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Multimedia gallery

Top 10 Games of 2005

(01) RESIDENT EVIL 4 (cube/ps2)
Violence! Scares! Monks that go "okey cokey" in a shuffley evil tone! A stupid blonde that was fun to take pot shots at! It's THE game of 05, an incredible journey through Capcom's twisted mind, and the best Resi yet.

Let's be honest, GT4 was the most dull driving game ever, and Forza was just too much like driving a real car ie no fun at all. PGR3 represents a FUN and challenging addition to the over crowded driving game market, that looks stunning, and is as addictive as a £3 Smack & Chip Supper.

(03) FAHRENHEIT (ps2/xbox)
Ahh, and they say story telling in games is sh*t. Fahrenheit somehow dodged this misconception, AND featured moments of scantily clad brunette lady fun.

(04) NINTENDOGS (ds)
It's abit girly I know, and the whole thing of poking doggy dump with the stylus is questionable to say the least, but I simply couldn't put my virtual pooch down.

(05) BATTALION WARS (cube)
It's Cannon Fodder on some serious class A drugs via Advance Wars battle tactics. Preferable to death by napalm.

A game about hunting down a serial killer who kills serial killers. That's like an unwritten Eastenders script waiting to happen surely. An un-nerving decent into crimnial madness, with better than Doom 3 visuals. The most underrated 360 launch game.

Old Skool hardcore thrills, an explosive action/platform game that'll burn away your retinas with it's sharp visual style.

(08) COLD WINTER (ps2)
I've never in my life enjoyed killing people with big f*cking guns more than this before. Sure, it's as shallow as a puddle of my urine, but what the hell, I love it anyway.

(09) KILLER 7 (cube/ps2)
Ooh what style, ooh what substance. This on the rails shooter plays like a manga film, and with the hideous chorus of laughter in the background, sounds like your worst nightmare.

(10) SONIC RUSH (ds)
Sonic The Hedgehog on some f*cking dual-screened-fast-as-hell wonder drug. Can you get it without prescription? Probably not.

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