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Top 25 Albums Of 2005

[01] BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB "Howl" > For me, this is a hat-trick of Albums Of The Year for this scruffy three-piece. Having spent a year without their drummer, BRMC quickly ditched petrol stinkin' scuzz rock that had become their trademark, for Dylan-influenced Americana. Beautifully crafted songs, and thoughtful lyrics make this a pleasure to listen to. [Best track: "Promise"]
[02] DOVES "Some Cities" > Shorter and sweeter than their second album "The Last Broadcast", the Doves 3rd album is wonderful hymn to Manchester. A mixture of warm nights in, and rainy nights out in "the satelite town". Awesome! [Best track: "Black And White Town"]
[03] THE BOXER REBELLION "Exits" > 18 months ago I lazily referred to them as the new Verve, but with some of the firey guitar work on this their debut album, thet're closer to -and most of the time surpass- bands like Muse and Oceansize. [Best track: "Watermelon"]
[04] THE RAKES "Capture/Release" > The Rakes come over like an indie version of the streets, tales of sessions in Wetherspoons pubs, bad shags, and violent associates, set to a tight musical background of Franz-meets-Radio 4 punk-funkery. [Best track: "Terror!"]
[05] AUTOLUX "Future Perfect" > Autolux re-invented the phrase "wall of sound" in 2005 with their debut album of psychadelic indie blues. You wouldn't wanna cross their female drummer in an arguement, with beats like those found here, she'd eat you alive! [Best track: "Turnstile Blues"]
[06] THE DUKE SPIRIT "Cuts Across The Land" > While most indie stars like the Kaisers and Bloc Party are clean living dullards, The Duke Spirit want to muddy everything up with their dark Spaceman3 sound. And I applaud them for that. [Best track: "Fades The Sun"]
[07] LCD SOUNDSYSTEM "LCD Soundsystem" > Most bands aren't actually that cool really, but LCD Soundsystem are unquantifiably cool. So cool that I have to actually sit in a furnace when I listen to this party-starting rock/dance hybrid album, so that I don't get too cold. [Best track: "Too Much Love"]
[08] KATHRYN WILLIAMS "Over Fly Over" > sometimes even I tire of sweaty indie rock'n'roll, and this album is my salvation. Acoustic strumming, and Kath's fragile vocals, set to her kitchen-sink-drama lyrics make for a mellow time, just before I go back to MAN ROCK! [Best track: "Full Colour"]
[09] EDITORS "The Back Room" > All of us harbor a secret goth inside of us, "The Back Room", dripped in gloomy Joy Division rock that it is, is the key to said goth. Nice. [Best track: "Camera"]
[10] BROADCAST "Tender Butons" > Hmmm, with this blooping and bleeping indie/electronica you're really spoiling us! [Best track: "Subject To The Ladder"]
[11] ELBOW " Leaders Of The Free World" > Miserable sods Elbow have klinda copied the Dove's idea of making an album about their home town of Manchester, but they've also brought a poltical consciousness to the table to. [Best track: "Mexican Standoff"]
[12] THE TEARS "Here Come The Tears" > Like OMG! Brett And Bernard are like, totally reunited on record! And it does sound like a cousin-twice-removed from Suede's masterpiece "Dog Man Star". [Best track: "Brave New Century"]
[13] DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 "You're A Woman, I'm A Machine" > ...And my ears have never bled so much from listening to an album. A simple combination of cave-man drums, and obese bass riffs create an album that sounds like a plane load of nuematic drills crashing into a giant cement mixer. [Best track: "Black History Month"]
[14] BABYSHAMBLES "Down In Albion" > Pete Dohery's created 50 percent the greatest record ever, and 50 percent shambolic half-arsed mess (try "Pentonville" for size). I agree with the NME that this is the best demo album you'll hear this year. [Best track: "Albion"]
[15] JUAN MACLEAN "Less Than Human" > Of LCD Sounsystem's cool mates, electro wizard Juan Maclean made the best album. Icey electro-pop thats like Daft Punk. [Best track: "The Liberation"]
[16] BIKINI ATOLL "Liar's Exit" > after 2004's Verve-esque debut "Moratoria", the Atoll stripped everything back musically to thin layers of evil shards, and drowned the lyrics in a pool of not just self-hate, but everything-hate. [Best track: "Secret Filming"]
[17] SIX BY SEVEN "Artists Cannibals Poets Thieves" > 6x7 may have becomke like an internet cult band, but "...Poets Thieves" contains some of the band's best new material, like a pre-country BRMC. [Best track: "Stara Paris Rescued Me"]
[18] HARD-FI "Stars Of CCTV" > The sound of Staines, tales of disaffected youth that you can dance to. [Best track: "Hard To Beat"]
[19] WARLOCKS "Surgery" > Smack-addled swamp rock, the sound of a stoned night in. [Best track: "Angels In Heaven"]
[20] LOUIS XIV "The Best Little Secrets Are Kept" > Glam rock with saucey lyrics. [Best track: "Finding Out True Love Is Blind"]
[21] ELECTRELANE "Axes".
[22] EASTERN LANE "The Article".
[23] THE RAVEONETTES "Pretty In Black".
[24] OASIS "Don't Believe The Truth".
[25] IDLEWILD "Warnings/ Promises".

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