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IVW Tag Team Titles

*Tom Spencer is in the ring as away begins to play and IVW Tag champions a.k.a appear to huge boos*
Tom Spencer: This match is for the IVW tag team championships! Introducing first on their way to the ring, they weigh a combined 705lbs and are the current IVW tag team champions… Axel, Kronen, the A.K.A! *The crowd boo as Axel and Kronen mount turnbuckles, suddenly bring me to life blasts out and the crowd cheer as James Steele runs to the ring and stops at ringside* And Their opponents, introducing first.. He is the current IVW UK champion… JAMES ‘The Darkness’ STEELE! *The crowd give a huge cheer for Steele then pyros blast out and click click boom plays. On the screen we can see the words: U-T will steal the show in 3,2,1! Then the crowd go crazy as Untouchable storms to the ring!* And his opponent, the show stealer UNTOUCHABLE! *Steele and U-T slide in the ring as A.K.A slide out. The bell sounds*

DD: When Jerry Tanner made this match, he said that if U-T and James Steele didn’t turn up to fight for any reason then they would be suspended, well tough luck Tanner! Here they are and they are ready to roll!
Spike: Hey, I’ll be the first to say well done to U-T for even turning up after what happened to him but Steele has been on the receiving end of a couple of heavy beatings too Daniel, I think the aka will be too strong for them, and not only that they have more tag team experience. Like they said this is their world!
DD: Axel starts off for the champions and it’s going to be UK champion James Steele for his team, he have the first lock up of the match and the crowd cheer as Steele pushes Axel back, the referee asks for a clean break and amazingly he gets one but hold on Steele just smashed a right hand into Axel’s jaw! The crowd cheer* The tag champion is obviously ruffled and tries to grab Steele but the UK champion ducks and locks in an arm bar. He takes Axel towards U-T in the corner and tags him in. Just listen to this crowd as the show stealer climbs in the ring! U-T takes Axel’s arm and hammers it with an elbow before arm dragging him down and applying his own arm bar variation. The crowd are getting behind U-T which spurs him on to whip Axel to the ropes only for the tag champion to reverse it, the show stealer now comes off the ropes but Kronen scores with a well placed knee to the back! *The crowd boo* Axel makes the tag to Kronen.
Spike: Look at Kronen go! He is hitting U-T with axe handle after axe handle! Beat him Kronen!
DD: Impartial calling as ever from Spike here ladies and gentlemen, but Kronen is indeed beating down the show stealer and now he applies a rear chin lock and drives his knee into U-T’s back! The show stealer is in obvious pain as we see a shot of James Steele and Axel looking at the action in the ring. Suddenly U-T springs into life, he starts to fight his way up to his feet while the crowd loudly cheer him on! He’s on his feet and smashing Kronen in the ribs with an elbow and he’s free from the hold! U-T dashes to the ropes but Kronen is ready and lifts him high into the air for a back breaker with authority! Kronen tag in Axel and the tag champions hit a sidewalk slam and elbow combination before Axel covers 1, 2, broken by Steele! *The crowd cheer* The referee makes Steele leave the ring and a.k.a take the advantage by stomping all over U-T!
Spike: Now Axel applies a single leg Boston, a.k.a are really working over U-T’s back, he’s in trouble!
DD: U-T is fighting the pain barrier here Spike, and look at this! He is refusing to tap! On the apron James Steele is leading the chants for U-T and good lord he is trying to fight out of the Boston! YES! U-T breaks free! *The crowd cheer* He dives to the corner and tags in James Steele! The crowd erupt as the UK champion charges in the ring with a clothesline that knocks Kronen down as he tries to interfere! Axel comes charging in but he gets a boot to the gut and a face buster! Steele covers 1, 2, Kronen breaks it up! He grabs hold of Steele and swings him to the ropes but the UK champion ducks through and comes firing back with a flying forearm knocking Kronen to the outside! Axel is up now and stops Steele with a club to the back, he lifts the Darkness up but before he can do anything Steele nails him with a super kick! *The crowd cheer* We have a cover 1, 2, shoulder up! Hey! Kronen has a chair but look at U-T! He charges in the ring and kicks Kronen in the gut… SHOW STEALER STUNNER! *The crowd cheer* Steele has Axel up for the… EDGE OF STEELE! He hooks the leg! 1… 2… 3! *The crowd cheer* We have new champions!
Spike: No! I can’t believe it, after all the beating U-T took the a.k.a should have won this!
DD: I believe it Spike and so do the fans here in Manchester! U-T showed his character by not quitting, and together with James Steele formed the perfect team tonight! I hope this is a long reign as champions for U-T and James Steele, and what a night for Steele, he now holds two titles!
Spike: He won’t have them both for long if the a.k.a can help it!

*The crowd cheer as we are shown close ups of U-T and Steele being handed their new IVW tag titles!*

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