooth piece of pop-rock. Easily the catchiest song they've written.
[TILLY AND THE WALL "Reckless" download from]
All femme American five piece, this is a lullaby-soft pop tune. Check them out.
[MCLUSKY "McLuskyism" album of the month]
The final release from Brit-punks Mclusky, it's sad in a way they never gained any recognition for the 3 albums they put out, but thats the way it goes. Try and get hold of the rare 3CD boxset, which has all the hits and b-sides and rare songs. Who can forget those classic song titles like "Dave, Stop Killing Pr*stitutes", "Lght Saber Cocksucking Blues" and "Reformed Arsonist Seeks Child Bride".
[THE ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT "Dart For My Sweetheart" single]
This is an awesome tune, with its fat tribal drums crossed with the music from the soundtrack of Crocodile Dundee (hear it and understand!).
[GRAHAM COXON "Love Travels At Illegal Spe.eds" album]
Album number six from the king of urchin-pop-punk. Surely the coolest, most punk man on this earth?
[HOWLING BELLS "Wishing Stone" single]
The Duke Spirit mixed with James bond. Trust me, they're amazing.
[MY LATEST NOVEL "Wolves" album]
Indie folk on the set of the Wicker Man, centre piece "When We Were Wolves" is a purely pagan guilty pleasure.
[THE RIFLES "Repeated Offender" single]
This lot really deserve some of the success that has been showered on the inferior Arctic Monkeys.
[THE FLAMING LIPS "Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" single]
More mad-cap big sounding power-indie-pop from these old duffers.

[DELAYS "Valentine" single]
It starts like Scissor Sisters covering Donna Summer, but soon the crunching guitars appear, so does another classic Delays single.
[GRAHAM COXON "Standing On My Own Again" single]
What a return single! It's basically 'Freakin Out Part 2', but you cant give a song higher praise than that, really.
[CALLA "Collisions" album]
Deep, tense and moody music, for them days when everything seems to be going to pot. 'Collisions' exists very much in the Dark Side.
[YOUNG KNIVES "Here Comes The Rumour Mill" single]
More itchy punk-pop from one of my tips for this year.
[MY LATEST NOVEL "The Reputation of Ross Francis" single]
Dramatic indie folk with a chanting chorus that sounds like it was recorded on a pirate ship.
[THE OPEN "Statues" album]
Difficult second album from these northern pervayers of the Big Stadium Noise. One minute its all free jazz, then there's noisy shouty bits, and then there's their stdium-sized indie anthems. Very schitzo, but also completely awesome.
[SOLEDAD BROTHERS "Good Feeling" single]
This lot were obviously paying attention to Primal Scream's "Give Out But Don't Give Up", complete with a Bobby Gillepspie sound-a-like on vocals.

[RICHARD HAWLEY "Just Like The Rain" single]
This is single of the month for me. A beautifully crafted three-and-a-half minutes of country folk lullaby.
[FILM SCHOOL "Film School" album]
The sound of someone burning Robert Smith in a Wicker Man made entirely of thousands of the Verve's "Gravity Grave" CD singles. Awesome!
[FORWARD RUSSIA "Twelve" single]
Scratchy fast-paced punk. And it charted in the Fantastic Fourty.
[THE EARLY YEARS "All Ones And Zeros" ep]
Post-rock smelting pot of psychedelic smoking guitars. Track three, "I Heard Voices", is an incredibly sinister 12 minute instrumental.
[THE STROKES "First Impressions Of Earth" album]
I wasn't sure of this album at first, but it's definately a grower. They've fleshed out their influences abit more, and Julian now sings instead of slurring drunkenly into the mic.
[COLDCUT "Man In A Garage" single]
Soft indie/electronica. Could be about the bloke who works in your local Esso station.
[BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB "Whenever You're Ready" download]
This is more like their earlier fuzz-rock material than the country rock of "Howl", and not unlike smack-rock duo The Kills.
[SIX BY SEVEN "Club Sandwich At The Peveril Hotel" album]
It says in the sleeve that this is 6X7's last album and that they're no more. Shame. This is a great way to make an exit: an angry collection of voodoo dark rock.

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